NaNoWriMo 2011 – Day 3.

Fairies : Mystica and Merlin

Chapter 3 – Ivy

The captain did exactly what Eyela had ordered him to do. He went to the houses of the stable hands. Hours before the dawn. In the darkest part of the night. With no moon in the sky. As you can well imagine, no one was happy to see him, as he banged upon their doors at such an absurd hour, waking them from their sleep, and their dreams of lives that none of them would ever lead.

At the first house, a tall, skinny fellow answered the door. His skin was so taught across the long skinny muscles of his arms and legs that the captain would not have been surprised to learn the fellow was made out of rawhide. When the captain asked him if he knew of a female that was with child, the fellow growled, “NO!”, and slammed the door in the captian’s face.

“That went pretty well, didn’t it?” the captain thought, as he walked to the next door. The housing of the stable hands is not where he wanted to be. It was a dirty place. And crowded. And the people living in this place were stable hands for a reason. They were meant to be here, in this place. All they were good for, all they could do, was be stable hands.

The second door was answered by a short male fairy. With itty-bitty wings that looked like they could no longer lift him off the ground. He was fat, too. The captain couldn’t help but think that he looked like a pile of lard, with a wig on top, and horsefly wings sticking out of it. When he asked the lard if he knew of any pregnant females, the lard had answered him, “Oh, but I wish I knew any women at all. Know whut I mean?” The captain had thanked him for his honesty, and then moved on.

So it went, as the captain moved from door to door, searching for a fairy that had given birth that night, or would give birth very soon. He had no idea what Eyela was expecting to find. Especially among the stable hands. But, one does not question the orders of her majesty. Not if one wished to keep his cushy, well paying job. He lived quite well, thank you. Being the captain of the guard had its advantages. Especially with the women. Oh, yes! Especially with them. Like that honey from last night. Now she was built. And very fun to play with. Not at all like the people that worked the stables.

He’d been looking for two hours when he knocked upon a door that was answered by a killer. At least the captain thought he looked like a killer. The man had an awful scar that ran down the left side of his face. He was missing the little finger on his right hand. His head was shaved. He was in a sleeveless t-shirt that was horrid. Like it hadn’t been washed in weeks. There was a tattoo on his left arm, of a flaming sword. And on his right arm was drawn a dragon, breathing fire.

“What do you want.” It wasn’t a question. The captain was a bit surprised. And certainly a bit uncomfortable.

“Her majesty has sent me to search for a female fairy that has recently given birth, or is to give birth soon.”

“Oh, she did, did she,” the killer stated. And the captain could feel the hair on the back of his neck stand straight out. Hell, there was already sweat on his palms. This killer dude was just flat scary.

“Yes, she did.”

“She has a lot of nerve asking now,” the killer declared. “Having refused to help when all this began.” There was pure anger in his voice. The captain actually shrank back. “Yes. There is a fairy here that has given birth to a child tonight. She’s under my protection.” The captain wished he was anywhere else. Maybe with that sweet girl he’d spent the night with last Friday night. Certainly not in this awful place. And especially not dealing with “killer”.

At this point, the killer slammed the door. The captain was glad he’d stepped back, for he was certain that if he’d been standing too close to that door when the killer had slammed it, he would have been sent flying, and ended up with who knew how many bruises, and broken bones. That was one evil… Well… Killer was a good word.

The captain shook his head. Then did what her majesty had ordered him to do. He returned to the castle, and to the throne room.

Eyela was there, waiting for the captain to return. When he entered the throne room, she waited patiently for him to approach. It was protocol with the captain. This she knew. He followed the rules. To the letter. Sometimes, frustratingly so. She reminded herself to be patient with him.

He stopped at the entrance to the room, and waited. Eyela made it a point to take her own sweet time in acknowledging his presence. Looking at the paintings on the walls. Then she made it another point to look pleased to see that he had returned, and indicate that she would allow him in. She watched as the captain marched, very formally, directly up to her. Then he bowed to her, “Your majesty. I have done as you have asked. I have found a female among the stable hands that has given birth this night.”

“Thank you, captain,” Eyela made sure to say the words in a way that let the captain know that she had expected him to find such a female. “As I declared earlier, you will now escort me to her.”

“Now?” the captain asked.

“Yes, captain. Now.” And then she cut him off, and declared, “And there will be no escort. No party of guards. Just the two of us will go. And you will speak to no one of what you have done this night, or of what you will see.”

Eyela almost laughed, knowing that the captain would have preferred to send a whole squad of castle guards with her, while he stayed in the pleasant confines of the castle. Or perhaps while he wandered off to eat a large breakfast somewhere, and then try to convince a young wench to provide him with much pleasure. There were times when Eyela felt she should make him one of the very people he despised. The people living in the commons. Yes. Perhaps she should do that. It’s what he deserved.

