#VisDare 121 : Tethered

7d0cea8ce224841c5cfd76f76b38f058I peered into the crack in the wall, I could see something beyond, I knew something was there. Others in reality watched me peering into the crack. “One does not look into the crack!” Always they told me, “One does not look!” and “You can’t do that!” Soon, everyone I knew told me the same thing, how I needed to fix that crack. “If that crack grows, it can become dangerous!”

I let the crack grow. Each day, it grew a little more. A little deeper, a little wider.

Soon, people stayed away from the crack, and from me. And when I looked at them tethered, tied, bound to their places, anchored to the ground, unable to walk around, unable to explore the small world of reality. I saw them all turn away from the crack, ignoring it, hiding it from their sight.

I saw them afraid. Uncomfortable. Disturbed.

149 Words

Part 2 of a story I’m writing for Angela Goff’s Visual Dare. Please read the other entries in this week’s Visual Dare challenge. Be amazed at the magic people can put into 150 words or less.