#ThursThreads Week 161 : Let Them Work Or Starve

“What caused the fall?” I shook my head. “What caused the grand old party to implode? To become irrelevant?”

Everyone in the classroom nodded. “No, Mr. Limbaugh,” Mitt belted out, “Why did we become irrelevant?”

Sometimes, I wondered why I chose to teach our party’s history. It was such a sad tale, with such a violent end.

I took a deep breath, “You read the assignment, didn’t you?”

Sarah belted out, “Of course not! Reading’s dangerous! Fills your head with all sorts of nasty ideas!”

Ted joined in, “I asked Reverend Ronald what he thought.”

Of course none of them had read anything, so, I turned to the board, and drew another cartoon strip. They liked cartoons.

I started with the mass firings caused by automation. Then, I showed our ancestors and their big houses, cars, swimming pools, and all the other things we once had. Next, I showed the peasants outside our fenced off, protected world. Then, I showed the starvation burial grounds. It’s what happened when people couldn’t work. They starved.

I showed Sir Mitch, standing before the board of directors, “If they’re starving, let them find work. It’s not our job to take care of them.” The next frame was of the poster, “Let them work or starve”. The final frame, the rebellion, where the party fell.

Sarah couldn’t help herself, and belted out, “Because people stole all our stuff, and took all the food we’d earned!”

It was good when someone understood.

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I wrote this for Siobhan Muir‘s #ThursThreads, Week 151. Please go read all the entries in this week’s #ThursThreads. They are good reading.


#12DaysBop : Party Time!

Welcome to day 10 of Stacy Hoyt’s 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Hop. Today, the prompt is the gift of spirit. And I couldn’t help but think of the spirit of the party…

You would think humans would know not to invite us to their parties. But they drag us to all their parties. We come in with the drinks. The case of Budweiser. The bottle of Chianti. The 2 liters of Seven Up and the quart of Jack Daniels. Our favorite’s the homemade punch. We are, after all, the spirits of the party.

Tonight, I’m here to see if I can get some female human to wake up in the morning and realize she’s in bed with someone she doesn’t know, and she has no clothes.

My best friend wants to get some guy to throw up on the boss’s wife. That’s him, over there. Stalking the life of the party. The guy that’s got to dance until he pukes.

One of us wants to get some idiot to think he can still drive, when he can barely stand. He’ll get bonus points if that guy never gets home tonight, especially if he causes a wreck, and other humans die.

See her, over there? She’s hoping to get a whole group of people to tell the truth. To say the words they’d never say if they were sober. If she gets it right, there could be at least one fight. And someone may even get fired.

The guy over there got the lucky draw. He’s trying to get someone’s wife to wake up in the morning with the wrong guy. Like that gal over there. The one that keeps staring at the guy in the black shirt.

Humans never seem to learn. And that’s OK with us. After all, we are the spirits of the party, don’t you know. Now, let’s have some fun.

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