#SatSunTales 52 : Doubtful Vibrations

Henry rested his front paws on the coffee table, and stared at the goldfish in their goldfish bowl. That’s all he could do. His pet human had been too careful with the fish. The bowl was acrylic, and Henry couldn’t even scratch it, let alone break it. Even worse, two gleaming silver bolts bound the bowl and table together. Henry couldn’t move the bowl. He’d earned a monster headache for having tried. There was even an acrylic grid over the opening at the top. Henry’d spent hours trying to get through it, resulting in two very short, painful claws on his left paw, and a few scrapes on his gums.

As he watched the goldfish swim around, oblivious to his presence, his purr gradually filled with doubtful vibrations, as he pondered the concept of abandoning his current human pet and seeking out a less intelligent, more easily trained replacement.

149 Words

This is my entry into Rebecca Clare Smith‘s 52nd #SatSunTales. Please, go read the other entries. It’s a tough challenge, and brings out some wonderful tales.


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