The 26th SatSunTails : Marie And Claire

Rebecca Clare Smithholds the SatSunTails flash fiction challenge every weekend. She

The SatSunTails

makes it challenging. And I always try to write something. This past weekend, I was declared the challenge winner, which is always an honor, and a surprise. Thank you, Rebecca, for letting me share the words I write. Go read the other entries in the challenge. I have, and I enjoyed all of them.



The Picture Prompt for the 26th SatSunTails Flash Fiction Challenge.

Marie and Claire had a fight a few weeks ago. About me, of all things. Claire stormed out of their apartment that night. They’d lived together for eight years and they’d stopped talking with each other because of me.

I had to fix that.

I knew all I had to do was get them to talk to each other. Touch each other. Trust each other. I knew that would set the embers of their passion for each other ablaze . So, I put together a plan. I “kidnapped” them. Then stripped them and tied together in several hundred yards of rope. I dumped them on a chaise lounge in their own apartment. Hung a few decorations, so they wouldn’t know where they were. Then I left.

I considered staying and watching, lecher that I am. But, I decided they deserved privacy. I knew they’d work things out.