“Write What Scares You, Part 2”

I recentely shared these words with a friend. Because. I knew my friend was especially disturbed by the events of the last few days, in particular the psychological assault on journalist Kurt Eichenwald (read about it here– unless, of course, your one of the millions who sees the link is to Newsweek, and believes everything Newsweek publishes is a flat out lie).

Humans. *head desk*

Just me. Checking on you once more.

Twitter. Ah. Twitter. The land of “I can scream louder, longer than you.” In many ways, all twitter is is a 140 character limited version of the early BBS and Chat Room systems. And those were cutthroat. There were reasons people had anonymous names. Not just to attack others with, but to survive the attacks of others.

Sometimes, people tell me the ‘net is a bad thing. That it drew out the worst in people. But, see? They’ve got that backwards. They get lots backwards. Think about it. What the ‘net does, what Twitter, and other sites do, is allow the darkness that lives inside a hell of a lot of people to have a voice. That’s not a bad thing, so much as a true and honest thing. On the ‘net, we see people as they really are. Not as they appear at work, or in person.

At work, you have people like those I used to work with. “You’ll never see me angry. I don’t get angry at work.” Ah, really? “This is not a place where you care about others. Keep you nose clean, and do your job.” Ah, really? “You can’t afford to care too much.” All things that have been said to me by people I’ve worked with. I could list thousands more.

So, yes. A Newsweek journalist got attacked on Twitter. And has received a zillion death threats. And, while I agree that’s not a good thing, I also declare it shows the truth of the country we live in. Right there. In black and white. For everyone to see.

The US is home to some of the most hate-filled, violent, petty, heartless, backwards people on the planet.

I am, as you may know by now, a baptized Southern Baptist. My father was a Southern Baptist pastor. My brother is an ordained Southern Baptist minister.

I walked away from a church in 2011. A church filled with normal people. Who all believed, to a person, the universe was only 6000 years old. Who all believed homosexuals were agents of Satan, to the point they agreed with the pastor when he declared he saw a man in a skirt, and wanted to throw up. Who all agreed there was not really anything like depression, and all you had to do was get right with God, and he’d fix your messed up thinking.

I kid you not, my friend. These people are real. And they are everywhere. I first became aware of their presence in 1975, when a fellow student in high school biology class made certain I knew he understood he had to memorize that biology crap, to get a passing grade, even though he knew from the Bible that none of it was true.

It is this kind of person, this “I know the truth, and am willing to fight for what I believe” kind of person that is revealed on the ‘Net. On Twitter.

You’ll notice I killed off my Twitter account months ago. I did that for a lot of reasons. We’re talking about some of them in this note.

Do you have any idea how many devoted Christians actually believe Islam is the religion of Satan? I could ramble on that for days. I’ll stick to one detail. The spreading of religion. See. The Christians hold nothing back when it comes to being Evangelical. “It’s in the Bible! Preach the word of God! The story of Jesus! Save the world!”

The humor? Same damn thing’s in the Islamic faith. Exact same thing. Same “spread our religion, spread our faith” directives.

And when it’s Christians doing the spreading, it’s the work of God. And when it’s Muslims doing the spreading, it’s Muslims trying to take over the world, and erase their religion, and their freedom to believe as they want.

*head desk*

And they can’t even begin to wrap their head around that reality. Trying to explain that to them is like trying to explain quantum mechanics to a concrete slab. Can’t be done. In some ways it’s worse. ‘Cause they’ll chastise you, and tell you how they’ll pray for you, and chase you from their presence, ’cause you’re testing their faith. The list goes on and on.

It’s awful that we have victims, like you shared yesterday. But. I’d rather have the victims, so we can all see the truth of the world we live in, than be blind to the truth, and wonder what the heck happened when everything comes apart.


*Head Desk*

#FlashMobWrites 1×04 : Here Comes The Rapture

“We always looked to the stars for redemption.” Blue shook her head. “For someone to save us from the daily fires.” I could tell she cried. “And one day, new stars appeared.” That was us. My humans, from my Earth. “They grew brighter each day.”

“It was us. I’m sorry.”

Blue rested her hand on my shoulder. “It was not you. It is not your fault. It is the fault of others.” She continued her story.


The stars grew brighter, and closer. We rejoiced. God the Father had sent his angels, his people, to rescue us. To take us to heaven. Where we would live in peace. Where we would love each other. Help each other. Where we would build a new world.

We gathered, thousands of us, as we watched the stars grow, watched them become ships, sailing through the vacuüm of space. Angels from Heaven. We watched the ships grow closer each day.

On the day they arrived, thousands of us gathered to watch the first ship land. We watched purifying fire from it scorch the earth where it would land. We waited. Until doors opened. Until a strange bipedal being, so very tall, walked out, with a flag, and a book. A dozen more like him surrounded him. They guarded him. Protected him.

