#MenageMonday 2×11 : The E Line.

He sat in his seat and stared out the window at the snow, and trees, as they drifted by while I tried to answer his question. “The E on the front of the train means ends at sundown. I am sorry if you thought it meant Express.”

He shook his head, and glared at me. “When do we get to Roanoke?”

“When we get there.”

“There’s a schedule for when this train is to be where. When does that schedule table say we get there!”

“It’s not that kind of schedule. This train’s schedule ends at sundown, and starts at sunrise. It’s more like a city park that’s only open from dawn until dusk.”

“Will we get there today?”

“If we get there before sundown.”

“What happens at sundown?”

“The track ends.”


“The track ends. And at sunrise, the track starts again.” He looked totally confused. “Think of it as a Final Fantasy computer game, but they turn it off at bedtime.”

We waited, staring at each other, until the train stopped. He stared out the window again. “Where’d the track go? It was there a few minutes ago.”

“Sundown, sir. The track ends at sundown.” I reached into the overhead bin, and pulled out a pillow, and a blanket for him. “Enjoy your night, sir. At least it’s warm in here.”

223 words

This was fun. It’s week 2×11 of Cara Michaels‘s #MenageMonday flash fiction challenge. You can read about #MenageMonday here. Please, go read all the short tales from this week. The tales are always little works of art, crafted with words, meant to be shared, and enjoyed. And many of them are amazing.


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