#55WordChallenge : The Fence – Part 18

As we raced along, I heard an eagle’s scream pierce the sky. Cynthia stopped, and looked up, her eyes pleading, her voice reduced to a whisper, “No.” She shook her head, “No,” as a teddy bear fell from the sky. She picked it up and began to cry, “No,” as the eagle screamed once more.

55 words

This is part 18 of the serial story I’m working on for Lisa McCourt Hollar‘s #55WordChallenge flash fiction challenge. Please, go read all the other entries in the challenge this week. It’s flat amazing what gifted writers can say in just 55 words.


#FiveSentenceFiction : Vision

Dream sat on the grass by the lake, in the middle of the night, watching the surface of the lake reflect the image of the star filled sky. Whisper, as always, sat on her shoulder where he watched tears fall from her eyes, “Dear friend, I am not young, I am not new, and I can’t help but see how your heart aches, and your soul longs for someone you have not yet met, to hold you in the darkness of the night, and fill your dreams with light.”

Dream said nothing, not one word, but Whisper knew, as he looked into her eyes of blue, why those tears fell from her eyes, and why her heart ached on that night. He whispered in her ear, “Follow the vision of your heart, dear one, for it knows what to do, and it won’t lie to you,” then he spread his wings, and lifted from her shoulder.

With those words, Dream spread her wings and took to the sky, to follow the vision of her heart, to find the one to fill her dreams with light, and chase away the nightmares she dreamed on so many nights.

I’m trying something different. Each week, Lillie McFerrin hosts a Flash Fiction Challenge called Five Sentence Fiction. This is my first attempt at the challenge. There are some great five sentence works out there, from some great writing souls. Please, go read them all.

Finding My Wings : For Deborah

You were right.
I do need to find my wings.
I do need to fly.
I need to show
Everyone around me
They have nothing
To be afraid of.

I need to remind them
Of the words of Jesus.
“Don’t be afraid.”

My soul cries tears these days.
I know you know that.
I know you’ve see that.
Those tears are true.
They are there
Because they should be.

I can no longer close my eyes
To the hurt I see
In those around me.

It’s time for me
To find my wings.
And fly.

My long time friend.
There are times I wish
I could just talk
With you.

There are times I wish
I could ask you
How you cope
With all the hurt you see
In the people around you.

But when I stop
And listen to the words
My heart whispers
In my ear,
I know.

You understand.
There’s nothing
To be afraid of.

And I know too.
That’s what you tried
To show me.
Years ago.

Just like I know
I need to show
The people around me
They don’t have to be

I wish there was a way
I could explain it to them.
But I know I can’t.
I know they have to learn,
Like I did.
To listen to their hearts.

I wish it was not too late
For some of them.
But I now it is.
I know they’ll never change.
Never wake up.
Never see
What’s going on.

I wish there was a way
I could tell them
That the emptiness
They sometimes feel.
Is real.
Not a figment
Of their imaginations.
Not a bad dream.

I wish I could show them
How much they run.
How much they hide.
All the ways they escape.
From life.

It’s not just the ones
That turn to drugs.
Or sex.
Or alcohol.

It’s the video games.
The chat rooms.
The smart phones.
The erotic romance novels.
The oceans of books.
The movies.

Anything, and everything.
Just to avoid the feeling
That something’s wrong.

My long time friend.
You were right.
It’s time for me
To find my wings.

It’s time for me
To find a way
To touch the lives
Around me
Each day.

And if I can.
With God’s help.
To wake them up.
And show them.
They don’t have to be afraid
To live