#Perspectives : Part 3, Chapter 5

After dinner that evening, as the simulated sun set, and the simulated birds sang, John knew exactly what he needed to finish off his day. He was excited about V243, and wanted to celebrate, but certainly not his wife, whom he’d grown tired of. “You will grow tired of her, but you will never leave her, and she will never leave you.” His father explained married life many times. “When this happens, you must find other ways to satisfy your urges.”

John had. For years. It’s part of what the staff was for, after all. To take care of him.

After his wife had wandered off to her bed for the night, John decided to visit the quarters of the house keepers. Sometimes, he wondered what his wife did at night. If she had urges, and found ways to deal with them.

There was one maid he’d been watching more the past few days. One with a perfect butt, shaped just right for his hands. The way the tiny skirt they all wore bounced when she walked was enjoyable to watch, and he’d watched many times, and wondered what it would feel like to explore all the parts of her. He’d never said anything, but had made certain she’d known he was watching.

Everyone who worked for him knew what that meant.

He walked through the bare, clean halls, their doors shut for the night, until he reached her room. The seventh door on the left of the third hall. There was no need to knock, of course. He owned all the keys, all the rooms, and all the staff. He unlocked, and opened the door, then closed it behind himself.

She was sitting in a chair, reading a book. Her maid clothing had been replaced by a nightgown, with fuzzy house shoes on her feet. Her hair was unbound, and cascaded down her back, almost to her waist. She looked up from her book, clearly startled, but managed to say nothing.

She knew what was coming. Everyone knew. It happened several nights a week. And no one ever spoke of it, except among themselves, as a means of preparing for the inevitable.

John took her hands, pulled her up, so she stood before him. He walked around her, his eyes took in every curve, every line. When he was ready, he pulled her nightgown off, over her head. Then, he walked around her again. Next, he removed her panties, tossing them across the room. Then , those fuzzy shoes came off.

John walked around her several times. She had all the right curves. He stopped behind her, and backed a step away, to better see her bottom. It was even better than he’d imagined. Indeed, it was a perfect fit for his hands, and his hands grasped the cheeks to verify that. A perfect fit indeed. He decided to save the best for last, and slowly pulled his hands away from her.

She closed her eyes, and waited, and never flinched when his fingers worked their way between her legs, and into her. John had what he wanted. He’d have lots of fun, and unwind, then he’d go to his room, and sleep better than he had in days. 

His fingers loved the feel of her, sliding in and out of her, feeling the smoothness of her skin. He let his fingers explore, let them move, let them touch, caress, feel everything they wanted to feel. His own tension grew, until he wanted more than to feel his fingers inside her. He shoved her to her knees, and opened his pants.

She did well. She’d been prepared. She took him in, with long, deep strokes, his entire length down her throat. He grabbed the sides of her head, and pushed himself in, and stayed there. Then moved her head back and forth, like he wanted. So the feeling was what he wanted.

But he was careful not to finish. He pulled out, slowed down. Let his fingers reach between her legs again. One hand reached for her chest, and explored its curves. His teeth and tongue joined the fun, while the fingers of his other hand tried to reach deeper into her.

John wanted so much more. He pushed her onto her bed, on her knees, and stood behind her. He slid his fingers into her again. Then, when he wanted, he withdrew them, and let them find their way to her perfect butt, where they did what they wanted, slipped between the cheeks and found the entrance they were looking for. Then, his fingers drove into her, and began stroking.

But his fingers weren’t enough. He wanted more. So he stepped closer behind her, and slid himself between her legs. It was better. Better than her mouth and throat had been. But he was saving the best for last. And he knew it.

When he could stop himself no more, he pulled his fingers from inside her, then pulled himself from between her legs. John’s hands grasped her perfect butt cheeks. The fit was perfect. He pulled them apart, then moved forward, and used one hand to guide himself. He’d wanted to feel himself inside her ass for days.

John always got what he wanted.

He felt the pressure build, until it released, and he eased inside of her. The visual imagery of himself stroking her perfect butt was more than he’d hoped for. He watched every stroke he made. He pulled himself as deep as he could go. Then pulled back as far as he dared. He made each stroke as long as he could. And he watched every motion. Every stroke.

It was exactly what he wanted.

When he was done, he went to her tiny bath. She followed. She washed him with hot water, and soap, and made sure he was fully clean. He pushed her to her knees, and himself into her mouth once more. He watched as he moved her head back and forth. As he pushed his entire length into her mouth, and throat, and then pulled back. He loved the feel of each motion. He loved the way it felt to push his entire length into her. He loved to watch his length move into her mouth. He wanted to last forever. To feel so good all the time. He kept rocking her head back and forth, moving his entire length into her throat, until he was done.

Then, he put himself away, and left her in that room.

When he got to his room, John stripped, and climbed into bed. It was always good to enjoy a woman. To do what he wanted with a woman. To find the release of tension. The release of stress. He decided he’d visit her the next night. Maybe the next few nights. And watch his length sink between those perfect butt cheeks again.

Then, he’d maybe find a second one, and have the two of them play together while he watched.

After all, it was what women were for, wasn’t it? To please men like him?

John  slept well that night, and dreamed of watching his length slip into one perfect ass after another.


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