#MWBB – Week 2.20 : Long Snake Moan – A Tale Of Wrath

[Author’s Note : If you can’t handle sex, violence, and insanity, stop reading now, and move on.]

Jennifer stood in her shower, scrubbing herself with soap, making lots of lather. As she let the water wash away the foam, she moaned, “Oh, yeah.” She felt so alive. Every inch of her skin was alive. Every inch felt the water, the foam, the air. She moaned again.

It was three A.M. She was washing off the salt, sand, and him. She peaked outside the shower, to verify her special hairpin was still there, and clean. To be safe, she pulled it into the shower, and let the water run over it again, before placing it on the counter once more.

She felt the water flowing over her, closed her eyes, let her fingers run wild, and moaned, as she remembered her last date with him.

“I want to go to the beach! Now!”

“But, it’s after midnight. It’s closed.”

She kissed him, and ground her hips into him, “Scared?” She pulled one of his hands down and pressed it against her ass. “Think we’ll get caught?” Her hand rubbed his crotch.

To the beach they went. It was nearly 1:00 A.M. They walked along the sand, by the edge of the water. She pulled off her shoes, and walked barefoot, letting the water flow over her feet, between her toes, feeling the sand.

No one was around. She giggled, as she took off her shirt, and tossed it on the sand. Her bra followed, and she made sure he got a good view of her breasts. Her shorts and thong came off, and she added them to the pile. “Time for a swim.”, she splashed through the surf, and headed further out.

She smiled when he followed her, and touched the hairpin hidden in her hair. It wouldn’t be long before she needed it.

When the water was deep enough, she stopped, and kissed him. Her hand found its way between his legs, and her fingers made sure he knew what she wanted. She pushed him on his back, floating on the waves, and moved her head between his legs, for a little while. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she needed her hairpin. Not long at all.

She wrapped her legs around his hips, and mounted him. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her up, keeping himself inside her. She raised her arms over her head, and he couldn’t resist sucking on her breasts.

She moaned, then moaned again, as her hand found her hairpin.

He finished, erupting inside her. “Oh, God,” he groaned, as she pulled the hairpin and sank it’s carefully sharpened tip into his throat, then pulled it free, and sank it in his chest. He tried to fight back, but it was too late.

She pushed his head beneath the wave, her hands wrapped around his throat. She watched the bubbles in the water as he fought to breath. She held him there until the bubbles were gone, and he no longer moved.

She moaned as she finished.

She remembered every detail, as she stood in her shower, letting the water and foam wash away every trace of him. She felt the water flow between her legs, and moaned once more.

Wrath stood next to her, hidden in her shadow, as he whispered in her ear, “Another man who hurts innocent women is now gone. God blesses you, dear child, for all your hard work.” Jennifer smiled, and knew, the next day, she’d continue her work. She’d start another hunt. For a predator to remove from the world. To make the world a safer place from men.

She smiled, and as the water flowed, and her fingers moved between her legs, she moaned.

611 words

This is my entry for Year 2, Week 20 (Week 2.20) of Jeff Tsuruoka‘s Mid-Week Blues-Buster flash fiction challenge. Please, go read the other stories in the challenge.


#MWBB Week 2.15 : The Hungry Wolf

Lust loved the beach. It didn’t matter if it was midday, or midnight, the beach was always filled with entertainment. From the hotels to the sand, to the ocean, humans and their self-denial of their animal nature always brought him entertainment. As he slinked along the shaded concrete of the boardwalk, Lust pondered his best course of action for the day.

“Should I play with lots of humans, wrecking random havoc? Should I find a group of humans, and torture them continuously? Perhaps I should attach myself to a single human, and give them a Las Vegas style adventure?”

For a time, he watched the humans on the sand setting up their towels, chairs, and coolers. He particularly enjoyed watching the curvy female humans, in their barely there clothing. “Ah, the wonders of the female mind. Only a human female would scream, ‘Don’t look at me!’ and wear a tiny bikini which leaves nothing to imagine, and screams the opposite, ‘I’ve got it, and I’m gonna flaunt it!’. Perfect.”

He picked out a redhead, in a little pink number. The only things the fabric hid were her nipples, and between her legs, and it barely hid them. Lust watched her spread her towel on the white sand. He knew she was a regular on the beach when she staked her towel to the ground, so it wouldn’t blow around. Then she sat down, leaned back, and pulled out a book to read.

