Tuesday Tales #59 Anathema (Unedited Version)

Helen walked outside to watch the sun come up from the cabin in the mountains she’d rented. She’d always wanted to watch the sun come up. She’s always had a secret desire to walk around outside in her negligée too. So, she decided to do both things on that morning.

She found a good place to sit. It even had a post along the back, so she could lean back. She felt better than she ever had. Happier than she’d ever been. Her new life was going well.

She remembered her old life. When she was Father Henry. How miserable she’d been. Being trapped in the wrong body for 30 years. She remembered all the prayers to God she’d made. “Help me make the right decision, Father.”

Of course, when the church learned of her surgery, they’d labeled her an anathema, and excommunicated her. But that was the risk she’d been willing to take. She’d had to take. Now, she was a successful business woman. A published writer. And taking the vacation she’d always wanted.

All because she’d had the courage to do what her heart told her to do.

The picture and prompt word from the 59th Tuesday Tales inspired this work of fiction. This is the original, unedited, 201 word piece that I stripped down to 100 words for the challenge. Go read all the entries in the 59th Tuesday Tales. And thanks Stevie McCoy, for hosting the challenge each week.