#ThursThreads Week 363 : As He Should Be

The list of strange places around the world grew every week, and I spent more time at the library, and more time on the internet, looking up everything I could find. Gobekli Tepe was the first. But it was followed by Nan Madol.

A monolithic city built on a coral reef in a lagoon on an island in the Pacific Ocean. 130 buildings, all made of carved basalt stones, many of those stones weighed five tons, and some weighed much more. No one could explain how it was built. No one could say how old it really was, although carbon dating indicated it was from 200 BC. No one could say how it was built, though archaeologists believed it would have required all the islands inhabitants to build it.

There were other details of Nan Madol that stood out to me. Its location, in the zone of the Pacific ocean where typhoons formed. A place where such storms were exceptionally rare. The legend of the islands curse, “You must respect Nan Madol.” A curse with a long history of lost ships, and dead researchers, who had dug in the ruins. How it was located at an electromagnetic hot spot of the Earth.

I was in the library so frequently, reading so many books, doing so much research, people began to ask the librarians about me. “He’s a researcher. Studying ancient cities. Spends time learning. Here all the time. As he should be.” That’s how they explained me.

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