#ThursThreads Week 413 : I Told Here I Wouldn’t Ever Come Back Here Again

Everything comes full circle, I suppose. Perhaps everyone does too.

The first town I lived in didn’t have a stop light, or a school, but it had a Southern Baptist church. It didn’t have a McDonald’s, or Taco Bell, not even a mom and pop place, or a gas station. It wasn’t even a town, being unincorporated.

My family lived there until I was 12. That’s when Dad went stupid, and Mom left him, and took me to Jackson with her. That’s when I said goodbye to Bonnie.

Bonnie lived next door. She was cute as cute gets, with amazing red hair I got caught staring at too many times. We’d been friends as long as either of us could remember, and we’d never thought our friendship would end.

Until Dad went stupid, and Mom and I moved.

The night before we left, I took a walk with Bonnie. Mom told me, “She’s your friend, you need to say good-bye.” That night was when Bonnie kissed me. We had no idea how kisses worked, but she kissed me anyway, and held my hand as we walked.

The next morning I went next door, and said good-bye to Bonnie. She asked me to write, and to come visit someday. “Mom cried herself to sleep last night.” I told her. Then, I told her I wouldn’t come back here again.

And I never did. Until now. For Bonnie’s funeral.

Everything does come full circle, you know.


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#VisDare 21 : Diverge

I fired the gun until it stopped working. I hurled myself at the remaining Wraiths, my knives slicing through the air. The fight end.

I remember fire in my ribs as we helped Leighla and the children down. Blood coated Leighla’s side. A boy leaped from the top of the tree. His neck snapped sickeningly as he struck the ground.

I don’t remember how we got to the train. I don’t remember anything else until I woke up two days later in Alice’s home.

I cannot forget the boy’s funeral. We rode a carriage into the forest, pulled the casket out, set it on the ground. Animals gathered and carried it away.

I will always hear Alice as I stared at Leighla encased in bandages. “Countless centuries ago, humans diverged down different evolutionary paths, becoming the Wraiths, the cave dwellers, the hordes, and the new humans of Phoenix.”

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This is the 17th piece in a continuing story I’m working through for Angela Goff’s Visual Dare. Please read the other entries in this week’s Visual Dare challenge.