The Book Of Lies

Updated on Monday, 13 February 2012

Added lies 61 through 76

Lie #1 – You are worthless.
Lie #2 – You are expendable.
Lie #3 – You are strange.
Lie #4 – You are insane.
Lie #5 – You don’t fit in.
Lie #6 – You don’t belong here.
Lie #7 – You are dangerous.
Lie #8 – You can never have any friends.
Lie #9 – We’re scared of you.
Lie #10 – No one will ever trust you again.
Lie #11 – We think it’s best that you never return.
Lie #12 – You’ll never change.
Lie #13 – You’ll blame us for everything.
Lie #14 – No one will ever understand you.
Lie #15 – No one cares if you live or die.
Lie #16 – You never do anything right.
Lie #17 – You hurt everyone around you.
Lie #18 – You only care about yourself.
Lie #19 – If you fail at work, you’re a failure in life.
Lie #20 – Work is the only thing that really matters.
Lie #21 – You have to decide to be OK.
Lie #22 – You choose to misbehave, or behave inappropriately.
Lie #23 – When things get tough, you just pull your bootstraps up, and wade through them.
Lie #24 – No body’s worried about you.
Lie #25 – You know what you did was wrong.
Lie #26 – Now that you know you have this, you can fix it.
Lie #27 – You choose to ignore the social signals we send you.
Lie #28 – You’re incapable of feeling emotions, like love.
Lie #29 – You’re a heartless bastard.
Lie #30 – You never change
Lie #31 – You expect others to change their ways to accommodate you, and your special needs.
Lie #32 – You think your special.
Lie #33 – When people find out what you’re like, they’ll always abandon you.
Lie #34 – You have to behave just like everyone else to be accepted.
Lie #35 – You can’t get a job because of how you are, and how you behave.
Lie #36 – You’re a complete failure.
Lie #37 – You had everything, and then threw it all away.
Lie #38 – You need to be tough. Like the rest of us.
Lie #39 – God will always take care of you, if you have enough faith in Him.
Lie #40 – You won’t have any problems if you are a true believer.
Lie #41 – You ignore everything we try to tell you.
Lie #42 – You stare at people.
Lie #43 – You’re always angry.
Lie #44 – You shouldn’t even try to be around other people.
Lie #45 – Everybody wishes you would go away.
Lie #46 – We’re better off without you.
Lie #47 – We’re all happier when you’re not around.
Lie #48 – You have no sense of humor.
Lie #49 – You are out of control.
Lie #50 – You act like you have to be the center of attention.
Lie #51 – Get over being depressed! Pull your boots up, and get on with life!
Lie #52 – You made the choice to be depressed!
Lie #53 – All you care about is your computers.
Lie #54 – You’re messed up because you listen to evil music.
Lie #55 – You can’t make a living doing that.
Lie #56 – Get your head out of the clouds, and face reality.
Lie #57 – Stop dreaming silly dreams, and deal with life.
Lie #58 – All your heart will ever do is get you in trouble.
Lie #59 – You never listen to me!
Lie #60 – The people you work with are not your friends.
Lie #61 – Flowers don’t bloom in winter.
Lie #62 – No one reads a word you write anyway.
Lie #63 – You knew damn well that what you were doing was not acceptable!
Lie #64 – If you listen to that kind of music, you can’t be a Christian.
Lie #65 – They’re just private people that keep their views to themselves.
Lie #66 – There comes a time when you have to table your stupid dreams, and face reality.
Lie #67 – You have to have full house heat in the winter.
Lie #68 – We treat people that have mental health issues just like we treat people with physical health issues.
Lie #69 – Drill! Now!
Lie #70 – Never let caring about someone affect your work.
Lie #71 – You have to go to church on Sundays, or you’re not a real Christian.
Lie #72 – The way kids are today, no wonder this country’s doomed.
Lie #73 – We have a diverse workforce!
Lie #74 – There’s no such thing as an Autism Spectrum. You’re either autistic or not. You know. Like Rain Man.
Lie #75 – There’s no such thing as Attention Deficit Disorder. It’s just an excuse for kids to be lazy.
Lie #76 – If you live the right way, you won’t have any problems with depression.


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