Updated on 07/16/2014.

Married (and very happily so) for 28 years (soon to be 29).
Servant to 3 cats.
2 offspring (one of each gender of human), both grown, and living away from home.
Dad still alive, and I really should visit him more often than I do.
Mom has passed beyond the veil of life.

I’m trying to grow the ability to write something (even if it isn’t very good, or well written) every day. I have found that by having a blog, it’s easier for me to convince myself to write something. Writing is a creative process. Writing fiction, or expressing thoughts, or making wishes. I do not pretend to speak the truth on these pages, in the words I write. Clearly, such things as fairy figurines coming to life at night while a person is asleep are pure fantasy. Porcelain fairy figurines do not come to life. But with imagination, and creative use of words, why not pretend that they can?

Other things I write will try to express my own point of view on some aspect of my life.  Something I’ve learned. Something I’ve seen. Something I think. You may not agree with me. You may not understand things as I mean for them to be understood. In fact, I do not expect you to. I expect you to form your own opinions. Your own views. Your own understanding of what I have written. That is your right. Your privilege. And it is my right, and privilege to express my views in what I write as effectively as I can.

For the most part, everything here will be written as prose, or free verse, and flash fiction. It prose won’t rhyme. It won’t be “poetry”. It won’t have a fixed meter. I do not pretend to be a poet. I do like to try to use line breaks, and paragraphs, to help convey any meaning I can in the words I use. Flash fiction will be very visible here. I’m a big fan of tiny stories.

If you watch, you’ll also find some bigger stories, written as tiny pieces, strung together. For ideas that don’t fit in a 500 word world.

People as me, “Do you have a goal?” and “What are you trying to accomplish?” Well, I have an answer. I’m trying to learn to live in a world I never made.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. //”Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson//


    //As for having a plan. I don’t. I just want to see where this leads me. Where I end up.//

    Love them both! I haven’t yet read any of your posts, but I hope you keep doing things just because you like to do it. All the best!

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