#ThursThreads Week 235 : Now It’s Time To Go

I sat, in my car, at the Christmas Tree lights. In the other lane sat Jeffrey, in his heavily tuned Camaro. Really, the only left of the original Camaro were the body panels. The engine was hand built by his racing team. The transmission was a continuously variable unit designed to stay in the maximum torque range of the engine. His car was fast, and so was he.

I looked at the gages on my car’s instrument panel. The car put text on my crash helmet glasses. “Is it time to go?”

I chuckled, “No, car. It’s not time to go. We have to wait for the green light.”

“The green light?” The autonomous drive train of my car sounded irritated. “Can’t we go now, and get this over with?”


The car shook as the engine revved, “I know. I know. For the green light.” The engine dropped back to idle, “Time the rate at which the lights on the tree change. Project when the green light will be illuminated, and have the vehicle ready to move at maximum acceleration when the green light first illuminates.”

I nodded.

The light first light changed on the tree.


“Now it’s time to go.”

The car leaped forward as the light turned green. It was a very successful test run. Soon, no human lives would be put at risk on the drag strip. Racing would never be the same.

238 Words
I’m Not On Twitter Anymore.

I decided to write something for Week 235 of #ThursThreads. As always, #ThursThreads is hosted by Siobhan Muir. Please go read all the entries in this week’s #ThursThreads. They are always fun to read.


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