#MidWeekBluesBuster 12 : Sea Of Love

I sat on my towel, on the sand, watching the calm, blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Feeling the soft breeze flowing from the Gulf to the shore in the early morning, while the ground was still colder than the water.

I closed my eyes, and felt what little hair I had left moving in that breeze. I felt the sunshine on my face. I listened to the quiet, calm surf of the Gulf. I’d told her, once, it was like the Gulf was a giant swimming pool, with calm water, and peaceful waves.

Sitting there, it was like I could reach out, take her hand, feel her fingers interlace through mine, feel the warmth of her skin, the delicate, graceful lines of each finger. It was, of course, nothing more than a memory. I’d never see her again, at least, not in this world. No one would ever see her again.

She was gone. Beyond the veil of life. Where I couldn’t yet follow. Where I couldn’t yet reach.

But every year I returned to the Gulf. To her favorite strip of sand. She’d always loved it there. I used to watch her get up before the sun, spray herself down with insect repellent, and walk out to the shore in her swimsuit, barefoot, with nothing but an old Wal-Mart shopping bag.

I used to follow her out, taking a long, two-hour walk on the shore. I always saw her as I walked out and back. She’d be there, up to her ankles in the Gulf’s waters, peering into the sand, looking for shells. And I always loved to watch her. Such a simple thing, searching for shells at the beach. Most people would ignore her.

They never saw what I saw. The brilliant blue light shining in her eyes. A light that I could never see enough. A light connected to my heart. The gentle smile on her face that said everything in the world was OK. That made me feel alive.

Sitting on the sand every year, I always wished I could see her one more time. Watch her searching for shells, with her eyes so very much alive, and he smile driving away all the hurt and pain of the world.

I couldn’t. I knew that. She was gone.

All I could do was sit on the sand. And remember.

All the times we’d visited the Gulf. All the times I’d walked along the water’s edge with her, holding her hand in mine. All the times the world just went away, and left me alone with her. Happy. Every year I took long walks by the water. Watching the clouds and the calm, relaxing waves. Remembering the days my heart was still alive. The days my soul still cared for life.

Remembering her.

471 Words

Trying Jeff Tsuruoka‘s Mid-Week Blues-Buster flash fiction challenge again. Please, go read the other entries in the challenge.

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Fairies : Scream Waits

Scream was silent. He glided down from the sky, to the trees. Landing silently. Gracefully. He was much smaller than he’d once been. And far more deadly. With more speed than he’d ever had in his younger days. With a dragon fire that was hotter, and more accurate than it had ever been. He was a full-grown dragon. Second only to Merlin in all of dragon-kind.

Fiver other dragons were with him. Each dragon landed in the trees surrounding the village. A village of humans. Innocent humans. Humans that lead simple, honest lives. Caring for their neighbors. Helping each other when help was needed. Caring for their sick. Raising their young. Teaching them all they knew about the world.

They didn’t know. The people of the village didn’t know about the machines of the world called Cylinders. Didn’t know the machines protected them. Kept them safe. Didn’t know the machines had been on Cylinders for more than 25,000 years. Didn’t know the machines had created the fairies, the elves, the dragons. Didn’t know about the quantum mechanics the machines used to perform magic tasks. No. The humans only knew that there was magic in their world.

Scream’s heart ached. For he knew the humans would learn. Soon enough. They would learn everything. When the invaders arrived. And the war touched their lives. That’s why Scream was there. Outside that village. To fight the invaders.

Merlin had let everyone know when the invaders had arrived. Landing in their space ships. Bringing their weapons with them. Intent on extending their empire to another world. In the belief they were bringing order to the chaos of the galaxy.

The machines of Cylinders could have simply wiped the invaders out. Erased them from existence. But they didn’t work that way. Instead, they left fighting the invaders to the people of Cylinders. The dragons. The fairies. The elves.

Scream and his dragon friends took up their positions. And waited. The invaders would arrive. In the dark of the night. In the hours before the dawn. When the people of the village were asleep. That’s when Scream and his brothers would engage them. And destroy every one of them. They would protect the village. They would protect their world. The invaders would soon learn that Cylinders was not what it seemed.

And the people of the village would be safe. But forever changed. And that caused Scream’s heart to ache. Scream found fire burning in his soul. Ignited by the knowledge that the village would be forever changed. The world would be forever changed. It’s innocence lost.

For that, Scream would fight the invaders to his dying breath.

Fairies : Fauna’s Wild Magic – Full Version

[Author’s Note : This is the Flash Fiction piece re-done. With no word limit. Just so I can see what I have to learn yet about writing Flash Fiction. It’s a much different story when there are no limits on the word count.]

