#SwiftFicFriday Week 111 : It Would Make It Worse

Boreas watched as Zeus bellowed, “She’ll pay for this! She will!”

He knew from countless similar outbreaks, he couldn’t calm Zeus down. The best he could do was limit the damage Zues did. “I see she lives in the country called Brazil. Should we make it snow there?”

“No! That won’t inflict enough misery on her!”

“May I ask what she did?”

“She said no!” Zeus, being Zeus, didn’t take no as an answer very well. “All I wanted was to paint her naked, and then sleep with her, and she said no!”

It wasn’t the first time someone said no to Zeus. Boreas was party to all kinds of weather disasters as a result. Like the one a year earlier, in Texas, where 700 or so people died, and the entire Texas power grid pretty much collapsed, because a pretty human had called Zeus ugly, and told him she’d rather bang a pickle.

Zeus had not responded kindly to that.

Boreas pondered suggestions that could limit the damage, and reduce the number of humans who died from Zeus’s fit of anger. He realized he’d taken too long when Zeus bellowed, “Lightning! We’ll make a big ass fire! Burn her home down! Burn down everything she cares about!”

He knew it was not possible to calm Zeus at that point. No suggestions would work. It would make it worse for humans. And Zeus continued screaming, “Set all of Brazil on fire!”

All Boreas could do was watch as Zeus lobbed lightning bolts into Amazonian forests, until he triggered a huge series of wildfires in the Amazon rain-forest. As he watched the fires, he hoped the human women learned not to tell Zeus no. Banging him might be unpleasant, but it had to be better than dealing with his anger.

300 Words

It’s Week 111 of #SwiftFicFriday, hosted by Katheryn Avila. I’m still wondering what the heck is going on with this story. There seems to be only one way for me to find out. Anyway. Please go read all the entries in this week’s #SwiftFicFriday. They are always fun to read. And there are some great writers who show up regularly.


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