#ThursThreads #68 : It’s Standard Procedure

Tommy checked the list carefully, reviewing each step of the procedure, making certain he’d followed the procedure precisely. He had. Remove the new USB FLASH drive from its container. Insert it into the slot labeled “B”. Wait until the light above slot “B” stopped blinking, and turned green. Insert the drive to be copied in the slot labeled “A”. Wait until the light above slot “A” stopped blinking, and turned green. Press the red button. When the light above the red button stopped blinking, and turned green, remove the drive from slot “A”. Wait until the light above slot “A” stopped blinking, and turned red. Then remove the drive from slot “B”. Wait until the light above slot “B” stopped blinking and turned red. Insert the new drive from slot “B” into slot “A”. Wait for the light above slot “A” to stop blinking and turn green. Push the green button. Wait until the light above the green button stopped blinking and turned green.

The light had stopped blinking, and turned red. The procedure didn’t say what to do if the light turned red. Tommy didn’t know what to do. “Something’s wrong,” he declared.

I smiled. “No. Nothing’s wrong. It’s just standard procedure. We need to know if job applicants are able to apply procedures correctly.” I stood up. “Read the next page.”

That page said, “If you found this on your own, you’re hired. If I had to tell you, thanks for applying.” Tommy did not get the job.

@250 Words

I wrote this for Siobhan Muir‘s #ThursThreads, Week 68. Please go read all the entries in this week’s #ThursThreads. They are good reading.

Writing A Procedure

My doctor said to me,
I have a homework assignment for you.
It’s due next Friday.”

Then he said to me,
“Write a procedure.
I don’t care what procedure.
I don’t care what it’s for.
Write it for anything.
Washing the laundry.
Working at Geek Squad.
Cleaning the cat litter.
I don’t care what.
Just write a procedure.”

So, here I sit.
Realizing what he’s done.
Because he knows.
If I write one procedure.
I’ll keep writing others.
Lots and lots of others.

Because I won’t be able
To stop myself.

So, I’ve picked out a procedure
To start with.
The first of many procedures
That I’m going to write.
That describe how I do
Lots of different things.

Procedure : Daily Writing

1.    Think of an idea.
2.    Think about how to talk about that idea.
3.    Organize those thoughts into a structure/framework.
4.    Write the framework.
4.1    Don’t be afraid if what you write changes as you write.
4.2    Don’t be afraid to throw everything out, and start over.
5.    Proofread what you wrote.
6.    Post that sucker.

You might notice,
As you read the procedure.
It’s more of an outline
Than anything else.
What you won’t know is
That’s exactly how I work.
Everything’s an outline.
With hidden text.
That way,
The procedure’s just a guide.
And the story that I write
Can be written
Different ways.

Where does an idea come from?
How do you write a procedure
For doing that?
Knowing it could never
Be completed.
Knowing you would always
Find an exception
To the procedure
For coming up with an idea.

Like what I’m doing now.
Writing down the thoughts
That I’m having in my head.
As I capture
The simple procedure that I follow
When I write.

And there you have it.
I’ve told a story.
And written a procedure.
At the same time.

And if I’m honest.
Both the procedure,
And this little piece,
Were written
The same way.
Using the procedure
I’ve now written down.

Simple works for me
It seems.