He knew she’d be perfect for his needs that day. He’d stay close to her for a while, and cause havoc of all kinds.

He started with a group of teenage boys as they walked by. The boys were there for one reason, though no one would ever admit it. They wanted to see curvy women, barely dressed, and fantasize about the many things they could do with them.

Lust whispered in the ear of the boy starring the hardest, “this is a good place to enjoy the water, isn’t it?”

“Hey, guys! This looks like a good place!” Sean proclaimed, “Last one in!” and he ran through the shallow waves near the shore, splashing up a storm. The other boys made like the pack they were, and followed suit. Lust had a blast as he listened in.

“Did you see her?”

“Oh, God, how could I not?”

“I wanna eat her boobies.”

“Spread those legs, momma, I’m coming in!”

“I keep hearing ZZTop.”

“Yeah, she’s got legs!”

“And she knows how to use them!”

“I’d let her wrap ‘em around me anytime.”

Of course, they would behave. None of them would do anything, except stare at her, which was OK by Lust. The more they drooled, the better. “Yes,” he thought, “she’ll do for today.”

Another female walked the sand, looking for a place to park. Lust knew exactly what to do. He whispered in her ear, “There’s a place next to her that’s perfect for you.”

“Um. Hi.” Sally shyly spoke to the person on the sand. “Is this spot free?”

“Sure is. Pull up a towel.”

Sally did, and Lust grinned, then he licked his lips, and slipped between them, like a hungry wolf, “I think I’ll try to talk them into a party of their own tonight.” He whispered in Sally’s ear, “Why don’t you comment about those teenage boys.”

Sally sighed, “Figures.”


“We’re being stared at.”

“So we are.”

“Don’t you wish they would grow up?”

Her new friend only nodded. “It’s so obvious, What they’re thinking.”

Lust licked his lips and smiled, evil in his eyes, as he whispered to his chosen one, “Why not offer to help with her suntan oil?” Which she promptly did. As she ran her fingers across Sally’s shoulders, and down her back, Lust whispered, “Damn, that feels good doesn’t it?”

Yes, it did. And she let her fingers linger just a bit as Lust pipped in, “Perhaps she can help you with yours?”

She placed the bottle beside Sally’s head, “Would you mind?”

Lust always loved the beach in the summer time. He loved to play his games. They were so very fun.

688 Words

This is my entry for Year 2, Week 15 (Week 2.15) of Jeff Tsuruoka‘s Mid-Week Blues-Buster flash fiction challenge. Please, go read the other stories in the challenge.

#MWBB 29 : Stay

It broke my heart
To answer you today,
When you asked me,

You asked me to stay with you.
To hold your hand.
To walk with you
Out on the sand
Down by the water’s edge.

“Stay with me,
You asked.
“Wrap your arms around me
As we watch the sunrise.
And then kiss me again.
And again.”

“Stay with me,
You asked.
“Hold me when the sun sets.
And then all through the night.”

But I could not stay.

“Stay with me,
You begged.
You pleaded.
“We can walk through the roses,
Hand in hand.
And spend hours on end
Watching the butterflies

My heart ached
As you spoke those words.
If only I could
Spend time with you.
Sitting on the sand at sunrise.
As the sun
Brings the colors of the world
Back to life once more.

If only I could
Kiss your lips
As the ocean waves
Played their songs of life
Once more.

“Stay with me,
You whispered,
As your fears
brought tears
To your eyes so blue.

You should know.
I love you.
I really do.

But I cannot stay with you.

Both our hearts know
This is true.
Although someday
I may find a way
To return.

Right now
I cannot stay.
For I would be in the way.
I would halt the flow of time.
So you could never change.
And never grow.
And never learn to walk
On your own.

For I know the truth.
I know why you asked.
You pleaded.
You begged.

I know
You are afraid
To be alone.
You are afraid
Of you.

If I stayed
You would use me
As a crutch.
You would put me
In your heart.
Where you need to be.

You would look into the mirror
When you wake up
Every day.
And see me looking back
At you.

You would do everything
I wanted to.
And love every minute of it.
Because you wouldn’t
Have to live
With you.

You would never learn
To see your own eyes
In the mirror.
Stare into their

You would never take the time
To stand out on the sand,
Down by the water’s edge.
And listen to the songs
The ocean sings to you.
Watch the world prepare
For its healing rest
As the sun fell from the sky.
Feel the world
Come back to life
As the sun restores
All the color
Painted over by the night.

