NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 4.

Fairies : Mystica and Merlin

Chapter 4 : A Child Named Mystica

That very afternoon, Eyela visited Ivy and the newborn child in their new home in the castle. The newborn child was sound asleep. In a carriage in the castle. It was Eyela’s carriage. The same one she’d slept in when she was a child. A work of art, the carriage. With silver and gold plating on all the metal. The handle, the wheels, the supports. The fabric was not silk, like most would have expected. Instead, it was fleece. Because the fleece was softer than any silk could be. And it quickly heated up. So that the infant that rested on it would not get cold. A small, soft blanket was placed across the child. It was the color of silver and white. Woven from the finest wools that could be found. The very definition of both soft, and warm.

As Eyela stood there, next to the carriage, she could feel the white magic that was the child’s. It was a stronger, more pure white magic than any Eyela had ever encountered. Indeed, this was a very special child.

Ivy, the mother of the child, was resting in a chair, next to the carriage. Softly singing a fairy lullaby. The same one that Eyela remembered from her childhood. That she heard in her dreams sometimes late at night, even now. “You have a beautiful child, Ivy.”

“Thank you, Eyela.” Although Ivy spoke her name, as Eyela had requested, Eyela still felt that Ivy was not comfortable doing so. She hoped that would change in time. Ivy was a stunning young lady.

“Have you thought on what to name her?”

“Yes, Eyela. I have.” Ivy simply smiled. It was smile that lifted Eyela’s heart. “I wish to give her a name that means something. A name that speaks of how I feel about her. And about my life.” Ivy looked at the child. “The events that led to her birth are things I can’t forget. But I want my child to have a name that does not label her. Does not tell others how she was born.”

Eyela nodded her head in agreement. “Do you have any names in mind?”

“Just one.” Ivy stood up, and leaned over the carriage. As a mother can, she gently lifted her child, and held her close, letting her head rest upon her should. “Mystica.”

“Mystica?” Eyela’s heartbeat quickened. “That’s a beautiful name. Unlike any name I’ve ever heard.” She smiled, and gently placed a hand on Ivy’s free shoulder. Giving a gentle squeeze, Eyela felt that she should ask, “Why such a name?”

“Because I wish for her to know that in my eyes, and my heart and soul, she is a gift from life to me.”

Eyela could not help but smile. “Then, Mystica shall be her name.”

The next morning, Eyela convened a hearing in the throne room. The captain of the guard was there, as was the castle guard that had raped Ivy. There were additional guards in the room. Ivy, and Mystica the baby girl were there also. The throne room was lined with people. Eyela had spoken with Stephan the previous afternoon, and asked him to bring the stable hands, and other workers that lived in that section of the kingdom. She declared to him that it was time to make some changes in the way things were done in the kingdom.

Stephan had done as Eyela had asked. All of the stable hands were in the throne room. There were other people there too. Workers. All of them. Many hard eyes were in the room. Many hopeless people. Many broken spirits. Wounded hearts and wounded souls. Eyela’s heart ached as she looked around the room, observing the underclass people of the kingdom. Yes, it was long past time that she made some changes.

She motioned the town crier. And the crier belted out, “Silence! Silence, everyone! Her majesty will now speak!” The crowd rapidly quieted down. The captain looked very nervous, as did the guard he had protected. In fact, many of the guards in the room looked rather nervous. And most uncomfortable.

Eyela stood up. She walked to Stephan’s side. “What are the charges?”

Stephan pointed directly at the guard that had raped Ivy. “This man is charged with having raped the female named Ivy. 9 months ago.” Stephan then looked directly at the captain. “And the captain of the guard is charged with protecting the guard, and preventing appropriate sentence from being carried out.”

“Thank you, Stephan,” Ivy smiled at him. Then she turned to the guard that had been charged. “What do you have to say in your defense?”

The guard made a terrible declaration. “I did nothing wrong. She’s got what she deserved.”

Eyela heard the murmur that lanced through the crowd. She saw the captain wince, visibly. Eyela turned, and walked to Ivy. “Is he the one that mistreated you?”

“Yes,” was all that Ivy said. Then she held her baby daughter, Mystica, as only a mother could. The love in the way she held Mystica was visible to everyone in the throne room.

