Memories : Silent Movie

I remember June 16th, 1976.
The day that Silent Movie
By Mel Brooks
Was released.

I wanted to see that movie
Very much.
And I had a group of friends
That wanted to watch it too.
So, we got together,
And I drove the station wagon
(Back then,
there was no such thing
As a mini-van)
And we all went
To the movie.

There were 5 of us.
That went to the movie.
And we stood in line
For quite some time.
It was opening day.

We got into the theater
And found a set of seats
That let us sit together
As a group.
Spread across a row.

When the lights went out,
Movie previews came on.
And people laughed.
And talked.
And made lots of noise.

And then the screen went blank.
It was so dark
You almost couldn’t see
Who was sitting next to you.

These tiny dots appeared
On the middle of the screen.
And every sound was gone.
No one made a sound at all.
I’m not sure
Anyone was breathing.

You could have heard a pin drop.
It was that quiet
In there.

Those dots
In the middle of the screen
Began to grow.
Until they became
Towering letters
In the middle of the screen.

“Silent Movie”
They declared.
In total silence.
Not even any music.

And then.
In all the silence.
A single human voice
Was heard.
And it said
These words.

“Oh, goodie!
It’s movie time!”

Oh, my.
You should have heard the laughter
That broke out right then.
No one in the place
Laughed any harder that night
While the movie was showing
Than they did right then.

People on the row in front of me
Were poking each other
With their elbows,
“Did you hear what he said?
It’s movie time!”
As they laughed so hard
The couldn’t breathe.

The four friends I’d come with
All patted me
On my shoulders.
As they laughed So hard
They couldn’t talk.

One of them said,
“That’s one of the best ones
I’ve ever heard,

That’s right.
I’m the person
That said those words
That night.
In that movie theatre.

And I sat there
In my chair.
Trying to understand
What I’d said
That was so hilarious.

I will say
That I laughed
Right along with everyone.
Even though I didn’t really know
What was so funny.

35 years later,
I understand completely.
It was just one of those times
When I behaved like me
With my ASD.

And did something
That made perfect sense to me.
That no one in the theatre
Would have dared to do.
Even if they’d thought of it.

I don’t detect those rules
Of proper behavior
In a social environment.
So, I just said
What popped into my head.
And provided everyone
The best joke of the night.

This is just the kind of thing
That I’ve done
All my life.
And even though
I’ve never understood
Why people laughed so hard.
That’s always been OK.

Even with my ASD
I have always known
Laughter is a good thing.