A Clip From My #NaNoWriMo Work In Progress

[Author’s Note – If you find extreme acts of violence, and descriptions of such acts, disturbing, don’t read this.

What follows is a clip from my Work In Progress, being written for NaNoWriMo 2013. This work has been difficult for me to write. It contains extreme levels of violence, and touches on topics that greatly disturb me.

After several people expressed interest in the story, I decided to share a small clip.]

Frank grabbed Jessica’s hand, “Run!”

They did. But it was no use. The three men rapidly caught up to them. One grabbed Jessica’s arm, yanking her to a stop. Frank turned, and charged at that man. The other two men attacked Frank, striking him in the face, and chest. They quickly overwhelmed him.

Jessica didn’t know if Frank was alive or dead. At the least, she knew he was hurt. She felt fire ignite in her soul. She felt it raced through her blood. She dropped the bag she was carrying, turned, screamed, and struck at the face of the man holding her. She kept her fingernails extended. They tore into his skin, leaving long tracks as they ran down his cheek.

She screamed again, and kicked him, with everything she had, right in his male parts. He lifted off the ground, bellowed in pain, his hands letting go of Jessica’s arm as he reached for his injured crotch and doubled over, howling in pain.

The other two men circled her. “Oh. We got us a tough filly here, don’t we?”

“Yessir. We got a tough bitch here.” They separated, one on each side of her, knowing there was no way she could fight both of them. They were ready for her now. Not like the man she’d taken down. He hadn’t expected her to fight. The two men circling her were ready. There was no surprising them.

Jessica bared her teeth in a nasty snarl, so resembling of a wolf’s snarl, the men hesitated. Making a low growl, she turned from one to the other, waiting. Quickly, eagles filled the sky, circling. They waited. They did not intervene. They waited. They knew. She was finding her fire. Her strength. Her soul.

She was remembering who she truly was.

With no sound at all, she leaped toward the man to her left. He countered by leaping at her, his arms drawn back, beginning to swing. The other man started toward the two of them.

Jessica hurled herself toward the man, easily ducking past his wildly swinging arms, extending her fingers like wolf claws, and raking them across the mans neck, drawing blood. Lots of blood. Her nails torn, her own fingers bleeding, she ignored the wounded man, and turned toward the third member of the group.

He wrapped his arms around her, lifted her off the ground as he kept running. They collided with the side of a house. Jessica felt her shoulder separate. She felt her ribs crack. The man bounced off her, dropping her to the ground.

The pain fueled her fire. She kicked with her legs, her feet connecting with one of his knees. She heard the sounds of tearing tendons and ligaments. She heard him howl in pain, and watched him fall to the ground, his hands clasping his knee.

Jessica struggled to her feet. She went back to the bag, and found a hammer. She turned back toward the men.

The three men fled. Staggering. One holding his neck, trying to keep his blood inside his body. She’d torn the veins on the side of his neck with her fingernails. The one with the destroyed knee hopped along, desperately trying to flee. The third tried to walk, but was still doubled over from the torture between his legs.

Jessica hunted them down. She swung the hammer, like a sword. She struck the head of the man with the broken knee, right behind his left ear. The hammer sunk in, with a sickening cracking noise. The man fell, his body twitching.

She caught the man with the wounded crotch next. Planting the hammer in his left eye, like she was hitting a baseball with a bat. He pitched over backward, limply falling to the ground, not moving.

She swung the clawed end of the hammer at the neck of the third man. The claws sank into his neck, and she yanked, as hard as she could, using all her body weight. The hammer tore loose, and the man’s blood gushed out. He collapsed to the ground, his hands clasping his destroyed neck, his life blood spurting out, spreading rapidly around him.

She returned to the first two men, and made certain they were dead. She watched the third stop moving as his blood stopped flowing.

The eagles in the sky circled the scene. As they did, they screamed, declaring to the world, she was remembering who she was. She was finding her heart, and soul.

