#ThursThreads Week 515 : You’re Telling Me This Now?

“I’ve never been in the forest at night,” Rose sat on her crescent moon shaped boulder as it silently glided down the path the trees opened for it. “It will be fun to see what the night is like.”

She tried her best to be quiet, to not sing, to not talk to herself, or to the trees, or the stars, so she could hear the sounds of the forest. It was a stop and go journey. Every time she heard something, the boulder stopped moving, and Rose looked around, and tried to find what she’d heard.

There were lots of field mice roaming the floor of the forest, hidden under the brush. She saw an owl circling overhead, its eyes scanning the ground, looking for prey. She watched as it found a mouse, and dived, almost soundlessly, to capture it, then it flew off.

A couple of foxes came out of the woods, and looked at Rose and her boulder. They cautiously circled her, from a safe distance. Rose spoke to the wild magic, “Language,” and the magic responded and translated everything the foxes said to each other into words Rose could understand.

“What is that?”

“A fairy. A young one at that.”

“Don’t they sleep at night? In houses?”

“Yes. This is strange.” The fox on the left stood on its hind legs and twitched its ears. “Wild magic! She can hear us!”

The other fox screamed, “You’re telling me this now?” and raced back into the forest.

250 Words

It’s Week 514 of #ThursThreads, hosted by Siobhan Muir. Please go read all the stories in this week’s #ThursThreads. They are always fun to read. And there are some great writers who show up every week.


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