23rd #SatSunTails Entry

This is my entry in the 23rd #SatSunTails Flash Fiction challenge, hosted by Rebecca Clare Smith. She liked it. I won. Wow. Go read all the entries. They’re all good.

I yelled, “No guts, no glory! No pain, no gain!” and took three steps, launching myself off the diving board, trying to land pancake flat on the water. I hit so flat, the water knocked the breath right out of me.

Her bucket list was gonna kill me someday. “It’s all about exposure to feeling. Breathing. Touching. Laughing. Crying. Ecstasy. Pain. Life!”

She was part of my heart and soul. I was not whole without her. So I promised I would walk by her side through her bucket list. Even enduring exposure to things like experiencing a belly flop off a diving board.

When I got to the side of the pool, I was pink, from my chest to my knees. Mother, but that hurt. But she was laughing that magic laugh of hers. And I knew, if she asked, I’d do another belly flop. Just for her.