A Clip From Chapter 25 Of JuNoWriMo 2012

Sunshine slept in her little home. Where she felt so very safe. She hadn’t felt like she belonged anywhere at all for a long time. But now, she felt like she was home. Like she belonged with Mystica. At the lake. In her little home.

She’d gone to sleep. Like she’d done for the first four nights. But on this night, while she slept, she dreamed. And her dreams turned into nightmares.

She dreamed of a fire. A big fire. And her father was trapped in that fire. He couldn’t fly. He couldn’t get away. And she wanted so very much to help him. But she was so little. She didn’t even have real wings yet. Just little tiny wings. Her wings had just started to grow out. So she couldn’t fly.

The fire raged. And she could hear her father scream, as the fire reached him. She was so desperate she tried to run into the fire to save her father. But the fire was too hot. She had to run back out. And her own hair, and her clothes, were on fire. Someone had thrown a bucket of water on her, dousing out the flames. But she was hurt. Her hair was ruined. She had burns on her face, hands, legs and back. And she hurt all over. In her nightmare, her father kept on screaming. But she couldn’t save him. She couldn’t help him.

And then, his screams stopped. And Sunshine knew. He was dead. He was gone. Burned alive in the fire. She couldn’t save him. She couldn’t help him.

In her sleep, she tossed and turned. Rolling all over her bed. And as she did, the weather outside took a turn for the worse. As she ran into the fire in that nightmare she was having, lightning struck the clearing by the lake. And it set fire to the grasses. As she was hurt by the flames in her nightmare, lightning struck the lake. And then it struck several trees. And the wind began to blow.

As Sunshine’s father screamed in the roaring fires, the winds outside blew worse and worse. And the fire on the grasses began to spread. Reaching the trees. The winds blew small tree limbs off of trees, and added them to the fire.

As her father’s screams fell silent, Sunshine began to cry. And outside, it began to rain. A heavy rain. That doused out all the flames. But the wind continued howling.

It was bad enough that it woke Mystica up. At first she wasn’t sure what was happening. Other than there was a nasty storm outside. But then the realized the storm was caused by Sunshine while she slept. And that meant just one thing. Sunshine was having a nightmare.

Mystica hadn’t even bothered to take the time to dress. She’d raced out of her home, and hurtled across the lake to the home of Sunshine. Where she’d peeked into her daughter’s home. And saw her crying on the bed.

“My daddy’s gone. My daddy’s gone.” Was all Sunshine said.

Mystica had taken Sunshine from her little home that night. And carried her across the lake. Where she tucked her into bed. And Sunshine spent the rest of that night sleeping with her new mother.

Fairies : A Fairy Lullaby

Musica woke up in the middle of the night. She woke up from an awful dream. A nightmare, actually. What a nightmare it had been. She’d been trapped on the ground. Without any wings at all. Unable to fly. Trapped on the ground. Surrounded by wolves. The wolves were playing with her. Nipping at her heels. Causing her pain. Using their claws, and their teeth. Scratching her. Cutting her. Like cats, playing with a mouse. Having cruel fun knowing the mouse could not escape. Enjoying the fear that it was in.

When she woke up, things did not get much better. Outside, there was a storm. Lightning flashing. Wind howling through the trees. Rain falling in dense waves. Blown by the wind. The trees were swaying. At first, Musica was afraid that she might not be safe in her little house up in the trees. Mystica had worked with the trees to make her this little home. It was hers. Outside of her flute, this little home in the trees was all she’d ever really had.

The storm outside raged on. Musica got out of her bed. And walked across the room, to her little table. There, on the table, was her flute. When Musica was sad, or afraid, she would always pick up her flute, and close her eyes, and play. She would play the music of her heart. Always this would cheer her up. Always this would help her smile. No matter what was going on.

She’d played her flute when her family and friends had left her in the mountains. Completely lost, and all alone. She’d cried a lot. She’d been so very much alone. But when she played her flute, it always released the music that was in her heart. And then she could smile again. So, in the middle of the night, after that awful nightmare that she’d had, in that awful storm, Musica did what she’d always done.

She picked up her flute. And played.

She played the music that she felt in her heart. Her music capturing the sounds of a bright sunny day. The sunshine causing diamond glints of light upon the lake. Birds in the trees by the edge of the lake. Singing songs of spring. She played the sound of the breeze. As it flowed through the leaves of the trees, rustling their leaves. The sound of fairies playing. The sound of Sunshine, Dream, and Musica herself, playing games at the edge of the lake. The sounds that they would make if they took a swim in the lake. The sounds of Rose, as she flew from tree to tree, and stayed just out of everyone’s reach, as she flew over the lake.

It was such happy music that she played. And it wasn’t long before Musica was smiling as she played. And as she played, the storm faded away. Until the night was calm once more. And all the storm clouds were gone.

Musica finished playing the music on her flute. She felt so much better. She walked over to the entrance to her home, and peeked outside. Just to make sure that everything was alright. And she smiled. Then she yawned. And rubbed her eyes. She was very tired. After all. It was the middle of the night.

So Musica put her flute back on the table once again. And then she climbed back into her bed. And pulled her blanket up, and snuggled right in. It was so good to be in her little home. There in the forest. By the lake. With her friends. And with Mystica. Mystica was so much like the mother that Musica had never had.

Soon, Musica had drifted off to sleep once more. Dreaming dreams of happy times. Paying songs on her flute, with her friends. It was a happy dream. And she slept very well through the rest of the night.

But in her home in the trees that overhung the lake, Mystica had stirred. She’d been ready to intervene. For she knew what was going on. What had been happening. Dream had not been happy when she’d gone to sleep that night. She had cried when Mystica had put her to bed, and tucked her in. And kissed her head. Dream had told her she was very sad. That she’d remembered more about how her friends and family had thrown her away. How she’d woke up in the middle of the night, to find herself in someplace strange. She was lost and all lone. And hungry. And so very much afraid. And everyone had abandoned her.

She’d cried. And Mystica had held her for a while. Until she’d fallen fast asleep.

But Dream had nightmares as she slept that night. And her wild magic, the gift of dreams, had spread through all the fairies at the lake. Causing Musica, Rose, and Sunshine to have nightmares of their own. Sunshine and her nightmares had caused the storm that had raged that night.

And in the middle of all that, Mystica was so surprised to see Musica wake up. And find her way to her flute. And play. It had been a lovely song that Musica had played that night. In the dark. In that awful storm. A song that had been heart felt. It’s music had spread through the night. Calming Dream. Chasing Dream’s nightmares away. Awakening the sunshine in Sunshine’s heart. So that Sunshine’s nightmares faded too. And as Sunshine’s dream became happy once again, the storm had faded right away. Until the night was calm, and quiet once again.

It was quite a gift that Musica had. The wild magic of the music of her heart.

Mystica smiled. Then she herself when back to bed. And slept peacefully until the dawn, when th colors of the world were once more revealed by the light of the sun.