You would hold my hand
So you would never get the chance
To feel the breeze
Flow between your fingers,
And across your palms.
And your fingertips
Would never feel the texture
Of the sand
On which you stand.

And you would never see
The beauty of the roses
Of the butterflies.
Because you would see me.
Keeping you company.
So you wouldn’t be alone.

If I were to stay
You would never get the chance
To meet yourself.
To be alone.
And learn to see you
As I do.

If I were to stay
You would never learn
Why I love you so.

That is why
I cannot stay.

That is why
I have to go.

533 Words

This is my entry for week 98 of Jeff Tsuruoka‘s Mid-Week Blues-Buster flash fiction challenge. Please, go read the other entries in the challenge.

#MidWeekBluesBuster 12 : Sea Of Love

I sat on my towel, on the sand, watching the calm, blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Feeling the soft breeze flowing from the Gulf to the shore in the early morning, while the ground was still colder than the water.

I closed my eyes, and felt what little hair I had left moving in that breeze. I felt the sunshine on my face. I listened to the quiet, calm surf of the Gulf. I’d told her, once, it was like the Gulf was a giant swimming pool, with calm water, and peaceful waves.

Sitting there, it was like I could reach out, take her hand, feel her fingers interlace through mine, feel the warmth of her skin, the delicate, graceful lines of each finger. It was, of course, nothing more than a memory. I’d never see her again, at least, not in this world. No one would ever see her again.

She was gone. Beyond the veil of life. Where I couldn’t yet follow. Where I couldn’t yet reach.

But every year I returned to the Gulf. To her favorite strip of sand. She’d always loved it there. I used to watch her get up before the sun, spray herself down with insect repellent, and walk out to the shore in her swimsuit, barefoot, with nothing but an old Wal-Mart shopping bag.

I used to follow her out, taking a long, two-hour walk on the shore. I always saw her as I walked out and back. She’d be there, up to her ankles in the Gulf’s waters, peering into the sand, looking for shells. And I always loved to watch her. Such a simple thing, searching for shells at the beach. Most people would ignore her.

They never saw what I saw. The brilliant blue light shining in her eyes. A light that I could never see enough. A light connected to my heart. The gentle smile on her face that said everything in the world was OK. That made me feel alive.

Sitting on the sand every year, I always wished I could see her one more time. Watch her searching for shells, with her eyes so very much alive, and he smile driving away all the hurt and pain of the world.

I couldn’t. I knew that. She was gone.

All I could do was sit on the sand. And remember.

All the times we’d visited the Gulf. All the times I’d walked along the water’s edge with her, holding her hand in mine. All the times the world just went away, and left me alone with her. Happy. Every year I took long walks by the water. Watching the clouds and the calm, relaxing waves. Remembering the days my heart was still alive. The days my soul still cared for life.

Remembering her.

471 Words

Trying Jeff Tsuruoka‘s Mid-Week Blues-Buster flash fiction challenge again. Please, go read the other entries in the challenge.

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#12DaysBop : Day 12 – Camping In December

It’s Day 12, the last day of Stacy Hoyt’s 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Hop. The last prompt is the gift of moon. And I’ve always liked the full moon…

We went camping at False Cape every three months. Our first trip was in March. We spent two nights in the park so we could spend an entire day exploring. We saw so many wild flowers just starting to bloom. The trees were just starting to leaf out. Many of them filled with flowers. The Dogwoods were especially pretty. She liked the pink ones best.

In June we’d walked the beach all the way to North Carolina. She’d loved it. Watching the dolphins out at sea. Watching the pelicans fly in their precise formations. Several times, we’d stopped, and sat down on the sand, and watched the sand crabs digging their holes and skittering along the sand.

In September, we watched the sun set into the sound on the west side of the park. And the sun rise from the ocean in the east. We had fun, watching the rabbits forage for food. I lost count of how many deer we saw.

In December. It was cold, but we had fun exploring trails in the park. They ran all the way to North Carolina. We loved hiking together. That night, after the sun set, we took a walk by the ocean. The way the light of the full moon reflected off the waves was stunning. We stopped, and watched the endless waves.

And on the sand, in December, beneath the full moon, we closed our eyes and listened to the music of the ocean.  While she still listened, I reached in my pocket, and pulled out the ring. I got down on one knee, and when she opened her eyes, I asked her to marry me.

