Welcome Home, Sister. Welcome Home.

Sunshine’s wings fluttered, then beat furiously, as she hovered in the sky. It had been two years since Sunshine left the lake in the Northern Forest. Two years since her sister Fauna died in the war with the invaders from space. Two years filled with storms, lightning, thunder, floods, howling winds, and the destruction they cause.

The surface of the lake was mirror smooth, the trees around its edges and the wispy white clouds in the sky reflected off its surface. She slowly flew over the lake, her reflection painted on its surface. “Should I be here?”

She floated from the sky to the center of the lake, where she hovered, and wondered, “Will my sisters welcome me home after the things I’ve done?”

As the sun slowly approached the horizon, her reflection stretch across the surface of the lake, toward the shore. She followed it. She remembered each village, each town, she’d destroyed. “I’ve done so many things.”

Her toes felt the grass beside the lake. There was no thud pause on landing, only a graceful move from flying to walking. Her wings still open, she walked along the edge of the lake. Her home remained as she’d left it, a small house in the trees. The trees made it for her, their branches had moved together, grew her home.

She stopped beside the stone memorial for Fauna. It looked so like her. Her smile, the way her wings looked when she was ready to escape the ground. The gentle softness of her fingers. “I miss you, sister.”

A hand touched Sunshine’s shoulder. She recognized it, knew it was kind and caring. The hand of her sister, Rose. “Welcome home, sister.” Rose embraced Sunshine.

Sunshine cried.

As she did, the sun set, and a soft, summer shower fell, it’s drops laced with the orange and gold colors of the sunset. As Rose held Sunshine, a runner of roses grew from the ground, up the leg of Fauna’s statue. It crossed Fauna’s hip, then her side, where it wrapped around her shoulder and grew down her arm to her hand. Every few inches a pink and silver rosebud bloomed. The last bud bloomed in Fauna’s hand.

The soft rain stopped when Sunshine dried her tears. She looked once more at Fauna’s statue beside the lake, and she smiled. “Thank you, Rose. Thank you.”

“Welcome home, sister. Welcome home.”

398 Words

This is the fairy tale I’ve written for Anna Meade‘s Dark Fairy Queen Midsummer Night’s Dream Writing Contest. Please, go read the other fairy tales, dreams, and myths in the contest. They are located here.

Fairies : Happy Tears

Sunshine woke up one morning.
Just as the sun was peaking
Over the trees
And lighting up the lake.

“Oh, pretty,” she thought.
So she pulled her sun-dress on,
Went to the hole in the floor of her home.
And dropped to the ground below.

She walked to the side of the lake,
Where she turned to the East,
And watched the sun
As it peeked through the top branches
Of the trees.

“Oh, pretty,” she thought once more.
So she stood there for a while,
Watching as the sun slowly rose
Above the trees.
And brought all the colors
Of the world
To her eyes once again.

Sunshine smiled.
“Good morning, Mr. Sun.”
She laughed.
And then she waved at the sun
Up in the sky.
“Thank you for today.”

Sunshine walked
Along the edge of the lake.
Until she reached the trees
At the lake’s Northern edge.
And that’s when she saw
Her favorite wild rose-bush.

It was her favorite bush.
With hundreds of pink flowers.
Like the ones the villagers
Had put on the cake
They’d made for her
One day.

Sunshine looked at the rose-bush.
And saw that it was wilting some.
She knew it would be.
It had been slowly wilting
In the past few days.

Sunshine had been very happy
Living by the lake.
In a home all her own.
With her big sister, Musica,
And he little sister, Dream.
And her favorite Mother ever,

Sunshine knew she could make it rain,
Just by being sad.
By crying tears of loneliness.
And she could make it storm
By crying tears of hurt and pain.
But the weather got really bad
When Sunshine got mad.

She liked to be happy.
Because on the days she was happy.
It never, ever rained.
And the sky was always blue.
With cottony white clouds
Floating up above the trees.

Sunshine wished there was something
She could do.
To help the rose-bush out.
She knew it had enough water,
It was right next to the lake.

But she’d begun to think
That living things,
Like trees,
And grass,
And roses,
Needed rain sometimes.
Just to be OK.

That if rain didn’t fall
Every now and then,
The plants would miss something.
And it would hurt them.
And make them sad.
And they’d begin to wilt.
Like her friend
The rose-bush had.

So she closed her eyes,
And thought real hard,
About what to do.

She wasn’t sad at all.
That meant it wouldn’t rain.
So she reached out her little hands,
And gently touched the rose-bush
While she apologized to it.
“I’m sorry my dear friend.
That I haven’t found a way
To bring to you today
The rain you need so much.
Please tell me you’re OK.”

She stood there with her hands
Touching leaves on the rose-bush.
And each leave she touched
Was so beautiful to her.
She got so very happy
That she cried.

At first she didn’t understand
How she could cry and be happy
At the same time.
But she realized
It was a natural thing.
Just like sunshine.
Just like rain.
That sometimes you could be
So very, very happy,
That you cried tears of joy,
Not tears of pain.

And as Sunshine stood there
Touching those rose leaves,
That’s just what she did.
She cried tears of joy.
For that rose-bush
Was so very beautiful to her.

And as she cried,
It began to rain.
But it was not a cold rain.
There were no clouds at all
Up in the sky.
Oh, no.

This was a spring shower.
A gentle,
Soothing rain.
That brought water to everything
Above the lake.

It only lasted
For a little while.
Just ten minutes
At the most.

But it was exactly
What the rose-bush needed.
And the rose-bush thanked her
For the shower
As Sunshine stood there
And watched the wilted leaves
On her friend the rose-bush
Perk right up again.

That was the day that Sunshine learned
That not all rain is bad.
Sometimes rain is good.
And gives each one of us,
Plant and animal,
Something that we need.
Something we’re not whole without.

