Targeting Sundays.

This is going to be a brief note. It’s 2022. It’s been 6 if not 7 years since I wrote the initial draft of three parts of a larger story. An ugly story. A violent story. A story where, in the United States alone, nearly 200 million people die in a civil war.

At one point, I debated trying to publish the three parts. Having reviewed the requirements to do so, I decided to never publish it. It seems I don’t mix well with marketing, and business.

Now, in the past couple of months, since I walked out of the working world, I’ve decided I can put the story here. On my blog. One little piece at a time. 2/3 of the story have never been edited, reviewed, cleaned up. I’ll work my way through doing that before I post those parts. But, the story will not be finalized. It will not be ready for publication.

It will be a first draft.

I plan to post a small section of the story, each Sunday, until all three parts are here, on this blog. I also plan to work through the fourth section, one I didn’t know I needed to write when I started this story in 2015/2016. One that currently doesn’t exist, even in an outline, or a framework.

I’ll start with today, 02 January 2022, and continue on each Sunday, until I’m finished.

Read it if you wish. Ignore it if you wish. It’s just something I need to finish the words to.



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