Indeed, Eyela relished the experience of watching the stuffed shirt captain of the guard as he visibly cringed while escorting her to the home where he’d found the fairy woman that had just given birth. And she especially enjoyed the way he cringed when the killer answered the door.

“Sir Stepahn, I didn’t know you were in the kingdom.” Eyela had heard the rumors that a former warrior of the kingdom, one of Eyela’s greatest, and most honored warriors was hidden in the kingdom somewhere, protecting an injured fairy. And there he was. Before Eyela’s very eyes.

“Eyela,” the killer acknowledged her presence. “Now you finally show up.”

“As you know, Stephan. I have no way of monitoring everything that happens in the kingdom. I have to depend on the help of others.” She said the words as a reminder. She knew full well that Stephan knew them. She also knew that Stephan had left his position in the kingdom because he had become disenchant ed with the performance of some of the people that Eyela was forced to depend on.

“Perhaps you should replace the weak links of the chain,” Stephan responded, as he looked squarely at the captain. “You could start with this… Gentleman.” He’d almost spat the word.

“Why are you here, my old friend?” Eyela had to admit that she was surprised to see him. And she knew full well that he would only be here if he believed in what he was doing.

“She was raped, you know.” Eyela was shocked. And very saddened to hear that. “By one of your…gentleman’s friends.” Eyela suddenly felt fire in her blood. She’d wondered why the captain had taken action to protect one of his proteges. Now she knew.

“Captain.” Eyela turned to the captain. “You will tell me the name of the individual that caused this. And I will determine an appropriate action to take against him. And against you for having protected him.”

The captain simply stood there. Motionless. He knew all too well who Stephan was. And he knew too that if Stephan spoke, Eyela would listen to him.

Eyela turned back to Stephan. “May I see the new mother, and her child?”

It was Stephan’s turn to be surprised. “Why?”

“If they are who I believe they are, they will be living in the castle within the hour.” Eyela looked directly into Stephan’s eyes. “And you are welcome there, as you have always been welcome there.”

Stephan was silent for a moment. Then he motioned for Eyela to follow him, and glared at the captain as if he would fold him up like a paper airplane, and throw him through the wall if he dared to follow them. Eyela saw the look. “Captain. Return to the castle. I shall deal with you later.”

Eyela then followed Stephan into the back of the small house. It was such a small place. Eyela had been afraid that she would find these types of conditions here. She’d known too well why Stephan had left. “Stephan… I give you my word. The conditions in this place will change. And they will change very soon.”

Stephan heard the anger in Eyela’s voice. He’d learned long ago that when Eyela spoke in anger, every word she said was the truth, and she would make it so. Stephan did not speak. He simply opened the door to a small room, and let Eyela enter.

In that room, Eyela saw a very beautiful fairy maid, resting on small bed. She was so very young to be a mother. “What is your name, young mother?”

“Ivy, your majesty.”

Eyela though Ivy had a beautiful voice. “Well, Ivy, may I see the new life? Oh, and by the way. I wish for you to all me Eyela, please. Not your majesty.”

Ivy smiled. It was a sad, broken smile that spoke of great pain. Eyela knelt beside the bed, and gently took Ivy’s hand. “I am sorry for what has happened to you, Ivy. And I will make this right. I give my word to you. I will make this right.”

Ivy smiled once more, and pointed to a small crib at the foot of the bed. Eyela smiled, and gently squeezed Ivy’s hand. “Thank you, Ivy.” Then she moved the short distance to the crib, so that she could look upon the newborn life that was within it.

As Eyela looked upon the small, newborn fairy child, she knew the words of Merlin’s message in her dreams that night had been true. For Eyela could not help but feel the power of the pure white magic that lived within the tiny fairy child. A girl, of course.

“My dear Ivy. Are you able to walk at this time? Having just given birth on this night?” Eyela looked into the eyes of Ivy. And saw that she was not ready to walk anywhere at all. So she turned to Stephan. “Stephan. If you would be so kind as to carry the little one. I shall provide Ivy with the assistance she needs.” Eyela then looked back into Ivy’s eyes. Deep blue eyes. Such eyes were rare indeed among the fairies.

“My dear Ivy. I wish for you, and your newborn child to come with me. To the castle. I wish for you to know that from this moment on, the castle is your home. I wish for you to know that with the coming of the dawn, I will arrange for free passage of your friends, and relatives, and loved ones, so that they may visit you in your new home. And so that you may visit them.”

So it was that Stephan gently lifted the small crib that contained the newborn child. And Eyela used the fairy magic that was hers to command to wrap Ivy in a soft blanket of air that carried her, floating above the ground, as if she were on a floating mattress of the most luxurious kind. The kind you never wanted to get out of when you wake in the morning. And the four of them walked through the kingdom to the castle.

And from that day forward, the castle became the home of Ivy, and her child.


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