#Perspectives : Part 3, Chapter 1

John walked the halls of his family’s underground home, completely safe, and protected from the chaos at the surface. He walked because he always thought more clearly when he walked.

It had taken some doing, and a lot of planning, and hard work, but he and the others had accomplished what they’d set out to do. They’d solved their problems, and someday soon, their families could return to the surface, at least for a time.

He had forgotten what the sun felt like as it warmed his body. Oh, the Virtual Reality systems were good, the families had made damn sure they would be. But they were only VR. Not real. The breeze was managed by a vast array of tiny fans That covered the walls, floors, and ceiling. The human eye could not see them, but they were there. Everywhere. They’d been carefully programmed, and crafted, and tuned, to cause the air in the VR room to flow, like it actually flowed on the surface.

It was the same with the sounds, the temperature, the weather, sunrise and sunset. Micro Electro Mechanical Systems technology at its best. At times, with the contact lenses in his eyes, he actually believed he was walking on a beach somewhere on the Atlantic seaboard. He could even smell the ocean air, and taste the salt on the breeze, and feel the sand as it blew along the ground.

It wasn’t real. But it was good enough. It helped him, and the others, remember what they were doing.

He thought of the chaos hundreds of feet above his head. The biological weapons God’s Army was using against its enemies. Weapons the families had designed, and provided, to God’s Army. How very simple they were, never questioning where the weapons came from, how their science teams developed them, or tested them. Yet unquestioningly they used them to kill millions.

The automated war machines of the American nation, unified against God’s Army. How they carpet bombed entire cities, entire countrysides, in a desperate effort to stop God’s Army. A desperate effort to survive. How they never questioned where those war machines came from, how they’d been developed, how they were so effective, so efficient, at killing. How the American nation used them relentlessly, desperately.

It was exactly as the families had planned. John smiled. It was a good management plan. Necessary for the growth of the families, and the recovery of the planet.

He found it striking how the humans drew no distinctions among themselves. How they all believed they were humans. One race. One species. It was as if they’d classified Orangutans, Chimpanzees, Monkeys, and Apes as one generic group, one branch of the tree of life. Classifying all humans as the same made no sense, and was anything but true.

The families knew. There were multiple branches of the human animal tree. Caucasian, Mongoloid, Negroid, and a few other, less populous branches. And despite how the human race claimed all were equal, and all belonged to a single species called Homo Sapiens, their behavior demonstrated it wasn’t true. The hatred, mistrust, and millennia long history of the human animal tree illustrated that. The endless enslavement of Negroids by Caucasians, The religious wars between Caucasians, and Mongoloids. The differences in Western and Eastern philosophy, and religion. The social differences between the species. They all provided clear evidence the human race, Homo Sapiens, didn’t exist.

The families had always happily let the races believe whatever they wished. They knew the truth.

The families had evolved. They’d left the tree. Become their own branch. The evolved, advanced, future humans. Much like the humans had evolved beyond the apes, the families had evolved beyond the humans.

In the families, everyone knew their purpose. The men ruled. Period. It was a genetic fact. The women ruled at the family level. Again, a genetic fact. Men had the chromosomes of strong group leadership. The genetics to rule. Women had the chromosomes of matriarchs, strong mothers who raised strong families.

In the families, everything made sense, everything happened for a reason. Marriages were always arranged. And always by men, for the leadership, and betterment of the families as a whole. Families were managed by women, always, for the growth, and strengthening of each family.

It was the natural order of life.

Men and women were not equal. Never had been. Never would be. They were two different beings. Each had different strengths, different gifts. It was for the best of all that those gifts, those abilities, be utilized properly.

John found it stupefying how the humans believed they were all equal. How each individual was of the same value, the same worth. It made no sense at all.

He arrived at the conference room. Its walls were covered in displays. Flexible Optical Light Emitting Diodes. Transparent. They could display anything. Pictures of the surface provided by orbiting satellites, and the automated machines the humans happily put to work everywhere.

It was time for the daily meeting, where the families assessed the progress of their plan, and refined its details. Determined if any specific actions needed to be taken on the surface to ensure their objectives were met.

Even the humans knew what it was. They had a name for it. Human Resource Management. John laughed at that, as he wondered how the humans couldn’t understand their own language, their own terms. Human Resource Management. The management of the human resource. It was right there, in all their marketing and business texts. Each of their companies had its own Human Resources branch. And still, the humans didn’t actually manage themselves. They’d watered down the entire concept, turning it into an employee mental health activity, more than a resource management activity.

He laughed again. Humans were shockingly stupid. And shockingly proud. And a near perfect resource.

John sat down at his conference table in the meeting room. It was time for the meeting to start. He wondered how the other families would react to his plan to correct the problem of the strong military presence in the Hampton Roads sector. That sector could not be allowed to escape unscathed. It had to be pruned, cleaned. The humans had severely overpopulated that sector, and were rapidly destroying all biological resources in it. It was time to correct that problem, and restore the balance of nature to that area.

John waited patiently for the conference to begin.


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