She said yes.

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The 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Hop, Day 12 – The Gift Of Moon

#12DaysBop : Day 8 – It’s Only Water. Nothing More.

It’s day 8 of Stacy Hoyt’s 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Hop. Today, the prompt is seas…

They say the ocean doesn’t care for anyone, anywhere. Like the land, the sky, the rocks, it simply is. That without the animals and plants living in its depths, the ocean is just water. Cold. Unfeeling. And uncaring. Only water. Nothing more.

They say people see what they want to see. They have given the ocean a personality. A name. And a behavior. Calling it the harsh mistress of the sea. A dangerous place that’s taken countless lives. A graveyard for ships through the centuries.

But I know when I walk upon the sand, down by the water’s edge, it hears every whisper, every voice. It hears laughter and tears both. It knows, and it hears. How else would it know when to make a wish come true?

Like when its waves form fractured mirrors, reflecting the sunlight, like the sun was striking diamonds floating on the surface of the sea. Or when it rests just calm enough so you can see the dolphins as they swim along the beach. Like when the crashing of the waves upon the shore can soothe the aching of your heart, and calm your fears, so you can sleep at night.

Like now. As I stand here. By the water’s edge, as the sun slowly inches into sight far to the East. Its light melting away the blackness of the night, and bring back to life, the colors of the world. As if it’s reminding me there’s always hope. Dawn always comes. And life moves on.

I think I’ll stand here for a time. And reach out with my heart. And let the power of the ocean heal the wounds deep in my soul.

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The 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Hop, Day 8 – The Gift Of Seas

#12DaysBop : Day 6 – The Sun Sends Its Regards

It’s day 6 of Stacy Hoyt’s 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Hop. Today, we get a gift from the sun…

We all knew the sun could be violent. We’d all watched solar flares and coronal mass ejections in the past. Some had been large enough to send massive amounts of particles across the 93 million miles between us and the sun. We’d never seen anything like this.

We knew it was a solar mass ejection. But it dwarfed everything we’d ever seen. And it just kept going. And going. And going. I tried to find the words to describe the images. I gave up. “Oh, shit.,” was all I could come up with.

After a couple of hours of watching, Nathan broke the silence. “I think I’ll go find a beach somewhere.” Then he walked out. I thought he’d had a brilliant idea, so I followed him.

We bought a stupefying amount of beer on our way to the beach. Carried it all out on the sand with us. We stood there, watching the waves and getting stinking drunk.

This was it. The mythical mega flare. A solar flare so ginormous it would sterilize the whole damn planet. We’d watched the satellite’s image feed for two hours after the flare had started. When we left it was still going. We’d never forget what we saw. It was burned into our memories.

The flare would take several days to reach us. When it did, it would last for days. It would fry every satellite and melt the global electric grid. Everything electric would short-circuit. Forests would ignite. Houses would burn. The oceans would turn to steam.

The Sun had spoken. Life would have to start over.

“Been nice knowing you, Steve.”

“You too, Nathan.”

We sat down on the beach, with our beers. And waited.

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The 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Hop, Day 6 – The Gift Of Sun

Fairies : For Rose (Part 2)

Sword had never really had the chance to explore the land when the villagers had taken him captive, and Mystica had rescued him. So, he was intent on seeing what the land was like between his ocean home, and the lake.He took the clothing he normally wore. Short pants that allowed his legs to move freely. No shirt at all. No weapons for protection, he didn’t need them. He had a small bag of supplies, a couple of bags of water, and some dried fish and seaweed. It was enough food to last him several days. But he would need to find food and water both on his journey.

While he knew the dragons would be watching over him, and Mystical would be available of he needed her, it was his intention to make the journey on his own. He’d realized he missed Mystica, and her adopted daughters, Sunshine, Musica, Dream and Rose. Especially Rose. He didn’t know what it was about her that made him want to take a six-day journey just to spend a week with her and her sisters. But he didn’t really care that he didn’t know. All that mattered to him was seeing her again, and spending time with her, and her sisters.

Being around her just made him feel good. And every time he held her hand, well, he’d never felt anything like that before. And he wasn’t sure at all what it meant. But it sure felt good to him. So he was very excited to be able to visit Rose.

