Because. I Am The Violence.

They tell me violence isn’t the answer.
Violence only breeds violence.
In a never ending cycle.
That grows worse.

I can’t argue with that.
Wouldn’t dream of arguing with that.
And I wish I didn’t need violence.
I wish no one needed violence.

But that’s not how this world works.
And you know it.
Even your religions know it.
“There is a time to kill.”
“There is a time for war.”

Don’t speak to me of violence
And how it’s not the answer.
How it does nothing.
Cures nothing.
Fixes nothing.

See that man?
The one found dead last night.
Shot in the head.
He’s dead, dead, dead.

I shot him.

Serial rapist.
Over 30 women.
Some of them children.
And no one stopped him.
Many praised him.
A strong voice for good.
He helped feed the poor.
And house the homeless.
Donated time and money to charities.
Even helped build houses
For Habitat For Humanity.

Did I do the right thing?
Should I have shot him?

What would you say
If he’d raped your daughter?

Now, over 30 women know.
He won’t do that again.
To anyone.

Remember that guy who got six months probation
For pulling the college girl behind a dumpster.
And banging her?

Were you one of those who screamed,
“It was a bad decision on his part!
He made a mistake!
Don’t ruin his future for one mistake!
It’s not like he murdered her!”

I shot him too.
He’s still alive.
But he’ll never rape another girl.
I have good aim.

Do you wonder sometimes.
If the word spreads.
If the knowledge grows.
If there’s an understanding.
That if you do something like this.
You will pay for it.
You won’t be forgiven.
And you won’t walk away
Like nothing happened.
Do you wonder.
Would that reduce the violence?
Would that mean this happened less?

If someone thinks, for just a moment,
If I do this.
Someone will find me.
And shoot me in the head.
And I’ll be dead, dead, dead.

Will they be less likely
To rape someone?
To scar them for life?
To leave them changed forever?
Just to get their jollies?

If they know they’re going to die
Will they change their minds?

Don’t speak to me of violence.
And how it’s not the answer.

I know the truth.

You have to kill.
And that’s why I do
The violent things I do.

And I am the violence.
I am Armor 17.


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