#FinishThatThought 43 : Adventures In Food

Adventure was always my favorite word, followed closely by food. Which left me wondering why it had taken so many years for me to learn a simple way to blend both of them. The adventure of something new and untried, and food.

It started simply (doesn’t everything?) in an International Foods grocery store, on the cookies and snacks aisle. There they were. Sugar Wafer cookies. Not the ones you find in American grocery stores. Not the chocolate, vanilla and pink ones. The pink ones say they’re Strawberry flavored, but I’ve never noticed any difference between them and the vanilla ones. Except they’re pink. Well, on that cookie row I found chocolate, and vanilla. But I also found Mango, Guava, Caramel, and Pineapple.

I added one of each to my basket, and went on an adventure suitable to a gourmand. I pigged out on sugar wafers. Oh, the joy, the taste, the excitement of new flavors! It took me three days to walk off the cookies. Three days! And I never once regretted them. Instead, I planned another adventure to the same store.

That second adventure I purchased more sugar wafers, and I grew my food adventure. I raided the soda aisle. I felt young again, like I did when I discovered my first toy store. I found sodas I never knew existed, in sizes I never knew existed. Coconut, Mango, Guava, Peach, and Pear. I found soda brands I’d never known of, Jamaican, Jarritos, Goya, and others. It was a soda heaven! I bought a dozen single cans and bottles, all in different flavors and brands.

I discovered, over the following days, I liked coconut water, and Tamarind and Apple sodas. Of course, I discovered I did not like Cola Champagne, or Lychee drinks. But, that was the point of the adventure. To find new things to eat.

I hit the jackpot in the produce department, when I discovered Kiwi Fruit, Mangoes, Papayas, Yellow Honeydew, and Galia melons. I discovered there were more than two kinds of plums. I discovered Star Fruit, Dragon Fruit, and Rambutan. Asian pears looked just like apples, but with pear skins.

I ate fruit three times a day for a week, before I ran out.

I visit different grocery stores all the time these days. Because two of my favorite words have always been adventure and food. And what could be better than having them both at one time.

I can’t wait to try Salmonberry. Bring on the adventure, and the food!

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I wrote this for Week 43 of Alissa Leonard‘s Finish That Thought. Please, go read all the creatively shared stories in this week’s challenge.


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