#Perspectives : Part 2, Chapter 3.

Every Sunday, John Paul went to church. Rain, or shine, hot, or cold, it didn’t matter. John Paul had gone to church all his life. He knew Jesus died to save him from his sins. He knew he needed the fellowship of other Christians, people who knew the truth of this life, as he knew the truth.

It was at church, on another Sunday, the pastor, a true man of God, a leader of God’s people, a shepherd for God’s flock, said those true words yet again. “Transgender people are a lie. An abomination. They are members of Satan’s minions, who spy on good Christian men, women, and children, in public restrooms, in locker rooms, in beach swim houses. They are evil men who want to wear women’s clothing. Sick women who want to usurp the power God has given men. Disturbed men who want to have sex with other men.”

The pastor had carried on through his entire sermon that day, as he had countless other Sundays. John Paul agreed with every word. The pastor cited verse after verse of God’s word, the Holy Bible, that told how evil those people were, and John  Paul nodded his head. He’d never read the Bible, but he knew what was in it, knew what it said about those sick people, those spawn of Satan.

That Sunday evening, John Paul had talked with his bunkmates in training about those demons, and they’d all agreed, something needed to be done to protect the good, honest Christian people from such beings. John Paul had found his Sergeant In Arms and asked what God’s Army could do, and would do, to protect God’s people from those evil, sick, Satan lovers who called themselves transgender people.

He remembered the answer forever. It rang in his head when he slept. “We cleanse the world of them.”

John Paul didn’t have to be told what that meant.

When he returned to his bunk, he shared what he’d been told. That night, all six of the men in that bunkhouse decided it was time. Time to start saving good Christian people from Satan’s demons.

The next night was a Monday night. John Paul and Michael got dressed in their best suits, and planned to do God’s work. John Paul slipped his Tisas into his shoulder holster, and made sure it was well concealed. Michael did the same with his Springfield. Then, they left the compound and went into the nearby city, where they wandered from bar to bar, hunting Satan’s minions.

They found plenty of them in a bar that catered to homosexuals, another breed of Satan’s demons. There were several couples there, they looked like men and women, like normal couples. John  Paul and Michael watched those couples and tried to discern if the women were real women, or fake women.

They watched them kiss each other at the bar. Watched them hold hands. Watched them flirt with each other. They waited. Until one of the women went to the restroom. John Paul followed her into the room half a minute later, and Michael stood outside the door. No one seemed to notice.

John Paul observed there were three stalls in the restroom, no urinals. The woman was in the middle stall. John Paul didn’t ask. He broke the stall door to gain access. The woman was sitting on the toilet, and she was really a man. She had all a man’s body parts.

The Satan spawn looked up at John Paul, as he drew his Tisas, aimed it at the demon’s head, and pulled the trigger twice. As the demon died, John Paul bowed his head, “In the name of the Father, and the Son.” He holstered his gun, and left the room, as others came running to see what was going on. In the brief time it took for them to figure out what had happened, John Paul and Michael had left.

They told the Sergeant what they’d done that night. He nodded his head, “You boys have done the right thing. There’s one less demon in this world tonight, thanks to your actions.”

If John Paul had anything to do with it, there’d be a lot more demons wiped from the face of God’s Earth. If John Paul had anything to do with it, America would become God’s land once again.


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