We heard his words, in a language we did not know. “In the name of God, the Father, and his son, Jesus the Christ, we establish this foothold on another lost world. We commence the process of bringing another world from darkness into the light.”

He shoved the post holding the flag into the ground. He waved at the other angels around him. They faced us. They drew strange sticks from their clothing. They waved them at us. Beams of light slaughtered hundreds that day. And the man who planted the flag proclaimed, “Here comes the rapture, to yet another lost world. We shall cleanse this world, and bring it into your holy fold, our Father. Amen.”


I knew the truth. They were Christians, from my world, my Earth. Spreading through the galaxy. Hell bent on rescuing the planets everywhere from the hands of the devil. Cleansing one planet at a time, bringing it into the fold of Christianity.

“It’s why we’ve come, Blue.” I place my hand on her shoulder. “It’s why I’ve come.”

She looked at me. Her eyes filled with so many deaths. So much loss.

“We’re going to stop them.”

412 Words

I wrote this in response to the prompts and song for this weeks #FlashMobWrites Flash Fiction challenge. The weekly challenge is hosted by Ruth Long and Cara Michaels. Please, go read all the stories in this week’s challenge.

Inconsistent Things

I promised someone I’d start a list of the things I’ve observed in social settings, normal, day-to-day settings, that my Autistic mind finds incomprehensible, and totally irrational. This is that list. It will grow over time, as I find the words to describe things.1. Weekly driving patterns. By this I mean, Monday through Friday, there’s pure chaos. It’s like everyone’s in a NASCAR stock car race. “I have to get where I’m going now!” The speed limit gets ignored. Sometimes, stop lights get ignored. It’s as if the caution light is a signal to floor it so you can get through the intersection without having to wait for the light to cycle back to green. Then, we have Saturday and Sunday. When the same people (I know this. I’ve tracked dozens of license plates on vehicles) that drive so aggressively on Monday through Friday drive as if the speed limit is too absurdly high. They transition from “Get out of my way, you idiot!” to “What the heck is your problem?” in how they drive. Monday through Friday, they drive 50, 55 and more MPH in a 45 MPH zone. Saturday and Sunday, they may get to 40 MPH in the same zone. If they feel like it. Sometimes, 35 and 30 seem to make them happy.

I don’t get it. At all.

2. The Speeders. By this I mean, the people who live in a neighborhood (Pick one. Yours, mine, theirs. Any neighborhood. Anywhere.) Ever notice how they get so angry at their neighbors, and at visiting people, when those people exceed the 25 MPH speed limit of the residential area? Ever notice how those same people routinely top 30 MPH on those same streets? Kind of like, “The speed limit applies to everyone but me!” They scream and whine about how there are children in the neighborhood that play in the streets, and those people racing through are endangering them. Then, they turn right around and race through the same streets.

I don’t get it. At all.

3. Politics. I still wonder how many people voted for George W. Bush to stay in office for his second term, and then spent the entire four years of that term pointing out how unpopular he was. How many voted to keep him in office that did not approve of his policies in Iraq and Afghanistan? How many voted to support his economic policies, blame everyone else for the budget disaster that has occurred. And blame everyone else for the financial market collapse that occurred in 2008, during his second term? And how many of those same people place the fault for our economic problems, and the country’s debt on the unfortunate president that came along behind him, and inherited the train wreck? It’s as if people draw lines in the sand, and break history into 4 year blocks that are completely independent of each other, even though they’re not.

I don’t get it. At all.

4. Diversity. What a topic. I wonder how many “diversity supporting” people add an unspoken sentence to the words, “I support a diverse workplace.” The unspoken words being, “So long as no one in it upsets me, pisses me off, makes me uncomfortable, is openly gay, is openly Islāmic, is openly different from me in any way.” Yep. That’s the definition of diversity, isn’t it?

I don’t get it. At all.

5. Christians. Ah, Christians. I could say so many things. I’ll stick with just one for now. “Love thy neighbor”. Unless thy neighbor is a fag. Then shoot the bastard. “Love thy neighbor.” Unless thy neighbor is a Muslim. Then shoot the bastard. “Love thy neighbor.” Unless they neighbor rides a big ass chopper, dresses in leather and chains, has a Mohawk. Then, do anything you can to keep away from him, and his kind. Evil, evil, evil people, those kind. To be avoided at all costs. “Love thy neighbor.” Unless he walks into your church on Sunday morning in sandals, old, dirty jeans, a white t-shirt that’s got stains on it, and maybe a couple of torn areas, looking like he hasn’t shaved in days, with hair that needs washing, and a funky smell, from where he’s been living on the street, ‘cause he can’t find a job. Yep. You got it. Shoot that bastard. At the least, avoid him like he’s a leper. “Love thy neighbor.” Unless he’s contracted HIV from taking intravenous drugs using dirty needles. Cause everybody knows you get HIV from being a homosexual. And all homosexuals must die.

I don’t get it. At all.

And for now, I’ll stop at 5. There are more. But I’ve written enough.