#Perspectives: Part 2, Chapter 2

God’s Army had kept their word. Three days later they’d arrived at his home, and welcomed him into their ranks. They prayed, “Father, we welcome another Christian into your family, may you continue to bless him, and his family, and guide him in the days ahead.”

John Paul had lifted his duffle bag, with what clothing he needed, pulled his AR-15 over his shoulder, and lifted his second duffle bag that contained his two survival knives, two handguns, and every last bit of ammunition he had of any kind.  His wife gave him a brief kiss good-bye, and said, “Stay safe, and come home.”

With that, John Paul had climbed into the God’s Army bus, and began his journey.

He slept in a barracks, with seven others, like himself, who believed it was time to do something to stop the descent of their country into hell, and return people to the ways of God, the ways of faith and righteousness.

Each day, they practiced the ways of an army, cleaning and caring for their weapons, using their weapons properly, how to adjust their weight, get their balance right so it was easier to aim them. How to align the barrel and the gunsight. How to aim them, and shoot them, without missing. The supply of ammunition never ran out.

They studied the use of survival knives, including how to use them in preparing food, and how to use them to defend yourself against one of Satan’s minions. Where the organs were in the human body, how to damage those organs, and incapacitate, and kill those opposed to God’s ways, those who attacked God’s people.

The training was intense, strenuous, and exhausting. John Paul slept like the dead for the first couple of weeks. He hurt all over. But it was good. He knew if he stuck with the training, his body would adjust, and he’d become the strong man of God he needed to be.

God’s Army had two flags, the flag of their country, with its 50 stars and 13 stripes, and the flag of God. With Jesus on it, his hands raised, light surrounding him, as he spoke, “There is a time for war.”

Franklin, Stephen, William, Michael, Jordan, Peter, and Moses were his barracks mates. They all came to God’s Army for the same reasons he’d come. To stop the fall of the country, to stop the spread of the evils of homosexuality, that transgender lie made up by Satan, and planted in people’s minds, the notion that men and women were equal, which the Bible clearly said wasn’t true, and so many other things that flew in the face of everything they read, everything they believed, from the words of the holy book. God’s words.

They spoke, many times at night, of the thieves of the government, how they robbed from those who worked hard, and gave everything to the lazy, the undeserving. How they took hard earned freedoms from those who’d earned them, and handed those freedoms to those who hadn’t earned a thing, and then expected those hard workers to earn their freedoms again.

They spoke of the spread of machines, and how people were going lazy, and letting the machines do all the work, with the companies, and the government, printing money that didn’t exist, and giving it away to people who hadn’t bothered to learn any skills they could use to earn a living. How far too many people had stopped trying to earn a living, and expected the government to take care of them, feed them, clothe them, give them houses.

How it was all going to hell. How people were becoming entitled, greedy, selfish, and uncaring, and always wanted more. More sex, more drugs. How that lifestyle led to men sleeping with men. It was one thing for a woman, a wife, a lover, to perform oral sex on her man, but it was something else, something wrong, for another man to do that. How a man could have anal sex with his woman, but how it was so wrong for a man to have such sex with another man. How it was OK for women to sleep with women. There wasn’t anything against that in the Bible. And it was great fun to watch.

How women were supposed to dress for their men, take care of their men, the head of the family. And how men were supposed to care for their women, the body of their family. How women weren’t supposed to up and leave, because a man did something they didn’t like. How it was up to God to punish a man if he didn’t properly care for his family. Not up to some government to dictate how a man should behave, when he couldn’t slap a woman for being stupid. When he could and couldn’t screw the woman he’d married.

They all agreed. The country was totally screwed up, and needed to be fixed.

And they trained. They practiced with their weapons, they studied hand-to-hand combat, they studied basic martial arts, they practiced with knives, with guns, with anything they could use as a weapon.

They also studied infrastructure, sewage systems, water systems, electrical systems, networking systems, fiber optic, copper wire, and wireless systems, broadcast systems, transportation systems, electric charging systems, power generation systems. They studied all of it. They learned the basics of how to disable such systems. To cause chaos, to disable the ability to stop them from bringing the country back to the ways of God. To break down the society that was corrupt, and that grew more corrupt each day.

They became God’s soldiers, members of God’s Army. They became ready to fight. Ready to change the world. To save the world. From Satan’s minions.

And every night, they prayed, they asked, they begged, for God’s guidance in the days and weeks ahead. So they could, and would, do the work he wanted them to do.

Until the day it was time for them to join the fight.


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