Fairies : The Search To Find Their Friends Began

One morning,
Just before the dawn,
Mystica screamed.
It was the scream of someone
Who was terrified.

Dream and Sunshine,
Rose and Musica,
Chrissy and Lilly,
And Flora and Fauna too,
All raced to Mystica
To see what was wrong.

Mystica was standing
Shaking like a leaf.
Musica took one look at her,
And the she grabbed Dream
And said just one thing,
“Miss Hooters!”

And Musica and Dream
Flew across the room
To the place upon the pillow
Where Miss Hooters
Was last seen.

But Miss Hooters wasn’t there.
She was nowhere to be seen.
And their human friend
Was already gone.
He’d gotten up
In the middle of the night.
And no one could find him
Or Miss Hooters.
Both of them were gone.

Scream let out a scream
That literally shook
Every wall of the house.

And Merlin
Bowed his head,
And whispered,
“I pray she can hold on
Until we find her.”

That’s when Dream realized
That Whisper was gone too.
So Dream closed her eyes,
And said one word,

It was all that she could do.
Try to find Whisper,
Or Miss Hooters,
Or even their human friend,
By looking for their dreams.

And as Dream closed her eyes,
She saw that Whisper
Had left a dream
For her.

For there was her little friend.
In the dream she saw right then.
And she realized
She was seeing everything
Through Whisper’s eyes.

Whisper woke up.
He was quite surprised
That he opened his eyes.
He should be sound asleep.

But since his eyes were open,
He decided to just look around.
And make sure everything
Was OK
In the middle of the night.

Whisper flew to each
Of his fairy friends.
He loved each of them so much.
He had to check on them.
To see how they were ding
On that night.

He saw that all the fairies,
And the dragons too,
Were soundly sleeping.
And they were all safe.

So he decided he should check
On Miss Hooters,
And their human friend.
At which point he flew
Across the room,
To land on the pillow,
Right next to the head
Of their human friend,
Where Miss Hooter’s slept.

It was right then
That Miss Hooter’s woke up.
And flicked her feathered wings,
And took to the air.
She saw Whisper hovering there,
And signaled him to hide.

And the human
Woke up.
In the middle of the night.

Whisper knew something
Was terribly, horribly wrong
Right then.
But he didn’t know at all
What it was.

So he silently flew,
As owls can do,
Across the room
To where Miss Hooters was,
Hidden from their human friend
Underneath his bed.
Where he landed on her shoulder,
And whispered in her ear,
“What’s happened?
What’s wrong?”

Miss Hooters whispered back
Her answer to him.
“He’s figured something out.
And I’m worried very much
About how he’ll react to it.”

They watched from underneath the bed
As their human friend got dressed.
And headed toward the stairs.
Miss Hooters said to Whisper,
“I have to follow him.”
And off she went.
Making sure to stay
Out of his sight.
As he left the room.

Whisper knew just what it was
That he had to do.
He flew straight to Mystica.
And there he said the words
To a spell
That no one knew
He knew.

“Show his truth to her.”

Mystica began to twitch.
And then to sweat.
As she suddenly was having
An awful nightmare.

Whisper whispered in her ear,
“I’m going with Miss Hooters.
I’ll take care of the both of them.
And I’ll leave the story
Of what happened
As a dream for Dream.”

When that dream
That Whisper left for her
Had reached its end,
Dream woke up,
And saw that Mystica
Was standing there,
Watching over her.

“What did Whisper have to say?”
Mystica asked of her.

“That you would know to do
What he asked you to do,”
Was all that Dream could say.

So Mystica
Looked at the fairies
That had become her family.
“Our human friend
Is at long last
Waking up from the nightmare
That he’s lived through
In the year just past.
He’s come face to face
With a truth about the world
That he doesn’t know at all
How to deal with.
There’s no telling
What he’ll do.
Miss Hooters,
And Whisper both
Have followed him
To take care of him,
And help him
As much as they can.”

Sunshine was the first to speak.
“Mystica. How do you know?”

Mystica tried so very hard to smile,
But the nightmare that she’d had
Was still so strong
Within her mind,
And her heart and soul.
“Whisper shared with me
The dream our human friend
Had when he slept this night.
And it was a nightmare
The likes of which
I’ve never seen
Or felt

At which point
Scream had screamed
Once more.

Mystica then did something
That she’d never done.
“We need very much
To find the three of them.
As quickly as we can.”

So she had all the fairies
And the dragons too,
Go off in separate directions
To search for their three friends.
She sent them out
Something she had never done.
Leaving each fairy
Of her family
Isolated and alone.
To search
Completely on their own.

She’d even called Oceana,
In the corner of her mind,
And asked the ocean fairy
If she would be so kind
As to search the shores of the ocean
To help them find
Miss Hooters,
And Whisper,
And their human friend.

Sunshine used her fairy magic
To fend off any rain,
And clouds.
So that they could search
For their three friends
In full sunshine
On that day.

And so it was
That on that day
The search to find their friends


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