#TimonyChallenge #DiabolicalDeeds, Day 4 – Sthenno

The saccadic motion of Sthenno’s snakes woke her. They never spoke, preferring to sussurate. But they did move. They did wake her. And awake, she heard their whispers. “Men are near. Men are near.”

Sthenno hated all men. Gods. Demigods. Mortal. That bastard, Poseidon. She hated him most of all. The things he’d done to her sister, Medusa. Then, blaming Medusa for his infidelity. Athena had taken her jealousy out on Medusa and her sisters.

Sthenno would never forgive men for that. She would destroy them all. One by one. Until they could hurt no one ever again.

This is what escaped from my mind for the third day of ‘Timony Souler’s #DiabolicalDeeds flash fiction challenge. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Please read the short works of the other writers participating in this challenge. And enjoy your Halloween.