#ThursThreads Week 529 : I Can’t Let You Fall Alone

When we were growing up, we’d always wanted to be astronauts, exploring the planets and their moons. That’s how we wound up walking on Miranda, working on a detailed mineral inventory for one of SpaceX’s mining companies.

“It’s a pretty view, isn’t it?” Donna paused and looked over the edge of the Verona Rupes.

“Yep. 20 kilometers. It’s a long way down.”

She laughed. “I want a better view.” I watched as she walked right along the edge of the cliff.

“Not a great idea, you know. There could be loose rock.”

“I’ll be careful.” She continued walking along the edge.

Until she found the loose rock, which gave way under her foot, and I watched as she pitched forward, over the edge of the cliff.

“Well, damn…” That’s all I could say. If she’d fallen on any Earth, or Mars, I’d have waved bye to her, and called for a team to come fetch her remains. But this was Miranda.

I walked off the cliff after her.

“Damn-it, woman! You know damn well I can’t let you fall alone! It’s a long damn walk back!”

I wondered how long it would take to reach the bottom. I’d never fallen in such weak gravity before.

All Donna could say was, “Oops. Sorry. Good thing the suits recycle the air.”

“Maybe we can try to catch something on the cliff, and stop our falls?”

Donna laughed. “Where’s the fun in that?”

240 Words

It’s Week 529 of #ThursThreads, hosted by Siobhan Muir. Please go read all the stories in this week’s #ThursThreads. They are always fun to read. And there are some great writers who show up every week.


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