Music I Like

4 Minute          - Crazy
Abney Park        - End Of Days
Abney Park        - Evil Man
Abney Park        - My Life
Abney Park        - Pity The Free Man
Abney Park        - Steampunk Revolution
Abney Park        - The Circus At The End Of The World
Abney Park        - To The Apocalypse In Daddy's Sidecar
Abney Park        - Tribal Nomad
Alestorm          - Death Throes Of The Terrorsquid
Alestorm          - Drink
Alestorm          - Keelhauled
Alestorm          - Shipwrecked
Amberian Dawn     - Arctica
Amberian Dawn     - He Sleeps In A Grove
Amberian Dawn     - Magic Forest
Amberian Dawn     - River Of Tuoni
Anette Olzon      - Lies
Anette Olzon      - Falling
AOA               - Like A Cat
AOA               - Miniskirt
Apocalyptica      - S.O.S. (Anything But Love)
Arch Enemy        - My Apocalypse
Arch Enemy        - Nemesis
Arch Enemy        - No More Regrets
Arch Enemy        - Ravenous
Arch Enemy        - Stolen Life
Arch Enemy        - Under Black Flags We March
Arch Enemy        - War Eternal
Arch Enemy        - We Will Rise
Arch Enemy        - Yesterday Is Dead And Gone
Arch Enemy        - You Will Know My Name
Ashbury Heights   - Glow
Ashes Of Ares     - This Is My Hell
Atoma             - Rainmen
Avantasia         - Dying For An Angel
Avantasia         - Sleepwalking
Babymetal         - Gimme Chocolate
Band Maid         - Don't Let Me Down
Band Maid         - Real Existence
Band Maid         - Thrill
Battle Beast      - Black Ninja
Battle Beast      - Enter The Metal World
Battle Beast      - Madness
Battle Beast      - Out of Control
Battle Beast      - Touch In The Night
Blutengel         - Sing
Chrome Division   - Bulldogs Unleashed
Chrome Division   - Endless Nights
Chrome Division   - Ghost Riders In The Sky
Chrome Division   - Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow
Cruxshadows       - Immortal
Cruxshadows       - Quicksilver
Cruxshadows       - Valkyrie
Cruxshadows       - Winterborn (This Sacrifice) - Memorial Day
Dal Shabet        - Joker
Dark Sarah        - A Grim Christmas Story
Dark Sarah        - Evil Roots
Dark Sarah        - Hunting The Dreamer
Dark Sarah        - Light In You
Dark Sarah        - Memories Fall
Dark Sarah        - Save Me
Deathstars        - All The Devils Toys
Deathstars        - Death Dies Hard
Deathstars        - Explode
Deathstars        - Metal
Delain            - April Rain
Delain            - Are You Done With Me
Delain            - Frozen
Delain            - Get The Devil Out Of Me
Delain            - See Me In Shadow
Delain            - Sing To Me
Delain            - Stardust
Delain            - Stay Forever
Delain            - The Gathering
Delain            - We Are The Others
Delain            - Your Body Is A Battleground
Diabulus In Musica- Sceneries Of Hope
Diabulus In Musica- Inner Force
Diabulus In Musica- Spoilt Vampire
Disturbed         - Immortalized
Disturbed         - The Animal
Disturbed         - The Sound Of Silence
Disturbed         - The Vengeful One
Disturbed         - What Are You Waiting For
Draconian         - The Last Hour Of Ancient Sunlight
Ego Likeness      - New Legion
Ego Likeness      - When The Wolves Return
Eisenfunk         - Pong
Epica             - Never Enough
Epica             - Solitary Ground
Epica             - Storm The Sorrow
Epica             - This Is The Time
Epica             - Unleashed
Epica             - Victims Of Contingency
Eluveitie         - A Rose For Epona
Eluveitie         - Havoc
Eluveitie         - King
Eluveitie         - The Call Of The Mountains
Eveniore          - Drops Of Amber
Evolvent          - Love Doesn't Love Me
Girl's Day        - Something
Gloryhammer       - Angus McFife
Grave Digger      - Hell Funeral
Grave Digger      - Home At Last
Hellsaw           - Trist
Hinder            - All American Nightmare
Hinder            - Striptease
Hinder            - Whatcha Gonna Do
Hollenthon        - Son Of Perdition
Huntress          - Eight Of Swords
Huntress          - Spell Eater
Huntress          - Zenith
Hyuna             - Bubble Pop!
Hyuna             - Red
In This Moment    - Adrenalize
In This Moment    - Beautiful Tragedy
In This Moment    - Big Bad Wolf
In This Moment    - Blood
In This Moment    - Prayers
In This Moment    - Sex Metal Barbie
In This Moment    - Sick Like Me
In This Moment    - The Gun Show
In This Moment    - The Promise
In This Moment    - Whore
Indica            - A Definite Maybe
Indica            - In Passing
Indica            - Islands Of Light
Indica            - Precious Dark
Indica            - Straight And Arrow
Iron Fire         - Leviathan
Karma To Burn     - 20
Karma To Burn     - Cynics
Katra             - Beast Within
Katra             - One Wish Away
Kerion            - Ghost Society
Kontrust          - Bomba
Kontrust          - Hey DJ!