#VisDare 43 : Memory

The eagles asked me to take Alice to a second place. As I did, Alice pulled me to a stop. “I can’t.”

I took both her hands in mine. “Why?”

“You don’t know, do you?”

I softly touched her cheek with my fingertips, as I closed my eyes. Alice pressed my hand against her face. And I saw her memories. She stood in the small glade the eagles told me about. She was much younger. I saw her speaking to a butterfly, her eyes closed, as she listened to the stories it shared with her.

I saw members of the horde pour through the walls of the glade, destroying it. I learned what they’d done to Alice that day. When she was just a child.

I’d seen enough. I kissed her. I held her.

“Alice. It’s time for things to change.”

She kissed me. “I’ve looked for you so long.”

150 Words

This is part 27 in the continuing story I’m working on for Angela Goff’s Visual Dare. Please read the other entries in this week’s Visual Dare challenge.

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#55WordChallenge : The Fence – Part 21

Before we could act, eagles fell from the sky, their talons and beaks seeking flesh and blood. A pack of wolves raced from behind the building, joining the eagles. And the strange man I’d seen days before was suddenly there. He gently picked up Alice and they were gone, over the hills, into the sun.

 55 words

This is part 21 of the serial story I’m working on for Lisa McCourt Hollar‘s #55WordChallenge flash fiction challenge. Please, go read all the other entries in the challenge this week. It’s flat amazing what gifted writers can say in just 55 words.

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#VisDare 39 : Adore

The next morning, after we’d eaten, Alice and I took a walk. We left Old Phoenix, and walked beyond the boardwalk, and the houses in the hills. We walked along the edge of the lake.

“Where are we going?” She squeezed my hand.

“Where the Eagles said I should take you.” I loved the way her hand felt in mine. I loved the way the sunlight brought out the color of her eyes, and the highlights in her hair.

As we walked beside the lake, an old woman came out of the brush, and watched us. “Who are you?” I asked.

She just smiled at me. “You are the one.” She bowed her head, then spoke to Alice, “He is the one.” She looked to the sky, “He is the one.”

All we heard was the piercing cries of eagles, though none were visible in the sky.

148 Words

This is part 25 in the continuing story I’m working on for Angela Goff’s Visual Dare. Please read the other entries in this week’s Visual Dare challenge.

#VisDare 30 : Basking

“Have you learned?” Alice’s voice drifted up to me.

I shook my head. She went back to the old man’s home to wait.

The old man said I had to strip everything away to learn, then ordered me to sit on the head of the lion, until I learned.

He told Alice, “He gets nothing. No food. No water. Nothing.”

The old man had said, “Sit”. So I sat. Through two sunsets, and two sunrises. At first, sitting on that giant bronze head hurt. But after a few hours everything went numb.

At moonrise on the third night, I learned. I heard the cats. I saw what they saw. The same for the birds, dogs, mice, rats, foxes, wolves and squirrels. I heard, and saw, everything.

At sunrise, an eagle landed on my shoulder. “Now, you understand,” It was my brothers, the eagles who helped me down.

147 Words

This is part 22 in the continuing story I’m working on for Angela Goff’s Visual Dare. Please read the other entries in this week’s Visual Dare challenge.

Fairies : Dragons, Wolves, Hawks, Eagles and Villagers

It was two weeks now since Mystica had rescued the little fairy girl she had named Fauna. It had been a wonderful two weeks for Fauna, and for the other fairy girls that she had rescued. After Fauna had arrived, all the animals began to come out into the clearing and play with the girls. They played hide and seek. Tag. And even “Marco Polo” in the lake. The best was watching them play “Simon Says”. Have you ever seen an Alpha Wolf play that?

Mystica had a dream the night before. When the white magic had spoken to her. And told her she would be visited by a group of people from the few villages that she had helped. The villages that helped her, and the children that she cared for.