And Rose could fly. Could she ever. Little fairies aren’t suppose to be able to fly at all. But Rose could. She could fly better than he could. And she could fly almost as well as any full-grown fairy could. Sword thought he could watch her fly all day long.

Sword had never left the ocean on his own. Walking through the surf, onto the sand of the beach was a new experience for him. He found it surprising how the ocean waves sometimes knocked him over, and tried to pull him back out to sea. He tried to use his magic swords to anchor himself in place, but they didn’t really work. They couldn’t stop the waves. And they only held so well in the sand. But with a little practice, he learned to keep his balance, and when to step, and when to just stand still, and when to jump. It took him a little while, but he did make it to the beach.

As he walked across the beach, he felt the sand get hot under his feet. The sand never got hot under the water. But on the beach, where the sand was dry, the sun was bright, and it was hot, the sand got very hot indeed. And it made his feet hurt. That wasn’t fun at all. So he used his wings to fly short distances, and test the sand again.

As he crossed the beach, Sword saw ocean birds for the first time. Sea gulls, terns and pelicans. He watched the terns along the shore, running back and forth as the waves washed in, and out. Whole waves of them, racing toward the ocean, poking their beaks into the sand, as the waves washed out. Then, racing away as the waves came in.

He watched the seagulls as they stood on the sand. It was like they were resting. He also watched them as they flew over the waves. Sometimes they would dive into the water. He realized they were fishing.

The pelicans were the most amazing of the birds to him. They always seemed to fly in formation. One after the other. The way they flew so close to the water that their wings sometimes skimmed the surface.

Sword also learned about the vegetation along the shore. Sea oats and grasses. Wild flowers. And scruffy wiry bushes, and small trees. He noticed how the trees seemed to grow sideways, with short limbs toward the ocean, and longer limbs toward the land. They also seemed to grow taller as he went further inland.

As he moved further inland he saw rabbits, and more birds. Then, he saw some deer. He knew what they were. He’d seen them in pictures his mother had shown him. These were the first live ones he’d ever seen. And he found himself taking time to stop, and watch them from a distance. He found it really funny, the way the rabbits ate grass, their ears flopping, and their whiskers twitching, as stalks of green grew shorter and disappeared into their mouths. The way they moved about with such powerful hind legs, and such tiny front legs fascinated him. It was as if rabbits were built lopsided, and had learned to make the best of it.

The deer were just majestic. That’s the only word he could find to describe them. The way they walked. The way they ran. So very graceful. So fluid. He’d never seen anything like them. He watched them for quite a while.

After several hours, he came to some low hills, covered by a forest. His mother had told him of the woodlands that would become the Northern Forest. She’d also told him he should sleep high up in the trees. Out of reach of the wild animals that stayed on the ground. Things like wolves, and perhaps even bears. So, as he entered the woodlands, he used his wings to take to the trees. He used his wings sparingly to move from tree to tree, or to cover distances he could not cover just by jumping. And he walked along tree branches.

He stopped a few times to snack on the dried fish and seaweed in his provisions. And any time he found a stream, he had a drink of water from it.

As the sun began to set that night, Sword found a nice place to sleep in a tree, resting against the main trunk of the tree, and one of its major branches. He fell asleep that night, listening to crickets, frogs, and birds as they sang their songs. It was unlike anything he’d ever really heard. A wonderful music to his ears, that sang him to sleep.

And so ended the first day of his journey to visit Rose.