Kontrust          - Just Propaganda
Kontrust          - Sock 'n' Doll
Kontrust          - The Butterfly Defect
Krypteria         - Live To Fight Another Day
Lacrimas Profundere - Antiadore
Lacrimas Profundere - My Release In Pain
Lacrimas Profundere - Lips
Lacuna Coil       - Closer
Lacuna Coil       - End Of Time
Lacuna Coil       - Heaven's A Lie
Lacuna Coil       - I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name)
Lacuna Coil       - I Like It
Lacuna Coil       - Nothing Stands In Our Way
Lacuna Coil       - Our Truth
Lacuna Coil       - Swamped
Lacuna Coil       - Trip The Darkness
Lacuna Coil       - Within Me
Leaves' Eyes      - Elegy
Leaves' Eyes      - Halvdan The Black
Leaves' Eyes      - Hell To The Heavens
Leaves' Eyes      - Into Your Light
Leaves' Eyes      - Melusine
Leaves' Eyes      - My Destiny
Leaves' Eyes      - Take The Devil In Me
Leaves' Eyes      - The Waking Eye
Leaves' Eyes      - To France
Liv Kristine      - Fake A Smile
Liv Kristine      - Love Decay
Liv Kristine      - Paris Paris
Liv Kristine      - Skintight
Mammoth Mammoth   - Go
Mammoth Mammoth   - Hell's Likely
Mammoth Mammoth   - Looking Down The Barrel
Mammoth Mammoth   - Sittin Pretty
Mandragora Scream - Blight Thrills
Mandragora Scream - Breaking Dawn
Mandragora Scream - Dark Lantern
Massive Ego       - I Idolize You
Mastercastle      - Enfer
Miss A            - Hush
Mizantropia       - I'm After You
Monster Magnet    - Mindless Ones
Monster Magnet    - The Duke
Moonspell         - Breathe (Until We Are No More)
Moonspell         - Domina
Moonspell         - Extinct
Moonspell         - Lickanthrope
Moonspell         - Medusalem
Moonspell         - White Skies
Mortemia          - The One I Once Was
Nemesea           - Afterlife
Nightwish         - Aramanth
Nightwish         - Bye Bye Beautiful
Nightwish         - Elan
Nightwish         - Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Nightwish         - Storytime
Pain              - Dirty Woman
Pain              - Follow Me
Pain              - The Great Pretender
Pistol Day Parade - Rockstar's Girlfriend
Poisonblack       - Mercury Falling
Powerwolf         - Amen And Attack
ReVamp            - Nothing
Sacrament         - Requiem
Sacrament         - Who Am I For You?
Sad Alice Said    - Open Your Eyes
SAMAEL            - In Gold We Trust
SAMAEL            - Luxferre
SAMAEL            - Rain
SAMAEL            - Slavocracy
Sirenia           - My Mind's Eye
Sirenia           - Seven Widows Weep
Sirenia           - The End Of It All
Sirenia           - The Other Side
Sirenia           - The Path To Decay
Sistar            - Alone
Sistar            - Touch My Body
Stream Of Passion - A War Of Our Own
Stream Of Passion - Collide
Stream Of Passion - In The End
Suicide Commando  - God Is In The Rain
Svolk             - Painbringer
Tarja             - 500 Letters
Tarja             - Die Alive
Tarja             - Falling Awake
Tarja             - I Feel Immortal
Tarja             - I Walk Alone
Tarja             - Into The Sun
Tarja             - Never Enough
Tarja             - Neverlight (Full Orchestra Version)
Tarja             - Until My Last Breath
Tarja             - Victim Of Ritual
Temperance        - Breathe
Temperance        - Save Me
The 69 Eyes       - Borderline
The 69 Eyes       - Red
The Agonist       - A Gentle Disease
Tiamat            - 384
Tiamat            - Brighter Than The Sun
Tiamat            - Love Terrorists
Tiamat            - The Scarred People
Tiamat            - Whatever Hurts
Tristania         - Year Of The Rat
Turisas           - Stand Up And Fight
TYR               - Hail To The Hammer
TYR               - Hold The Heathen Hammer High
TYR               - The Lay of Our Love
Unsun             - Home
Unsun             - Whispers
Van Canto         - Badaboom
Van Canto         - Battery
Van Canto         - If I Die In Battle
Van Canto         - Into The West
Van Canto         - Kings Of Metal
Van Canto         - Lost Forever
Van Canto         - Primo Victoria
Van Canto         - The Seller Of Souls
Visions Of Atlantis - Lost
Visions Of Atlantis - New Dawn
Vista Chino       - Sweet Remain
Winds Of Plague   - Refined In The Fire
Within Temptation - And We Run
Within Temptation - Blue Eyes
Within Temptation - Dangerous
Within Temptation - Faster
Within Temptation - Memories
Within Temptation - Paradise (What About Us?)
Within Temptation - Sinead
Within Temptation - Shot In The Dark
Within Temptation - Stand My Ground
Within Temptation - The Cross 
Within Temptation - What About Us
Within Temptation - Whole World Is Watching
Xandria           - Eversleeping
Xandria           - Nightfall
Xandria           - Valentine

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