Miranda Kate’s Mid-Week Challenge : 2022/03/29 (Week 243)

When she’d hugged all her sisters, and told them she was going to visit Sword, Rose stood by the side of the lake, and watched the water as it moved. To her, it meant the lake was alive, because it was breathing. She could feel it breathing in and out, feel its heartbeat, tied to its breath. She watched it breath, listened to its heartbeat, and waited.

Shortly, the trees along the edge of the lake parted, as if clearing a path for something. Sunshine and Dream watched as Rose turned from the lake to face the path, and waited, as her chair, the chair the wild magic had made for her, floated above the ground, and softly landed beside the water.

The stone crescent moon chair sank a few inches into the soft shore beside the lake. Rose smiled. She bowed to the forest, “Thank you.” She waved to Sunshine and Dream, and then climbed onto that crescent moon.

The moon gently lifted from the shore. As it did, the dent where it had rested on the ground filled itself in, like the chair had never been there. Once again, the trees parted, and Rose, on her crescent moon, began her trip to the ocean. Her trip to see Sword.

Mystica watched from her house, on the far side of the lake. She wished she could make the trip with Rose, to watch over her, and take care of her, after all, Rose was one of her adopted daughters. Daughters abandoned to die by their families, and villages, because they were gifted with wild magic. “It’s better to abandon them in the wild, where they can’t find their way home, where they will die, attacked by the animals, due to lack of food and water, from an accident, where they fell from a tree, or a cliff. Anything. To protect the village, and the family.”

She wanted to protect her daughters. But she knew the wild magic itself would protect Rose. So, she stayed in her home. Beside the lake. And watched.

As Rose and her moon disappeared into the forest, the trees closed the path they’d made, as if the massive rock had never been there. So it was that Rose started her journey to the ocean, to find who her heart missed, to find Sword.

“Don’t worry, mamma,” she whispered the words to her adopted mother. “Don’t worry. I’ll tell you about my day, every night I’m away, so you don’t have to worry.”

She sat on her moon, as it moved through the woods, and touched her fingertips to her chest, to her heart. She knew, Sword missed her too. She could feel the ache of his heart as it echoed that of hers.

Sword would know she was coming, and would be waiting for her. Her heart told her so.

Who cares how many words.

Written for Week 243 of Miranda Kate‘s Mid-Week Challenge. Mirror, mirror on the wall. What can I do with you as a prompt? You can learn about Miranda’s challenge here. The stories people share for the weekly challenge are always little works of art, crafted with words, meant to be shared, and enjoyed.


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