Life Is Change

I stood next to my mentor. On the beach. It was bitterly cold. The wind was rushing in from the ocean. Lifting waves of loose sand, blowing them toward the dunes. The waves crashed into the shore, the wind adding catching a fine mist of water, blending it with the sand. The wind stripped away any body head I had. Leaving me even colder. My hands were numb. My ears ached. I found myself wishing I could go inside. Or back to the car. Anywhere that was out of the wind. “You wonder why you are here, yes?” He spoke. Always, he started with a question that he already knew the answer to. I merely nodded. Then he began the lesson of the day. He began walking toward the dunes. Along the way, he stopped, picking up a handful of dried, dead sea grass. It had that dull, gray-brown color. “Everything changes, young one. This is something you must learn.” He walked back toward the ocean. Right into the wind, with it’s sand, and ocean mist. Stopping just short of the waves. He made a fist, crushing the dead, dry grass he’d collected. Leaving only pieces, shards, fragments. Collected in his hand. Protected from the wind. “The people of this life collect up a few things. A career. A home. A car. A spouse. Children. All the things they believe define success. Much as I hold this dead grass in my hand.” He looked into the wind. “But the wind of life. It blows. The ocean of life. It’s waves come and go. It’s tide rises, and falls.” He looked up and down the beach, motioning that I should do the same. “As the wind blows. As the ocean’s waves come and go. The beach changes. It does not stay the same. It lets go of old things. Old forms. And welcomes new things. New forms.” “I can make what’s in my hand stay the same,” he explained. “So long as I keep it all within my closed hand. Where the wind can not blow it away. Where the ocean can not carry it to sea.” He smiled at me. “ I nodded my head. Then he continued. “I can interfere. I can block the wind. I can block the ocean. And keep what I have in my hand.” He looked at me. “But this is like me being able to stop, or control the weather. It would stop the flow of life.” He faced the wind, holding his hand out in front of himself. Opening his palm. And watching as their crushed, brown fragments blew away on the breeze. “Or, I can let the wind, and the water, do what they want to do. I can let them change what is in my hand.” I watched the fragments as the wind moved them from his hand. “Do you understand, young one?” I answered honestly, as I knew he would know if I were to lie. “No.” He smiled, then spoke. “Over the coming 6 months, you will spend the time required to come here. To this beach. Once a week. And you will stand here. And take pictures of the beach, both to the North and South. Examine each picture. Compare it to the other pictures. Remember what I have said and done here today. Then you will understand.” I did what he had asked of me. And as the six months came to an end, we reviewed my pictures. It was very clear what he’d said. The pictures showed how the beach changed, every week. How it was not static., always changing. He’d tried to warn me about the trap of losing my awareness of life, becoming defeated by always trying to prevent change. For as the sands of the beach changed each time I was there, with each picture I took. I realized that change simply is. And that static, and unchanging, is not. I spoke with my mentor then. About the pictures. He spoke. “Change is natural. It is part of the order of life. Static is not. It is part of the way of death. Where everything becomes stagnant. And slowly dies.” I remember his words to this day. Even now I can see him as he spoke those words. Life is not constant. Not static. It changes. And to prevent change is to prevent life. Gradually killing the very life you attempt to capture, and protect. It has been a difficult lesson to learn.

Fairies : Sword (Part 4)

As they approached the ocean, the village where Sword had been abused came into view. And that village was destroyed. Along with everyone in it. Mystica used her white magic. She floated up from the dragon she was on. Taking to the sky. She flew low to the ground, approaching the remains of the village.Scream and the other two dragons stayed high in the sky. Keeping the little fairies safe. Mystica landed in what had once been the center of the village. She looked around. There were bodies, half buried in the sand. There was debris everywhere. Sand was piled up against the homes that were still there. Many of the homes were gone. Mystica had never seen such a thing. A white aura encased her. And she spoke. “Show me what happened here.”

The sand around Mystica went flat. Flatter than a table top. Leaving her standing in a circle about 30 feet across. Figures grew up from the sand, playing out a movie. Forming a mini copy of the village, and the people in it. Going about their normal lives. Until a tall, slim fairy came into the village. She carried a trident. And wore a crown. She was stunning to behold.

This fairy floated, her wings easily carrying her a couple of feet off the ground. Moving slowly through the village, to its center. All the humans of the village dropped what they were doing. They ran to their homes, grabbing anything they could use as a weapon. Knives, swords, bows, arrows, even sticks. The fairy reached the center of the village, and turned toward the sea. The villagers attacked. They threw rocks, and shot arrows. None of them reached the fairy. She held her staff before her, and the air grew thick. Almost like a wall. Everything that reached that wall came to a stop. Bouncing backwards. Falling to the ground.

The fairy spoke, “Where is my son?” It was a demand more than a question. “Where is Sword?”

The man that had spoken when Sword was whipped came out. He stood at the edge of the village, and addressed the fairy. “He was rescued by a dragon, and a witch.” The men with whips had come out, behind the fairy. They raised their whips, and struck. As they struck, the fairy had turned, she reached out with her hands, and literally caught the whips out of the air. It was something that had to have hurt. But if it had, the pain never showed once in the fairy’s face. In the way she moved.

She yanked both whips. Ripping them from the grips of the men that yielded them. The handles of the whips floated through the air, and she caught both of them. Then used them to strike at the men that had yielded them.

