Van Hook Glade, Thursday, 11 September 2014

Today was fun. She let me sleep in until after 0700 hours. We had Souvlaki with sautéed vegetables for breakfast. We fixed it burrito style. We were supposed to have it for dinner last night, but we didn’t get here until after dark, so, she changed the plan. She had coffee for breakfast. I had White Hot Chocolate.

Did I mention I love camping with her. Because I get to spend oceans of time with her. 🙂

We started at Gorges State Park (North Carolina, remember), where we took the 3+ mile out and back trail to Rainbow Falls. We both took oceans of pictures. She told me it’s 125 feet tall. “Think of it as a 12 story building.”

We took lots of pictures of wildflowers tool. They had plenty of them. Lots of different kinds. Don’t ask me what kind. I’ll answer, “purple. white, yellow, orange, blue, pink”, and if there was more than one kind of purple, “2 kinds of purple”. I don’t know what kind. We got shots of bees (all kinds of bees, as in more than one kind, and more than one size). And shots of a couple of butterflies. The butterflies may not have turned out so good.

After that hike, we raided Ingles in Cashiers, NC, where we bought bananas, peanut butter, a 2 liter Diet Cherry 7-Up, a 2 liter Cranberry Canada Dry Ginger Ale, a bottle of vegetable juice (like V-8, but the Ingles brand). I’ve had a good ⅔ of the Ginger Ale. Hey, after all the walking, I was thirsty!

Then we went to Silver Run Falls, and took another ocean of pictures. They call it Silver Run, ‘cause there are oceans of silver-colored flakes of Mica all over the rocks, the ground, and anything else it can stick to. It’s a very popular swimming hole. But, everyone was at work, or at school, so we had it to ourselves most of the time we were there.

Lastly was the crazy person trip to Chattooga Pot Holes. Somewhere in the Pisgah National Forest. Or maybe it’s the Nantahala. I can’t really remember. You take a nice road out of Cashiers, turn right on a paved two lane road that’s a bit skinny in places, and has lots of hills. Then the pavement runs out, and it’s a dirt and gravel road. After a bit, you turn left on a road into the National Forest, which is also a dirt and gravel road. Eventually, you reach a bridge.

I’m betting the bridge would terrify some of you. But, it’s rated for 31 tons. So, it’s perfectly safe. The Forest Service takes good care of things.

You park on the far side of the bridge, and take pictures of the potholes from the bridge, and from the side of the river.

The potholes are interesting. Some of them could swallow a small car. They’re round, like circle round. Carved by water into the granite and sandstone rocks. Water swirls around in the potholes.

Then, it was back to camp for chilli-cheese dogs, nice, hot showers, and crashing in the tent.

And so, Day 2 of the excursion comes to an end. We’ll see what day 3 brings. The weather says, “rain, and lots of it”.

Now, it’s getting dark. And she’ll tell you, “When I take you out into the woods, when it gets dark, you climb into bed, and sleep.” Yes, I do. Yes, I do.