MY lovely blog hop

Ailsa Abraham tagged me in this. I decided “Why not?” so, thanks for the tag, Ailsa.

I have the choice of writing a few lines on any of these subjects : first memory, books, libraries/bookshops, what’s your passion, learning, writing.

What to write, what to write? Isn’t that always the question? The item on the list that keeps drawing my attention is, what’s your passion, so why not go with that. Especially since it includes learning and writing.

What’s my passion? That’s pretty much a tie between learning and writing. I am a lifelong learner. To the point where, if I visit a bookstore, I look first at science and technology books, then at philosophy and psychology. Types of fiction are among the last books I look at. If I look at magazines, the same thing happens, science, technology, philosophy, psychology, news, and somewhere down the list, fiction.

I sometimes wonder how much I know. I’m not a genius by any means. But I do collect information, not just through reading. My choices in television show my curiosity also, as I’ll watch programs like Through the Wormhole, How It’s Made, and How The Universe Works before I’ll watch programs like Agents of Shield and NCIS.

My Facebook news feed has lots of science news, I’ve made it a point to hunt down such information. It’s also filled with world news, as I like to know what’s happening on our tiny planet in this big universe. Sometimes, I think of myself as an information sink.

Along with learning comes writing. Writing lets me ask questions. It lets me theorize. It lets me work with what I learn about philosophy, psychology, social behavior, science, and technology. It lets me express thoughts I have about how life is, based on what I’ve learned. It lets me express my thoughts, fears, and hopes about the future, based on what I’ve learned.

What’s my passion? I have two, they go hand in hand. Learning, and writing.

Now, it’s time for me to tag a few people, to see if they wish to join this little blog hop. To that end, I’m tagging:

D Savannah George
Miranda Kate
Melpomene Selemidis

Because, why not? Please feel free to join if you wish, and if you do join, please link back to this post and write a few words on any of these subjects: first memory, books, libraries/bookshops, what’s your passion, learning, writing.


The 26th SatSunTails : Marie And Claire

Rebecca Clare Smithholds the SatSunTails flash fiction challenge every weekend. She

The SatSunTails

makes it challenging. And I always try to write something. This past weekend, I was declared the challenge winner, which is always an honor, and a surprise. Thank you, Rebecca, for letting me share the words I write. Go read the other entries in the challenge. I have, and I enjoyed all of them.



The Picture Prompt for the 26th SatSunTails Flash Fiction Challenge.

Marie and Claire had a fight a few weeks ago. About me, of all things. Claire stormed out of their apartment that night. They’d lived together for eight years and they’d stopped talking with each other because of me.

I had to fix that.

I knew all I had to do was get them to talk to each other. Touch each other. Trust each other. I knew that would set the embers of their passion for each other ablaze . So, I put together a plan. I “kidnapped” them. Then stripped them and tied together in several hundred yards of rope. I dumped them on a chaise lounge in their own apartment. Hung a few decorations, so they wouldn’t know where they were. Then I left.

I considered staying and watching, lecher that I am. But, I decided they deserved privacy. I knew they’d work things out.