#VisDare 47 : Contemplating

Alice and I walked by the lake. “Perhaps it’s time I learned more about Jessica.”

“She’s not what they teach in the caves.”

“I know.” One day soon, I’d tell her about my life in the caves. “Nothing is what I learned in the caves.”

We went back to Old Phoenix, to an old theater. Alice taught me to make popcorn. I’d never seen anything like it. “Popcorn and soda,” she said, “perfect for watching movies.”

And we watched movies. For hours. “These tell the story of the end of what was. And the start of what is.”

“Alice,” I felt her fingers, so graceful, so delicate, laced between mine thick, scared, brutal fingers. “When the movies end…”

She interrupted me, “We’ll talk.”


I wished I could freeze time and stay in that moment, with her, and her smile, and her hand in mine, forever.

146 words

This is part 30 in the continuing story I’m working on for Angela Goff’s Visual Dare. Please read the other entries in this week’s Visual Dare challenge.

The entire story, from part 30 to part 1, is located here.