“The gulls and terns. They told me everything. Told me what you did. How you whipped my son. And left him here. On the sand. To die.” As she spoke, the whips struck at the men, leaving nasty streaks of torn flesh on them. Leaving them howling in pain. “I should make you suffer the same way he did.”

She dropped the whips to the ground. “But I won’t. Instead, I’ll do what I should have done years ago, when you invaded my land.” She turned to the man that had spoken, “I tried to let you live here. To learn to live in peace with you.” The man grabbed a sword from a nearby person. He turned to face the fairy. And holding the sword out, he ran straight at her, screaming.

The fairy simply floated up, out of his reach. And she continued speaking. “But peace you would not have. Unable to accept the diversity of life. You believe you have to dominate it. Rule it. Destroy it.”

She turned to face the sea. “So now I do what I should have done years ago. I show you who I am.”

The sound of the ocean grew louder. And louder. The people of the village began to panic. Running in all directions. And an enormous wall of water swept through the village. The water was at least 20 feet tall. It swept away everything and everyone in its path. Destroying houses. Destroying the village. And everyone in it.

The fairy watched. Then she floated up into the sky, and spoke one last time. “Take care of my son, White Witch. And when it is time, please bring him home to me. So speaks Oceana. Princess of the sea.”

Mystica watched it all play out upon the sand. When the images reached their end, she knew what she had to do. The white magic shined around her, and she walked out of the village, toward the sea. Scream, and the other dragons landed, as Mystica walked right up to the edge of the water. Where she spoke. “I am Mystica. Your son is safe. He is healed. I have brought him here. He’s ready to come home.”

Her voice had echoed across the ocean. Silently, quietly, calmly. Yet the white magic carried it for miles. Both above and below the ocean.

Sword walked up next to Mystica. “Mother is coming,” he spoke.

The little fairies that were Mystica’s family came slowly forward. Forming a small group behind their adopted mother.  Scream and the other two dragons took positions to each side of the group. With Scream taking to the sky, holding a position above Mystica. Sword realized the dragons were acting to protect their friends. He’d never known dragons to be friends with fairies before. This Mystica was different. She was unique.

Sword remembered his mother speaking of a new fairy. A white magic fairy. More powerful than any of the dragons were. More powerful than even she was. A white mage. That would change the world with time. Sword looked at Mystica. He wondered. Could she be the fairy his mother had spoken of?

That’s when the fairy, Oceana, appeared. She rose up out of the ocean. The ocean holding her up.  She didn’t walk. The ocean itself carried her. Bringing her right to the shore. Right to Mystica.

Mystica had smiled. And then looked at Sword. “Your mother, Sword. It’s time for you to return home.”

Sword walked into the water, which carried him to his mother. To Oceana herself. Oceana smiled. She hugged her son. Then she spoke to the ocean, and it’s inhabitants. “Sword has been found. He is returned. Show him the way home.” And the water moved, forming a smooth pathway that Sword could walk along. But he didn’t leave. Instead, he looked at his mother. “First, there is something I have to do.”

Sword walked back to Mystica. He bowed to her. “Thank you. Thank you for everything.” And Mystica smiled.

“I couldn’t not stand by and watch. I had to help. No one should be treated the way those people treated you.”

Next, Sword walked to the group of fairy girls. He gave each of them a hug. One at a time. He reached Dream, and Rose last. He hugged Dream. “Thank you, for helping me.” Dream blushed. “I can remember a beautiful dream of the sea. Of my home.” He held both her hands. “You gave that to me, didn’t you?”

Dream could only smile, and blush. And nod her head. Sword hugged her a second time.

Then, he took both of Rose’s hands. He raised her right hand up, and gently kissed it. “Thank you, Rose. For the roses you shared with me.” Then he hugged her, holding her for a time.

He walked back to his mother. And smiled. “These are now part of my family, Mother.”

Oceana smiled. “I know, my son. I know. I can see how you feel about each of them. It is written in your heart.” Oceana spoke to Mystica. “You are all welcome to visit us for a few days. While I can’t help you live beneath the sea, I can guarantee that you will be safe here, on this sand. In this place. You may stay here for a long as you wish. And Sword may visit you. And so will the creatures of the sea.”

And so it was that Oceana and Mystica first met. By the sea. On the sand. By the water’s edge. And formed a bond of friendship that would so long as both lived.