That was the day Sunshine learned
Nothing can live at all
With out the rain.

The day she became no longer afraid
To cry
Ever again.

Fairies : The Night That Sunshine Cried

Sunshine saw him get up
In the middle of the night.
She saw him walk out of the room.
And she followed him.

He went downstairs.
And he stood
In the middle of the floor
Of the Family Room
Of the house.

Sunshine wondered
What was wrong.
What had caused him
To wake up
In the middle
Of the night.

As she watched him,
He looked up
At the ceiling
Of the room.
And then he screamed
A silent scream.

Sunshine knew that scream
All to well.
She’d screamed it
Many times herself.
That silent scream of pain.
It meant that something
Dear to him
Was now gone.
Was forever lost.

She watched him,
And she couldn’t help but see
The hurt there
In his eyes.
As he looked up at the ceiling,
And he asked just one word,
And then she watched him cry.

Sunshine felt how very much
His heart ached that night.
She couldn’t help but see
The tears that his soul cried.
She was so afraid
That he’d lost someone
That had been close to him.

She watched him
As he walked up to
The pictures that he kept.
Each one stored in a frame,
Kept upon a bookshelf.

He picked up a picture,
And sadly smiled at it.
“Why did this have to happen
To you?”
He took that picture with him,
And went to the sofa.
Where he sat down
In the dark.
And held that picture up,
So he could stare at it
For a time.

“Life’s not fair.
I know that,”
He said.
“I know it rains
On everyone.
Both good and bad.”
And then he shook his head.
“I know that means
That bad things happen
To good people.
For no reason
At all.”

He looked up at the ceiling
Once again.
“Why her, God?
Why her?
Why does she have to die?”

Sunshine watched him
Through the night.
She was there watching him
When he pressed that picture
To his lips.
When he stretched out
On that sofa,
Resting his head
Upon a cushion.

He placed that picture
Next to his head.
And then he closed his eyes.
And though he tossed
And turned,
Through the rest
Of that night.
He did sleep.

Sunshine watched.
And when he was asleep.
She flew up to the sofa.
And hovered there.
Right in front
Of the picture
That he’d picked up.
And she used her fairy magic
To bring a single ray
Of sunshine
Into the darkness
Of the night.
And shine it right upon
That picture
By his head.

It was a picture
Of one of his best friends.
He called her

Sunshine knew
By the words he’d spoken
In the middle of that night.
That Jean was not alright.
That he thought
That Jean was going to die.

Sunshine looked upon the face
Of her human friend.
And she understood
Why it was he’d cried.
Why he’d awakened
In the middle of the night.
She knew why his heart ached
Within his chest.
And why his soul
Cried tears of pain.

And on that night
As she watched over him.
Sunshine cried.
Tears feel freely
From Sunshine’s eyes.

And as the tears fell from her eyes,
Drops of rain fell from the sky.
And the more she cried that night,
The more it rained.

It was as if the sky itself
Shared with her
The pain she knew
That he was in.
And the sky joined in
And cried with her
That night.

It was then that Mystica
Flew into the room.
She flew right up to Sunshine.
And gently placed a hand
Upon her shoulder.

Sunshine tried to smile
Right then.
And found that she could not.
How could she smile
When her human friend
Was in the pain
That he was in?

Mystica hugged Sunshine.
The first fairy
That she’d cared for.
The first fairy she’d adopted
Into the family
They’d become.

And she let Sunshine cry
Upon her shoulder.
For a time.
Then Mystica whispered
Oh, so quietly,
My dear child,
What has happened
On this night?”

Sunshine took Mystica
To the picture
That rested on the sofa
Right next to the head
Of their human friend.
“He’s said that Jean
Is going to die.”

Then Sunshine broke right down.
She cried like she hadn’t cried
Since she was a little child.
So very long ago.
When the fairies
In the castle
Named her Rain.

And as she cried,
The rain came down
In torrents.
As if the sky itself
Could feel the way
Her heart ached
On that night.

Mystica held her
As a mother holds her child.
She’d raised her
Like a daughter
Of her own.

And when Sunshine tears
At last dried
On that rain filled night.
Mystica had spoken
One more time.

My child.
Part of my heart
And soul.
You know
That we will help him.
And if there is any way at all
That we can help his friend.
Then we’ll do that too.”

Sunshine almost smiled.
“I know,
I know.
I’m sorry that I’ve cried.
But I had to.
For I felt the aching
Of his heart.
And I saw the tears
That his soul cried
Upon this night.”

Mystica looked outside.
“The dawn will be here
Very soon.
It’s time for us
To return to his room.”

They flew.
Up the stairs
Into his room.
The other fairies
Had awakened.
And were there upon his desk
Waiting for the two of them
To return.

Mystica saw the questions
And concerns,
In the eyes of all the daughters
She’d adopted.

“His dear friend Jean
Is very ill.
And very likely going to die.”

The other fairies

“But I promised Sunshine
We will help him
Through this awful time.
And we’ll help
His friend Jean

Merlin the dragon
Spoke right then.
“You’re not a child
My dear friend Mystica.
You are full grown.
A master of the skills
Of the White Magic
In your heart and soul.”

Mystica smiled.
“I know.”

Merlin looked around,
At all the fairies in the group.
“Mystica’s right.
We’ll take care of them both.”

It was then
That Sunshine smiled.
And the light of dawn
Shined in.
And filled the room.

“We’ll take care of them,”
She thought.
“We’ll take care of them both.”

And then she settled
In the place upon his desk
Where he kept her.
And fell asleep.
She knew she needed rest.
And as she fell asleep that day
Her smile returned once more.
For Sunshine knew
Mystica would teach them all
What it was
That they could do
To help their human friends.