#MenageMonday 2×20 :The Second Part

It was a weekend trip home from school for me. A break from the books, and the studies. That’s when Gabriella called. “Come visit!” Gabby and I had been friends forever. She was the best friend I ever had. So, I jumped at the chance to visit her.

We watched a movie, and had sandwiches, and talked about college. Then, she said, “Now, the second part.” She hopped up, and pulled me to my feet. “Remember the old ski lift.”

“The one they shut down ages ago?” We’d painted our names on the tracks, and walkways there. “Used to hide there, like it was our fort. Our hideout.”

“Let’s go visit it!” She was already dragging me to the door.

The life door was still locked, like it always had been. And like always, Gabriella led me in through the front where the lift cars came out. “Like old times, isn’t it?”

We talked about old times. Painting our names here. Pretending to survive a zombie apocalypse. Then a nuclear war. All great memories of great times with her. Then, out of nowhere, she kissed me. A big kiss. “Wow,” was all I could mumble.

“You like that?” She kissed me again. “Good.” Then, she took off her shirt, and handed it to me. “We’re grown now, not children anymore. We can do a lot more than play games here.”

230 Words

It’s week 2×20 of Cara Michaels‘s #MenageMonday flash fiction challenge. You can read about #MenageMonday here. Please, go read all the short tales from this week. The tales are always little works of art, crafted with words, meant to be shared, and enjoyed. And many of them are amazing.


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