#Perspectives: Part 3, Chapter 6.

Five days later, John got a phone call from the lab. “We have a courier for V243.”

“Good.” Then, thinking it was the polite thing to do, John asked, “Who is it?”

“Some guy named John Paul,” which struck John as interesting.

“Another John, eh…”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do we know what his story is?”

“Typical Christian conservative. Thinks all these religions, races, and non-binary gender problems are causing the collapse of the country. He wants to save the world from them.”

John knew the type well. The south was full of them, especially outside of its big cities.”

“Why does he want to die?”

“Seems a flight of drones from Oceana blew away his house trailer, while his family was in it.” There was a pause. “Seems his family was making biological weapons for God’s Army.”

“Perfect.” John smiled. It was actually perfect. A mad man, stricken by grief, who no longer cared if he lived or died. That’s exactly what John needed for the V243 program. “Set everything up, and let me know when he does the job.”

“Yes sir.”

It would take several days for the man to get his package of V243, then to cross from wherever he was into the Norfolk area. They’d help him pick a place to light off the V243. A place to become a martyr for God.

Humans were so stupid. It never occurred to them that God was a fictitious creation, a story. Created by the families thousands of years earlier. Just another means to control the humans. To manage the herd.

Oh, there may have actually been a God of the universe somewhere. John wondered sometimes, if there was. After all, something had to have created such wonderful beauty as roses, and sunsets, and ocean breezes. It probably wasn’t just dumb luck that made all those happen.

But if God was real, he’d also made the families, and granted them the intellect, physical gifts, and wisdom to rule over all the humans. He’d made the humans just another material resource for the families. And that was something you’d never find in any book the families let the humans obtain.

Once the V243 had been shipped, John would have his special forces strike, and destroy the lab that made it, along with everyone that knew what V243 was. He’d also have all their families destroyed, just to be safe.

Of course, the design of V243, and the antidote for it, would be locked away in the computer network the families owned, just in case they ever needed it.

It would be good to watch Norfolk fall. To see the overpopulated area and its overtaxed physical resources come back into line. To watch it start to recover from the damage the human horde had done to it. To watch it return to the marvelous natural wonder it had once been.

He looked forward to one day walking on the beaches of that area once again. To one day feeling the actual sun, and the actual breeze from the ocean. He certainly hoped he lived long enough to see that day again. But if he didn’t it was no big loss. His son certainly would have the experience.

Thinking of his son, John realized his boy would be thirteen in a few weeks. That meant it was time to start the selection process for a woman his son could use to learn about what women were meant for. He’d have to pick carefully. But the idea of using the maid with the perfect butt did have a certain appeal to it.

His son was going to enjoy his thirteenth birthday present. Just like he’d enjoyed the present his father had given him.

All in all, it was turning into a rather good day. So, he decided to take the afternoon off, and spend time with a couple of maids. Celebrating. He also decided to send a human male to his wife’s quarters. Just in case she was interested in having some fun.

Yes, it was turning into a rather good day. A good day indeed.


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