The sun rose. And as it did, the darkness faded from the room Fauna slept in. Her family knew she would rise with the sun, and then go outside. Alone. Even though she was only four years old. They knew too that she would be OK. That no one from the village would bother her.

Fauna was a fairy. No one would come near her. She was not one of them. She was someone to avoid. And if things went badly, and Fauna developed that fairy magic, she would be taken into the foothills. And left on her own. That was the only way to protect the people of the village once a fairy’s magic came to life.

Fauna rose with the sun. As the colors of the room came to life again, Fauna got out of her bed. She didn’t even bother to change into her clothes, keeping her little night-shirt on. She flexed the tiny, little wings on her back, taking the time to look at them in the mirror. Those wings had started growing about six months before. They had changed everything. All of her clothes. The way people treated her. The way her parents treated her.

Fauna knew she didn’t fit in. Everything just felt wrong. And she felt so lonely. Her friends, the other children in the village, had stopped playing with her. Stopped talking with her. That’s why she got up ever day at dawn. And took a walk to the river. So she could watch the animals as they came out of the forest to drink water from the river. Fauna loved to watch the animals. Especially the deer.

And the animals would talk with her. They didn’t run from her. They didn’t avoid her. She could stand in the open, and watch them. And they would watch her. She could drink water from the river, and they would watch, just like she’d watched them.

Then, there were the birds. The birds would fly right up to her. And land on the ground. And they would bathe in the river. Fauna would watch. She would sing to them, and they would sing to her. It was so much fun! She loved to visit the river ever day at dawn.

That morning, Fauna left her home in the village, returning to the river in the forest. She walked to the edge of the water. Where she always stood, or sat. And she waited. A deer came out, antlers on its head. Fauna loved how noble it looked. So regal, with those antlers on its head. The way it would stand, holding its head up high. Such a proud sight. Such a beautiful being. Such a beautiful life.

The deer walked to the river, bowed its head and started drinking. Fauna watched. The deer drank its fill, and then looked up. Looking right across the river, straight at Fauna. Fauna waved at the deer, and she smiled. “Good morning, noble one,” she said. “May I have a drink too?” The deer nodded its head. So Fauna knelt, and dipped her hands in the water, and scooped up some to drink.

That’s when the world changed again. She heard it. The sound of bows unleashing arrows. THWIP! THWIP! THWIP! THWIP! She heard the sound four times. Fauna dropped her water on the ground. It splashed. Getting her feet wet. She stood there, in shock. For across the lake, her friend the deer stood for a moment. Four arrows sticking out of its right shoulder. The deer looked at its shoulder. As it did, the light in its eyes turned gray. Then was gone. Fading to nothing. Fauna watched as the deer collapsed. It was dead before it had fallen to the ground.

Her friend the deer was murdered. Right before her eyes. Fauna began to cry.

Across the river, four men from the village came out of the woods. They were about 100 feet from the deer. Fauna had not seen them. They’d been hiding. Waiting. For the deer. They’d planned to kill it.

She watched, as the men walked along the edge of the river. They were laughing and patting each other on the back. One of them explaining, “He came to get a drink. But it would be his last.” He held up his bow, pulled the string, and let it go. His three friends laughed. Each of them making that same bow and arrow motion. “We got him!”

They did not regret at all what they had done. They celebrated it! Fauna watched, and could not help but see how proud, and happy, the four men were. Celebrating the murder they had just performed. How could they be so cold! So ruthless!

Fauna understood that people killed animals. For food. It’s how they stayed alive. She couldn’t blame them for that. And her parents always prayed, at every meal. Thanking life for the gift of the meat. Her parents at least behaved as if they understood that something had to die for them to eat. That a life was taken so that they could continue on.

But the men across the river. Fauna stood motionless, shocked to see the way they behaved. As if murdering her friend the deer had been fun. As if it was a sport. Something they didn’t have to do. But that they liked to do. And as she watched, she heard them talking. Of the other animals they’d murdered overnight. And how they were going to go back into the woods, and hunt down even more. And murder them.

They were killing for sport. For fun. Not for food. Not to stay alive. Or to keep their families alive. Or the other villagers. They were just killing, because they could.

With that understanding, Fauna’s shock at the murder of her friend, the proud and noble deer, turned to rage. It set fire to the blood in her veins. She began to cry. Tears flowing freely from her eyes. Hot tears. Of anger. And of rage. It was as if they were leaving trails of fire down her cheeks.

She knew what she wished. She wished each of those men would know what it was like to die, felled by an arrow. Needlessly. Senselessly. Like they had murdered her friend. Like they had taken away a life for sport. Not for survival! For sport!

