When The Baby Has No Bowels At Birth

There are things I always have to ask, always have to think about, always wonder about. Like this one, for example.

I have a cousin, I won’t name him, but he’s within two years of my age, and he has daughters. One of his daughters recently gave birth to a baby boy. The baby boy was born with his bowels outside of his body. His bowels are dead. The baby can’t digest food of any kind, and is dependent on intravenous feeding. Obviously, the baby can’t survive by conventional means.

After a couple of months, there is an option to try to keep the baby alive. It’s not an inexpensive option, and there is no guarantee it will work. In fact, there is a high probability it won’t work, and the baby will die.

The option requires the baby, and baby mother, to be flown across the country to a specialty hospital that has baby bowels available, and can attempt to transplant at least some bowels into the new baby.

The family has some insurance, but not enough. And Medicaid has declined to fund the procedure. Statistically, as I have indicated above, the procedure is high risk, and does not have a good chance of being successful. From a financial perspective, where managing risk, and limiting losses and failures are concerned, the Medicaid decision makes sense. It’s likely the baby will die even if the surgery is performed, and is a success.

The result is, the family is now trying to raise the money for the surgery, in an effort to give the baby any chance at all of surviving, knowing that even with the surgery, the baby might not survive.

I bring this up because of thoughts. In particular, about the abortion rights question, and about the topic of giving every unborn baby a fighting chance. In particular, I ask the question, what would you have done, and what would you do?

That the baby was born with his bowels outside his body says much about prenatal care, and well baby checkups during the pregnancy. In particular, it says that the checkups and care were not performed adequately. Given the current capabilities of ultrasound systems, and other imaging technologies, it would have been, and should have been, obvious during the development of the baby, over the course of his mother’s pregnancy, that this was a problem.

Instead, due to the costs of such care, and the limits of insurance in the country, the state of the baby was not known until the baby was born.

Had the condition of the baby been known, what would have been the appropriate action or actions to take to correct the condition. Would it have been possible to perform in-vitro surgery on the baby to open the baby up, and move the bowels back inside the baby, to allow them to develop? Or, would it have already been too late, as the bowels, outside the baby’s body, died, having been cut off from blood flow, and the protection they would have had inside the baby’s body?

If it became apparent during the pregnancy that the baby would be born with no bowels, and would die without surgery that had a low success rate, what would have been the best option for the family, for the mother?

I am left questioning the idea of bringing such babies to full turn, and having them born, only to have them die in a few weeks, or months, knowing that the medical system in the country can’t really help them.

And yet, here we are, as a country, rapidly banning the use of abortion in all cases of pregnancy, and forcing babies to be carried to term, no matter what. With the result that we will have babies born with such conditions. Babies that will not survive. Babies that will be born dead, due to lack of functioning body parts, such as hearts with holes in them, skulls that did not close, leaving brains exposed, brains that did not form, and other such problems.

I have heard the argument of it being a natural process, and working as designed by God. But I’m left wondering why God would allow us to develop the technologies to identify such difficult pregnancies before the babies are born, if we aren’t supposed to use them to make decisions about the viability of such babies.

I have always questioned the black and white perspective of any topic, and as you can see from the above, I have questioned that perspective with much thought and observation. I don’t see any black and white answers to such a question. But I do wonder if, sometimes, abortion is the correct thing to do, because such problems as these occur.


1 thought on “When The Baby Has No Bowels At Birth

  1. But also the question, the government insist that the baby be kept to term but provide no funds to keep the baby alive & bankrupt the families if they attempt to by making the cost astronomical. Utterly insane.

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