#ThursThreads Week 512 : I Did My Share

Rose did not know how long she slept after finding that woman in the woods. It may have been a few hours, or more than a day. When she got hungry enough, she woke up.

The rabbits, and birds had gathered plenty of fruit and nuts for her to eat. She sang a happy song as she munched them. “I wonder if Mystica can do anything with that woman?” She thought for a moment, and everything about that woman felt wrong. Cold and dark, and somehow, broken. As if something inside her didn’t work.

Rather than keep thinking about the woman, and the things she’d done, Rose decided it was time to resume her trip to the ocean, to visit Sword. She climbed onto her crescent moon shaped boulder, and said, “Let’s go!” The boulder floated off the ground, and started moving forward. The trees once more started opening a path for Rose to travel. All the animals did their best to protect her, and keep her safe.

“I did my share, I know. I found her. I stopped her. That’s all I know to do. Mystica and Merlin will have to do the rest.”

As before, wherever Rose stopped for a break, she called the Wild Magic to grow roses, and to keep them there, because she liked the roses, and the color they added to the forest.

229 Words

It’s Week 512 of #ThursThreads, hosted by Siobhan Muir. Please go read all the stories in this week’s #ThursThreads. They are always fun to read. And there are some great writers who show up every week.


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