Fauna held up her arms, as if she were holding a bow. She drew the bow back, and let it go. She did this four times. It only took a couple of seconds. Each time she drew her imaginary bow, and let an imaginary arrow fly, one of the men across the river learned what it was like to die. Murdered. Senselessly. For no reason. To have their life taken away by someone else. Unexpectedly. Randomly.

Each time Fauna drew that bow, and loosed an arrow, one of the four men fell to the ground. His heart pierced. By an arrow made of wild magic. Each time Fauna drew her bow, and fired, one of those four men died. Each one died standing. And then fell to the ground.

Fauna stood there for a bit. Looking across the river. “I’m sorry, my dear friend,” she said to the deer. “I’m so very sorry that they murdered you.” Still crying at the senseless murder of her friend, Fauna turned from the river, and walked back to her home. In the village.

So it was that on that morning, with the coming of the dawn, Fauna’s wild magic first came to life. And her wild magic would change everything for her.

Fairies : Sword (Part 3)

With the coming of the dawn, Merlin’s voice shattered the quiet of the forest. The sound of a metal sheet being ripped in half. Sword had never heard such a thing in all his days. But he figured it was OK. None of the girls seemed worried about it.

He watched as Mystica came out of her home in the trees on the far side of the lake. She stood there, on a branch, as if she was waiting for someone. And it wasn’t long before the shadows in the trees came to life. And a tiny dragon emerged. A black dragon. With teeth shaped like swords. And razor-sharp claws.

The dragon had landed next to Mystica. And the two of them had spoken for a time. Then Mystica was encased in a pale white glow, and floated quickly across the lake. By the time she landed in the clearing, all the girls had gathered in the clearing too. They were waiting for her. Sword decided to walk over to them. After all, this was the morning Mystica had said they would start the journey to take him home.

There was one of the fairy girls that Sword had noticed many times in his days at the lake. The little fairy named Rose. She couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. Maybe 6. And she could fly. Better than he could. Much better than he could. She could do everything a master flier could. Hover. Fly backwards. Upside down. Loops. Circles. Just off of the ground. Between trees. You name it. He’d never known a child fairy that could fly like Rose could.

As everyone had gathered in the clearing, Sword couldn’t help but wonder how such a group would possibly take him all the way across the forest, back to the ocean where he lived. It would be a journey of days for him and Mystica. But add in the girls, and that journey would get much longer. He knew that. But he wouldn’t say anything. It had been many weeks since he’d been in his home, the sea. If it took a few more days, he could live with that. And the girls had been very kind to him. Doing what they could to help him. He knew that. And yes, he was grateful to them. He knew he would not have survived without their help, and care.

As he was wondering how long it would take for an adult and a bunch of children to journey across the forest to the sea, he noticed shadows forming on the ground, and over the lake. And those shadows grew rapidly, becoming very large indeed. He looked up over the lake. And much to his surprise, three dragons were there, in the sky. Wings spread. Flying very rapidly indeed. Heading straight for the lake.

Sword recognized the first dragon. The biggest dragon of the three. The color of burnt charcoal. That was the dragon that had protected him. Watched over him. In the village on the sand. He watched that dragon, and the others, as they approached the clearing. The clearing wasn’t large enough for all three of them at once. So, one at a time, they landed. Starting with the big dragon. The dragon Mystical called Scream.

Sword watched as Musica, the oldest of the fairy girls, climbed up on Scream’s back. She took Fauna, and Dream with her. The three of them settled right down on that giant dragon’s back. As if they’d ridden on him many times before. And Sword realized exactly how they were all going to make the journey to the ocean. To his home.

They’d be riding on the dragons.

Oh, but he was going to have one heck of a story to tell everyone when he got home! Was he ever!

He watched as Scream took flight. And a second dragon landed. Sword was quit surprised by the color of that dragon. He’d never seen a dragon that was pale blue. It was a beautiful dragon, with eyes that shined just like diamonds. If diamonds were a brilliant blue. Or so Sword thought. Rose and Sunshine climbed aboard that dragon. And when they had seated themselves on the dragon’s back, that pale blue dragon took to the sky.

The third dragon landed. This one was the same color as a raging fire. Sword had never seen anything like that. A living creature that looked like living fire. And Mystica took him by the hand, and the two of them had climbed up on that fiery dragon. Soon they were airborne too.

That’s when Sword heard that sound again. The sound of metal being torn asunder. And with that sound, the dragons headed East. Across the forest. Toward the ocean. Toward his home.

