#FlashFriday #37 : Zardoz

Baby Glenn. Photo used with permission. The demon, Zardoz, smiled. “I shall let the humans have their fun for now.” The six month old body he inhabited would take time to grow and strengthen, as would his powers. Then he would have his revenge on the humans for the indignities they’d put him through.

Including the humiliations he had to endure from the parents of his body. Oh, the indignity of being posed, like a human adult, in a tiny carriage, pulled by a goat! He held the reins in his hands, cursing his feeble body. A body too weak, and tiny, to strangle his torturers.

100 Words

I wrote this for Rebekah Postupak‘s #FlashFriday, Week 37. Please go read all the entries in this week’s #Flash Friday. They are good reading.


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