#FinishThatThought Week 2-11 : A Tale Of Wrath

Little did we realize that the peace and quiet of our country afternoon picnic was soon to be rudely shattered. We’d spread a tablecloth on the ground, set our basket down, and made ourselves comfortable. Elizabeth took out our drinks, a Sprite for me, a Diet Lime Coke for her.

“It’s beautiful here,” she smiled.

The lakeside field was a popular picnic ground. Thomas and his wife were next to the old oak. Sally and her two daughters were beside the lake, feeding the ducks. Young Bobby and his girl friend, Mary, were off to the side, excitedly learning how to kiss.

Everything was good. Until that moment, when a strange man walked into the field. I’d never seen him. He wore a trench coat, which struck me as strange. He didn’t speak to anyone. Looked like he had earphones in his ears, and was listening to music. He was talking to himself, but too far away for me to hear him.

The strange man stopped in the middle of the field. He looked around like he was making sure he knew where we all were. He pulled out a silver cross, kissed it, and opened his trench coat.

I saw guns. I saw him pulling them out. I saw him point the guns at people. I saw him shoot. Sally fell face first into the lake. The ducks scattered, flapping their wings. I knew they were noisey, but somehow, my ears weren’t working. Instead, I studied the details of their flapping wings as they moved in slow motion.

Sally’s two daughters fell, in slow motion, joining their mother in the water at the edge of the lake.

Bobby stood up, Mary’s mouth opened in a scream I couldn’t hear, and Bobby’s chest started changing color, as he collapsed to his knees, and fell backwards. Mary’s face changed, and she fell, the back of her head an ugly mess.

Thomas threw himself at his wife, knocking her to the ground. The strange man stepped toward them as the gun he held made several sharp, sudden motions. Thomas and his wife stopped moving.

Elizabeth had found her feet, and started running toward the trees, as something struck her back, causing her to move with a jerk, and she pitched face forward into the grass.

I never heard a thing, as I wondered why I was standing next to myself, looking at my blood leak from my body, discolor the ground.

The man stopped shooting. He put his guns back, knelt, bowed his head, and prayed, of all things, to God, then kissed his silver cross once more, and walked away, as if he’d done nothing.

That’s when I saw the demon in the man’s shadow. I watched the demon whisper in the man’s ear. “You’ve done well, child of God. Now, you must carry on the work I’ve given you. Cleanse the evil from the world.”

The man whispered, “In God’s name.”

Then everything was gone.

495 Words

I wrote this for Week 2-11 (Year 2, week 11) of Alissa Leonard‘s Finish That Thought. Please, go read all the creatively shared stories in this week’s challenge.

#TimonyChallenge, #DiabolicalDeeds, Day 1. Ammit

Anubis watched the images play out in the mist floating above the boiling cauldron. Watched as a human male took a walk through his neighborhood. He turned from the image to face Ammit. “We’ve lost that one. He won’t be returning.”

Ammit growled. ”How? How did we lose him?”

“He noticed the achroous world we guided the humans to create.” Anubis petted Ammit, carefully scratching the long bridge of her snout. “Not to worry, dear one. The corporate world the humans have made will continue to satiate your hunger other souls, for centuries to come.”

Ammit purred.

This is what escaped from my mind for the first day of ‘Timony Souler’s #DiabolicalDeeds flash fiction challenge. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Please read the short works of the other writers participating in this challenge. And enjoy your Halloween.

The Demon Within

I am starting to think
That every one of us
Has a demon
That lives inside of them.
And the only reason
No one knows
Is because most people
Learn to hide it
So it can’t be seen.

I have a fight tonight.
With my son.
The demon inside me
Cam out.
Into broad daylight.
It was very hard to miss.

I’ve been in therapy now
For quite a while.
Coming back from
Major Depressive Disorder
That was caused
By a single event,
And an unspecified

The effect that this has had
On my family
Is awful.
I can’t even imaging
How much it’s hurt
Both of my children.

How many children
See their father
Go through anything like
What I’ve been going through.

And even now,
Week after week,
There are new things
That I have to deal with.
Things that got buried
Many years ago.

As I’ve been healing
From the wounds
That caused my depression,
All these other things
That were buried
Years ago
Are coming out.

And I’m having to learn
How to deal with them.

One thing I do know.
That when such things
Are buried.
They don’t heal.
They grow.
They rot.
And they slowly grow.
Becoming the demon
That I now know
Lives inside of me.

And I wonder.
Knowing what I’ve learned
About where such demons
Come from.

And about how people
Bury things,
Instead of dealing with them.

How many people
Do I know
That have a demon
Living within them?