MY lovely blog hop

Ailsa Abraham tagged me in this. I decided “Why not?” so, thanks for the tag, Ailsa.

I have the choice of writing a few lines on any of these subjects : first memory, books, libraries/bookshops, what’s your passion, learning, writing.

What to write, what to write? Isn’t that always the question? The item on the list that keeps drawing my attention is, what’s your passion, so why not go with that. Especially since it includes learning and writing.

What’s my passion? That’s pretty much a tie between learning and writing. I am a lifelong learner. To the point where, if I visit a bookstore, I look first at science and technology books, then at philosophy and psychology. Types of fiction are among the last books I look at. If I look at magazines, the same thing happens, science, technology, philosophy, psychology, news, and somewhere down the list, fiction.

I sometimes wonder how much I know. I’m not a genius by any means. But I do collect information, not just through reading. My choices in television show my curiosity also, as I’ll watch programs like Through the Wormhole, How It’s Made, and How The Universe Works before I’ll watch programs like Agents of Shield and NCIS.

My Facebook news feed has lots of science news, I’ve made it a point to hunt down such information. It’s also filled with world news, as I like to know what’s happening on our tiny planet in this big universe. Sometimes, I think of myself as an information sink.

Along with learning comes writing. Writing lets me ask questions. It lets me theorize. It lets me work with what I learn about philosophy, psychology, social behavior, science, and technology. It lets me express thoughts I have about how life is, based on what I’ve learned. It lets me express my thoughts, fears, and hopes about the future, based on what I’ve learned.

What’s my passion? I have two, they go hand in hand. Learning, and writing.

Now, it’s time for me to tag a few people, to see if they wish to join this little blog hop. To that end, I’m tagging:

D Savannah George
Miranda Kate
Melpomene Selemidis

Because, why not? Please feel free to join if you wish, and if you do join, please link back to this post and write a few words on any of these subjects: first memory, books, libraries/bookshops, what’s your passion, learning, writing.


Writing A Procedure

My doctor said to me,
I have a homework assignment for you.
It’s due next Friday.”

Then he said to me,
“Write a procedure.
I don’t care what procedure.
I don’t care what it’s for.
Write it for anything.
Washing the laundry.
Working at Geek Squad.
Cleaning the cat litter.
I don’t care what.
Just write a procedure.”

So, here I sit.
Realizing what he’s done.
Because he knows.
If I write one procedure.
I’ll keep writing others.
Lots and lots of others.

Because I won’t be able
To stop myself.

So, I’ve picked out a procedure
To start with.
The first of many procedures
That I’m going to write.
That describe how I do
Lots of different things.

Procedure : Daily Writing

1.    Think of an idea.
2.    Think about how to talk about that idea.
3.    Organize those thoughts into a structure/framework.
4.    Write the framework.
4.1    Don’t be afraid if what you write changes as you write.
4.2    Don’t be afraid to throw everything out, and start over.
5.    Proofread what you wrote.
6.    Post that sucker.

You might notice,
As you read the procedure.
It’s more of an outline
Than anything else.
What you won’t know is
That’s exactly how I work.
Everything’s an outline.
With hidden text.
That way,
The procedure’s just a guide.
And the story that I write
Can be written
Different ways.

Where does an idea come from?
How do you write a procedure
For doing that?
Knowing it could never
Be completed.
Knowing you would always
Find an exception
To the procedure
For coming up with an idea.

Like what I’m doing now.
Writing down the thoughts
That I’m having in my head.
As I capture
The simple procedure that I follow
When I write.

And there you have it.
I’ve told a story.
And written a procedure.
At the same time.

And if I’m honest.
Both the procedure,
And this little piece,
Were written
The same way.
Using the procedure
I’ve now written down.

Simple works for me
It seems.

My New Journey Has Begun

I’m terrified.
And I’m excited.
At the same time.
Let me try
To explain why.

I’m a geek.
You know the kind.
The one that buys the magazines
That tell you how
To build computers
Of different kinds.
The one that writes shell scripts
For the computer running Linux
That automatically converts
Panasonic camera RAW images
To JPEG images,
And rotates them
So that they’re either landscape
Or portrait.

I’m the kind of guy
That disturbs you at work.
The one that no one understands.
The one that speaks a language
No one seems to know.
The one that makes the computers
Do things that surprise you.

And here I am.
The geek.
Working part time at Best Buy.
In the Geek Squad.
Looking at starting
Down a path in life
That I’ve never tried before.

Freelance writing.

I’ll be honest.
Right now,
I barely know
What freelance writing is.
Much less
How to do it.

But I find I’m taking little steps
To find out.
So that I can slowly explore
Something completely new
To me.

Part of me is terrified.
Because I’m walking way outside
The things I’ve always done.
The places that I know
Are safe.
And secure.
Into places I have never been.
Places I have never known.

I bought a little book today.
About freelance writing.
I bought it in the hope
That it will help me find my way
On this path I’m starting down,
That leads me places
I have never been.

Part of me is excited
Because I’m doing something new.
Something I once thought
I would never try to do.
But here I am
Taking little steps
Down a path in life
I’ve always been to scared
To walk on.

The unknown frightens me.
And it intrigues me too.
And I know that walking down
The path I’m now starting
Will lead me someplace new.

And along the path
To the place I’ve never been
Who knows what amazing things
I’ll find along the way?

So, my curiosity
Wins this battle that it’s in
With my fear of the unknown,
My fear of change.

Because I want to learn
All the things I’ll have to learn
As I take a journey
Down a path
I’ve never set foot on.

Have you ever gone for a walk
On a trail in a park
That you’ve never
Walked before?

How exciting was that?
Striking out into the unknown.
Seeing things,
And places,
That you’d never seen before.
That was an exciting thing to do,
Wasn’t it?

And that’s where I am right now,
In this life that’s I’ve been given.
Starting down a trail
I’ve never walked before.

How can I let my fear
Of the unknown
Stop me
From taking that walk
Down that new trail?

Look out world of Freelance Writing.
Here I come.
One day at a time.
One step at a time.

My new journey
Has begun.