Even with the dragons, it was a journey of three days. But that was OK. In that three days, he got to sleep above the ground. High up in the trees. He got to hear beautiful music, and beautiful songs, played by Musica. Those songs always seemed to calm him down. Reassure him that everything would be OK. He had marvelous dreams. Of being back in the sea. Swimming through it’s depths. Talking with the creatures of the deep once more. It was as if he’d returned home in his dreams.

And the sun shined down from above, on the three dragons, Sword, and his fairy friends, each of those three days. And Sunshine smiled and laughed so much on those three days.

Every now and then, the dragons would slow down, and Rose would take off. Flying from one dragon to the other. Checking on everyone. Sword never would figure out how she always had another rose to give to him. And it was amazing to see such a tiny fairy flying right next to the heads of such big dragons. Talking with them. Laughing with them. Smiling. And just having fun.

It took three days to reach the ocean. And honestly, Sword found he wouldn’t have minded at all, if it had taken three days more.

Close Your Eyes And Dream

I have said before
That I know
What I am meant to be.
What I want to be.
What I’m going to be.
The compassionate
Tender hearted Warrior.
One that hears the words
That his own heart
Speaks to him.

And tonight,
My heart has spoken
Once again.
About the way
A friend’s heart aches.
And the tears
Her soul cries.

So I say these words
For her.

Close your eyes my friend.
And Dream.

Dream of a strip of sand.
On a morning in the spring.
Just before the dawn.
Dream that you are walking there.
Down by the water’s edge.
With no socks and shoes on.
So that as the waves come in,
The water flows
Across your bare feet.
And between your toes.

Dream you are not there
Dream instead,
That he is there.
With you.
Walking by your side.
Holding your hand.
And that he won’t let go.

He brought you here,
To this strip of sand,
So early in the day.
To take a walk with you.
It’s a dream come true
For him.

To walk with you
Down by the water’s edge,
As the sun comes up,
And the colors of the world
Come to life again.

Every now and then,
As the two of you walk,
He draws you to a stop,
And you both look out to sea,
To the East.
At first,
There’s just a hint of light
Along the horizon.

But with each time you stop,
The light has grown stronger.
Until shades of pink,
And orange and gold,
Spread through the clouds.
And the colors
In the clouds
Rise above the ocean.
Up into the sky.

Then he stops
Once again.
And wraps his arms
Around you.
He holds you
While you watch
As the sun
Climbs slowly
From the ocean
And takes flight
In the sky again.

And that is when
You understand
The gift you are to him.
That he would bring you here
With him.
To watch the sun rise
From the ocean
To the sky.
And bring the colors
Of the world
Back to life.

Close your eyes,
Young one.
And dream.

That is what I wish for you


[Author’s Note: I wrote these words on Monday, 25 October 2010. These words have turned out to be prophetic, as if I knew then how things would turn out.]

I stand here.
In the middle of nowhere.
No one is around.
Nothing is around.
The ground is bare.
No trees.
No clouds.
No grass.
No animals.
No plants.

There is nothing here.
Nothing at all.

Everyone I knew.
Everything I knew.
Is all gone.

I stand here.

As I have always been.

I have done
What I could
To protect
My princess.
And the heirs
We have raised.
And I know
As I stand here
In this desolate

My princess
Is safe.
And I would kill
To keep her
That way.

The darkness
With the coming
Of the dawn.

And I walk
Once again.
In the light.

Into a new world.
Into a new future.
One I get to build.
From nothing.

The first dawn
Is the harshest.
The one
Where I don’t know
What to do.
And don’t know
What I want.
Or who I am.
Any more.

I have been here.
In such a desolate place.
Many times before.
And always,
I have found a way
To build a new life.
For me.
And my family.
And my princess.

One thing I have learned.
One thing I will change
In this new place.
In this new world.
In this new life.

The White Knight
Is dead.
It is his rules
And his ways
That have lead me

And now that he
Is gone.
I have to face
Once more
The same question
I have always faced.
When I stand here
In such a place.
Where my new life
In a new world

Who am I?

It is the answer
To this single question
That will determine
Everything I build
In this new land
I now walk in.

Every one
And everything
That was
Is gone.

But I have protected
My princess.
And my family.

And one other.
For I gave that one
My word.

And I know
As I walk
In this new land.
In this new place.

My word has always been
All I am.
And all I ever shall be.

And in time,
As I build
A new home.
In this new landscape.
I will bring them here.
From where I have put them.
From where they are safe.
And they can see
Just who it is
That I will have

Until then
I will know
That they are safe
And sound.
And whole.
From the destruction
That has been wrought
To everything
That was.

And now
I must start
Once more
To find an answer
To that single

Who am I?