#AtoZ2016 : C Is For Chocolate

On Monday, I got home from work, and Tommy was riding his ugly toy Chevy in his family’s front yard. I parked, and he said, “Hi, Mr. William!”

“Hi, Tommy! Out for a ride?”

“Just doing my daily check on the yard.” He waved his arm over the lawn, “I gotta make sure no dogs went and pooped in it.” He held up a small shovel, and a plastic bag. “Mom’s orders.”

“Oh,” I laughed, “You get pooper scooper duty.”

Tommy nodded. “But I haven’t found any yet, so that’s good!”

“Almost done?”

“Yeah. Just from here to the fence, and I’m done.” He put everything down in the seat next to him, and started driving toward the back fence.

As he did, I heard his mom, “Tommy! When you’re done, you get your dessert!”

Tommy gunned it, and was done in nothing flat. “All clear, Mom!”

I called out, “Dessert?”

Tommy backed his car up. “I can’t talk now! My chocolate chips are ready!”

“Chocolate chips?”

He laughed as he drove his car toward his front porch. “Yep! To heck with cookies! The chocolate chips are the best part!”

His Mom met him at the front door, handed him a bottle of hand sanitizer, which he used oceans of on his hands. Then she handed him a small paper cup, filled with chocolate chips. “Thank you!” Tommy bowed politely to his Mom, then sat down on his front porch, and at his chips, one chocolate chip at a time.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a six year old any happier.

It’s April 4th, the third day of the A to Z Challenge for 2016. Only 23 more letters to write stories for this month.

Please, go explore the A to Z Challenge, and the sites of others who are participating in this adventure.