#AtoZ2016 : U Is For Useless

I feel it again.
That sinking feeling.
That hopeless feeling.
The one you get when you try.
And you fail.
When you want to do something
So badly,
So desperately,
And it’s useless to try.

I want to write.
I want to craft magic with words.
To tell a little story.
And find a way to make it funny.
Something to laugh about.
Something to make me feel

But I find no words.
I sit here,
In this stupid chair.
And I stare at a blank screen.
My hands type junk on the keyboard.
Endless junk.

And I delete it all.
And I try again.
And I get 100 words.
Maybe 200.
And I hate them all.
I’d love to burn them.
To print them out,
Then set fire to the paper they’re on.

And I delete them again.
And again.
And again.

Until I stare at my screen.
And my fingers stop moving.
And I know.
I won’t write a damn thing.
Not one word.

And that feeling smothers me.
Crushes me.
Leaves me prone,
Bruised, crushed and bleeding.
And wondering why I try.
Why I put myself through this.


I’m not a magician.
I’m not God.
I can’t make something
From nothing.
No mortal can.

And when I can breathe.
When the feeling withdraws.
When it says I’ve had enough,
And leaves me alone.

Then all there is
Is emptiness.
A hollow me.
A shell.

With nothing left inside.

And my heart screams into that
Hollow world.
That hollow me.
“You failed again!”

And I know it’s true.
I failed.
No stories came.
No words formed.
Nothing wound up on the page.

And perhaps,
This time,
It was useless to try.

Useless to struggle.
Useless to pretend.

On nights like this,
When no words are there.
And no dreams happen.
It’s useless to pretend
I can write.

And all I can do
On a night like tonight,
Is wait.
And try again.
On another day.

And so,
I surrender.
And collapse.
Into the rubble
Of a day of lost

A day when I was so worn out.
So damaged
From life.
I had no words to say.
But I had to try

Even though I knew the effort,
The time I spent in trying,
Wouldn’t mean a thing.
Except to remind me once again.

It’s useless
To try.

It’s April 25th, and the A to Z Challenge for 2016 is in it’s last few days. Only 5 more letters to write stories for this month.

Please, go explore the A to Z Challenge, and the sites of others who are participating in this adventure.



I sit alone.
In the dark.
Just me,
And a blank screen.

I remember once,
When it was paper.
A blank page.
And I held a pen,
Filled with ink.

That’s what it’s always come down to.
And a blank page.
And too many stories
Left untold.

I wonder sometimes if I’m fighting.
Fighting against everyone
Who says I can.
Everyone who says
I’m good enough.
And more than good enough.

And I wonder,
Can you be good at anything,
If you never finish?

I sit alone.
In the dark.
Before a blank screen.
And I know of so many stories
But never finished.
To never be shared.
To never see the light of day.

There is now why.
There is no explanation.
There is no reason.
At least,
None I’ve ever learned to explain.
None I’ve ever figured out.
None I’ve ever understood.

I only know this truth.
I’ve never finished anything.
Not one story.
No matter how short.

So I sit.
In the dark.
Just me.
And a blank page.
And I know I’ll fill it.
Words will flow.
They always do.

But once they flow.
They’re gone.
Out of my reach.
Trapped in time.
Half written.


And sometimes I stop wondering.
Sometimes I stop dreaming.
Sometimes I stop hoping.
And I know.

Unfinished is all they’ll ever be.