While the girls were playing, with a few humming birds that were making letters in the air as Musica played her flute, that group of villagers arrived. They walked into the clearing from the north, where the river flowed out of the lake. Mystica met them, and welcomed them to her home.

The girls had set up a little table in the clearing, underneath the shade of a big old tree. There were drinks there, and lots of different berries you could eat. Blueberries. Blackberries. Strawberries. Raspberries. It was a very pleasant little table to spend time at. And that’s just what the visitors and Mystica did. Mystica was dressed in solid white. A white corset, tucked in snugly, highlighting the curves of her body. And a white skirt. Long and flowing. Almost reaching the ground. Her skirt had a single slit in it, that reached well up it’s length. And that slit showed off her leg very well indeed. Her hair was brushed out, so that it all ran down her back, reaching almost to her waist. She held her wooden staff, with the crystal ball on it. That staff was tall. So that the ball was well above her head.

She welcomed her guests, and offered them berries and drinks. Water from the lake. A nice herbal tea that she’d learned how to make. Pear and peach juices too. Her visitors graciously accepted the refreshments she offered them.

In a bit, they began to talk with Mystica. About the threats they had received from other villages. How the other villages had banded together, and were not demanding they they sever all their ties with Mystica and her friends. And if they didn’t, then their own villages would be attacked. They would pay for being friends with the White Witch.

Mystica spoke very calmly and reassuringly. Informing her friends from the villages that she had taken care of them before. And she would take care of them now. Then she turned and looked at Merlin.

And Merlin walked out of the blackness of the shadows of the trees. All the villagers got to their feet. They were very much nervous, and scared, to be so close to a dragon of any kind. Dragons, after all, were very dangerous things. And even though this one, when standing up, barley reached Mystica’s waist, they could all see the ancient power that Merlin commanded.

Merlin spoke, quietly, “As you have requested, my friend.” Then, he looked to the sky, and he screamed. His voice sounded just like sheets of metal being torn in half, time and time again. It instilled cold fear in the villagers. It was as if the sky, and the clouds both acknowledge that it was Merlin that was the source of the scream.

When the scream was done, the villagers were even more stunned. Because there was an answer. A scream from another dragon. A scream that was well known in the Northern Forests. The scream of the terrible dragon known only as Scream. It was followed by the sound of wings, throwing the air around. And then, by Scream himself, coming in low, just above the trees, right over the lake, and landing in the clearing.

The villagers were very much surprised when they saw Musica race across the clearing. They watched as Scream crouched down as low as he could, and extended his long neck. And they watched as Musica did her very best to hug that dragon’s neck.

Merlin spoke once more. In a quite voice that oozed the power of the black magic that was his. “Scream has agreed with my request. He, and the other dragons, will protect your villages.”

It wasn’t long at all before at least a half a dozen dragons flew over the lake, at least two dragons heading toward each of the villages that were friendly with the White Witch and her children. The villagers were shocked. Because they never thought that dragons would protect them.

And that’s when little Rose flicked her little wings, and floated across the clearing, right up to Mystica. “Momma,” she said. “The wolves, and the eagles, and the hawks have all said to me today that they’ll help take care of the villages too.”

Mystica had smiled. And at that time, an alpha wolf had walked into the clearing. Rose has spoken once again, “Hi, Mr. Wolf.” She’s flown right up to him, and scratched him right behind his ears. The alpha wolf had yapped, just like a dog would. And when he did, a full group of wolves, nearly 30 of them, stepped out of the trees.

Mystica had let the villagers know that the wolves would escort them to their homes, making sure they got there safely.

And so it was that the preparations for the coming battles with the villagers began. Mystica and her little girls had all agreed that they would take care of their friends in the villages that helped them. It was something new. Something the villagers had never expected. Something that had never happened as far as anyone knew. When villagers, dragons, fairies, hawks and eagles would all fight together.

For each of them knew in their hearts that Mystica was good. That she’d helped all of them. And now, they would help her too.