Eyela returned to face the guard. She never raised her voice. She spoke with deadly intent. “For your actions, I should have you killed, right here, where you stand. The fact that you believe you did nothing wrong only means that such justice is more than justified.”

The guard looked outraged. The other guards in the room were visibly disturbed. The captain could stand no more. “I have put up with this long enough!” he bellowed. And then he drew his sword. “He has done nothing wrong! And you treat him as a criminal!”

Eyela didn’t flinch at all. She simply looked at the captain, and flicked her wrist in his direction. It was the magic of a fairy princess that she used. That struck the captain so solidly that he was tossed through the air, to land heavily on his back more than 20 feet from where he had been standing. Eyela spoke very quietly. In a tone of voice that dared anyone in the room to confront her. A tone of voice that said that anyone who should dare cross her as the captain had may very well not ever take another breath.

She turned back to he guard. “I choose to let you live.” There was another murmur that raced through the crowd. Stephan simply closed his eyes for a moment, as if he was fighting to stay in control of himself. “Death is too good for you. Instead, I have decided to take the following action.” She looked him squarely in the eyes. “You are now, as of this moment, stripped of the privileges and authority of a castle guard. As of this moment, you are stripped of all family heritage. You are stripped of your home, your possessions, and the name your were given by your family. You will be removed from the castle, immediately.”

She looked at the guard. “I now mark you so that all will know what you have done, and how you have chosen to live.” Eyela raised her right hand, which began to glow. Then she spoke a single word. “Worthless.” And on the guards forehead, where all could see, a brand appeared. Burned in to his flesh permanently. And the brand said one single fairy word. “Worthless.” Every fairy that saw the former guard would know that he had been judged for the way that he had lived.

The former guard turned, and stormed out of the room. The palace guard looked stunned. Eyela spoke out loud, so that all could hear. “I will not tolerate such behavior in this kingdom. Here, we will all have dignity, and respect.” She spoke to the guards, “And any that do not agree with my decree can leave now.”

The crowd was stirring. And visibly excited. This was something they had never expected. But, Eyela was not done. She turned to face the captain. “You!” She used her command of fairy magic to raise him up into the air, and bring him into her presence. “I have been more than kind, and tolerant of you for too long. That ceases. Now.” The captain looked very angry indeed. But he had no way to strike at Eyela. Eyela was the princess of the fairies. As such, she yielded all the fairy magic. It was hers to command, and every fairy in the kingdom knew that.

“For your actions in protecting members of the palace guard from the true consequences of their actions. For you consistent mistreatment of people of the kingdom that you believe are inferior to you. For you arrogance, and pride. I strip you of your title. And I banish you from the kingdom. Never return. For if you do, I shall have you hanged, publicly. So that all will see the consequences of the way you have chosen to live.”

Eyela then bound him using her magic. The captain found he could not move. Neither could he speak. All that he could do was stand there. Motionless. His eyes burning with hatred and rage.

Eyela then turned to Stephan. “Sir Stephan. I wish to welcome you back to the kingdom. Your request to change how things work in the castle, and within the kingdom, is now granted. As of this moment, you are the captain of the guard. Implement the policies, and procedures that you believe are appropriate for the castle guard to perform, and identify, and clearly define the way members of the guard are to behave.”

Stephan bowed. “Thank you, Your majesty. I am deeply honored by your trust in me.”

Eyela then looked at Ivy. “Ivy. You are now a member of the royal family. You are granted all the privileges and status that are appropriate for such a person.” At this point, the crowd was doing far more than stirring. It was cheering. It was laughing. It was clapping its hands. In general, a celebration was breaking out.

Eyela spoke one last time. “And your newborn child, whose name is Mystica, is from this day forward to be known as the princess Mystica. And any who question my decisions on this day are welcome to depart the kingdom.”

Eyela felt it was amazing, the rapidity with which a celebration broke out in the kingdom. People celebrated the changes that had begun. Changes that many had hoped they would live long enough to see. There was much dancing and singing in the kingdom that day. So much so that it became a holiday that was celebrated each year. The day became known as the day of Mystica, and her mother, Ivy. It was right that the kingdom should celebrate. Fairy princesses were very rare. And having a new princess in the kingdom was joyous news.

And only Eyela and Stephan knew that they former captain, and many of his hand picked guards had left the castle that day. Had left the kingdom. With dark hatred burning in their hearts.. And the captain swearing that he would have his revenge one day.


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