#MenageMonday 2×04 : Support Local Business!

They told me supporting local businesses, small businesses in the town, was a civic duty. That’s what each of the candidates had in their political advertisements. “I support local businesses, they help communities grow.”

That’s where I got the marvelous idea of seeing how much they supported local businesses, and if they were particular about which local businesses they’d support. I marched into Magic Letters Tattoo, and plunked down $100 for gift cards, $50 on each of the candidates. “Yeah. Let’s see how you support local businesses now, you political reprobates! Ha!” I love being the mischievous little devil sometimes. Although at over six feet tall, I suppose I’m not really little.

And then I went to the local offices of the two candidates, and donated a $50 gift card to each of the candidates, with a card attached that asked, “Magic Letters needs your help to stay in business! Please help them out! Support local business!”

I even wrote a letter to the editor of the local news station that explained what I’d done, and how I was waiting to see if the candidates could put their money where their big fat mouths were.

Of course, they didn’t. No Magic Letters on either candidate.

I’m not sorry at all. I knew it was throwing away the $100. But, it was a civic duty, after all, to support local business, and reveal the true nature of the political slimes running for office. Or should I say, running for money?

245 words

I wrote this for week 2×04 of Cara Michaels‘s #MenageMonday flash fiction challenge. You can read about #MenageMonday here. Please, go read all the short tales from this week. The tales are always little works of art, crafted with words, meant to be shared, and enjoyed. And many of them are amazing.


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